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Since Dante doesn't understand see vv. It is now am midway between and , the first 'tierce,' or three-hour period, into four of which the solar day was divided ; 9-noon; noon-3; Since moments ago v. For the first time in the poem Virgil tells time by the sun, and not the moon; and he tells it by the position of the sun in purgatory, twelve hours ahead of Jerusalem where it is currently pm. We are leaving hell behind. Even though the travelers have to traverse an enormous distance in seventy lines, thirty-nine of them vv.

The setting is a space on the convex side of the ice of Cocytus, i. The only remaining evidence of the infernal core is offered by the legs of Lucifer, sticking up through the crust of the area that contains the rest of him. We are on the other side of the ice, and there is nothing more by way of constructed space to catch our eye. Dante wants to know why he no longer sees the ice, why Lucifer is 'upside down,' and how it can already be morning. Some of Virgil's explanations have already been adverted to.

He also explains that they are now under the southern hemisphere of the world above, not the northern, where Christ was put to death and whence they had begun their descent. Virgil's final words in Inferno create, as it were, the foundation myth of sin: how it established itself in the world that God had made good. It is worth considering a similar passage in Ovid Metam. The battle of Phlegra ensues about which we have heard in Inf. But this new stock, too, is contemptuous of the gods. Soon enough Lycaon the 'wolf-man' will commit the first murder, one that will eventually lead to the murder of Julius Caesar verse Here, in the final moments of the final canto, we learn of the first things to occur in terrestrial time: Satan fell from heaven and crashed into our earth see Par.

To flee from him, all the land in the southern hemisphere hid beneath the sea and moved to the north of the equator, while the matter that he displaced in his fall rose up behind him to form the mount of purgatory. Over the years there have been efforts to find contradictions to this view of the earth's 'geology' in Dante's later Questio de aqua et terra Abardo Firenze: Le Lettere, , pp. The magisterial edition produced by Mazzoni Dante Alighieri, Opere minori , vol.

II [Milan-Naples: Ricciardi, ], pp. Baranski and L. Pertile [ The Italianist 17 —special supplement ], pp. Along a passage in the rock through the space contained between the floor formed by the convex side of Cocytus and the underside of the earth above, the travelers follow the sound of a stream. It, many suggest, is the river Lethe, running down into hell filled with the sins now forgotten by all who have purged themselves of them Purg.

There is no pausing for rest that now seems a waste of time, given the nearness of the light. Looking through a crevice the word in Italian is pertugio , the same word used to describe the opening through which Ugolino could see the moon from his cell [ Inf. In a single verse the cantica concludes. And in this line both Virgil and Dante actually step out of hell, and now can see the full expanse of the dawn sky, filled with stars. Both Purgatorio and Paradiso will also end with the word 'stars' stelle , the goals of a human sight that is being drawn to God. There is no doubt as to the fact that even Inferno , ending in happiness of this kind, is a comedic part of a comedic whole.

Inferno: Canto Come quando una grossa nebbia spira, o quando l'emisperio nostro annotta, par di lungi un molin che 'l vento gira,. Quando noi fummo fatti tanto avante, ch'al mio maestro piacque di mostrarmi la creatura ch'ebbe il bel sembiante,.

Inferno: Canto 34

Io non mori' e non rimasi vivo; pensa oggimai per te, s'hai fior d'ingegno, qual io divenni, d'uno e d'altro privo. Oh quanto parve a me gran maraviglia quand' io vidi tre facce a la sua testa! At any cost the King wants to shatter the unfortunate knots that bind you to him… your life at least… if not your royal name, alas, save your life at least! Pur dirlo io deggio.

Il confessarvi rea, dal Re vi scioglie e vi sottragge a morte. Confessing yourself to be guilty will unbind you from the King and rescue you from death. JANE: The fate which pursues you, leaves no other means of escape to you. Regina, oh ciel, cedete Ve ne consiglia il Re JANE: Do you wish infamy and death? Queen, oh Heavens, give in… The King advises you to do it…the wretched woman who Henry has destined for the throne implores you. ANNA: Oh! La conosci? Viltade alla Regina sua! Who is this woman?

Do you know her? Was she so impudent as to advise me to villainy? Villainy to her Queen! Speak: who is she? ANNA: E tal facea me stessa. Sul suo capo aggravi un Dio il suo braccio punitore. ANNA: And she is doing this to me. Let God place on her head his punishing arm. ANNA: Sia di spine la corona ambita al crine; crescendo con furore.

Giovanna a poco a poco si smarrisce sul guancial del regio letto sia la veglia ed il sospetto Fra lei sorga e il reo suo sposo il mio spettro minaccioso ANNA: Let the crown with which she coveted for her head be of thorns; in growing fury. Jane little by little is bewildered let watchfulness and suspicion lie on the pillow of the royal bed…. JANE: A cruel sentence! I feel like I'm dying… Ah! Alas, have pity, pity…on me!


Anna a poco a poco intenerisce Inesperta Amo Enrico, e ne ho rossore Anna, little by little, softens Inexperienced…enticed… I was seduced and dazzled… I love Henry…and it embarrasses me… My torture is this love… I groan and weep, and yet love is not smothered by my tears. ANNA: Sorgi! ANNA: Get up! In this farewell there remains to you my love and my pity.

Anna rientra nelle sue stanze. Giovanna parte afflittissima. There a great God awaits me who will punish the sin. This farewell is the first of the torments which he gives me. Anna goes back into her rooms. Jane leaves greatly afflicted. He's been enclosed with them for a whole hour. Si aprono le porte, esce Hervey.

ALL: Ah! Heaven prevent the weak and inexperienced heart from letting itself be either seduced or overcome by hope or by fear; let it never allow him to forget that the accuser is the King. The doors open, enter Hervey. She is lost. The first blow has descended; the one who stuck it hides himself. Ella si appressa. HENRY: The blind boy returns to his prison, and he still believes, since the hour of my vengeance has been suspended, that he has saved the life of Anna. Let her come forward. Anna e Percy da parte opposta in mezzo alle guardie.

Enrico ed Hervey. Anna and Percy from opposite ends between guards. Enrico and Hervey. Henry wants to leave; she approaches with dignity Stop…and hear me. ANNA: A' piedi tuoi mi prostro. Svenami tu, ma non espormi, o Sire, all'onta d'un giudizio: il regio nome, fa che in me si rispetti. ANNA: I prostrate myself at your feet. Slay me yourself but don't exhibit me, O Sire, to the shame of judgement: ensure that my royal name is respected.

Moglie d'Enrico ad un Percy scendevi. The wife of Henry to descend to a Percy. PERCY: che si era tirato in disparte a queste parole s'a vanza E su di questo dispregiato Percy non isdegnasti farti rivale PERCY: who had drawn apart, at these words comes forward and yet you didn't disdain to make this despised Percy your rival… and take his lover from him.

Giuro per quello By that I swear…I swear that she did not offend you…that she drove me away, that she burnt with indignation against my impudent hopes…. Egli il confessa ANNA: Io sfido dotta la potenza. ANNA: I defy the powerful fear. It can give me death but not infamy. My crime is to have sacrificed for the throne such a noble heart as that of Percy; to have thought it supreme happiness to be the King's consort.

No, you did not nourish such a base affection… I am certain of it; and happy in that certainty I await my fate… but you will live…yes, you will live. Both of you will die, O traitors; what can deliver you from death. Se d'un tradito talamo dessi vendetta al dritto, soltanto il mio si vendichi Sposi noi siam. We were betrothed. Quel che mi t'ha tradita, ti toglie onore e vita Le braccia io t'apro, io voglio renderti vita e onore. As he betrayed me, he has betrayed you he takes from you honour and life… I open my arms to you; I wish to give back to you life and honour.

ANNA: Ah, del tuo cuor magnanimo qual prova a me tu dai! ANNA: Ah, what proof you give to me of your generous heart! Perish the day when, as a traitor I left you for that cruel man! Righteous Heaven has punished me for that betrayed faith… I found nothing on the throne other than anguish and horror. Ma, coppia rea, non credere ch'io ti smentisca mai Dall'arte tua scaltrita tu rimarrai punita Al Consiglio sien tratti, o custodi.

HENRY: The deception is clear, futile the conspiracy is clear enough… But, you treacherous pair, do not think that I would ever retract… You will still be punished for your cunning deceits… You will never have a grief more cruel you will never have greater torment. Let them be taken to the Council, O guards. ANNA: Ciel! Ti spiega ANNA: Heaven! Explain yourself…repressed fury most terrible is displayed in your face.

Your own deceit will fall on your hated heads! On the throne of England another lady will ascend more worthy of affection: abhorred, infamous, false, outcast your name, your blood will be. Anna e Percy partono fra soldati. May England never hear again of the wicked destruction which was brought on Anna. Anna and Percy leave between the soldiers. Act 3 Top Act 2. Sposa a Percy! E sia pur ver; la coglie legge non men tremenda The wife of Percy! No, never: this is a lie with which to save themselves from the terrible law which condemns my guilty wife.

And if it was true, a not less terrible law will take hold of her… and her daughter too would be involved in her ruin. Sire…my remorse guides me to your feet. Estremo, orrendo, Anna vid'io. Ultimo addio abbia il mio re. JANE: Bitter, extreme, horrible. I saw Anna. I heard her; I have her tears in my heart, have pity on her and thus on me; I do not want to be the cause of her death, nor can I be… My king must have my final farewell. If only I had never offered you those deadly oaths which doomed me; to expiate them, O Sire I will go into a remote exile where no living glance may reach where no one may hear the sound of my sighs but Heaven.

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E speri tu, partendo, Anna far salva? Che a spegner giunge il tuo medesmo amore. And from where in you comes such a strange proposal, O lady? And do you hope by leaving that Anna will be saved? I hate her all the more henceforth. I hate her now more that she thus afflicts you, and troubles you. That she went so far as to extinguish your love for me.

Ei mi consuma il core! Anna per me non pera By the indomitable flame to deep-rooted virtue. Non sai You are not… the doors to the rooms open But refrain yourself: The Counsel have finished. Hervey con gli sceriffi che portano la sentenza del Consiglio, accorrono da tutte le parti cortigiani e dame. Hervey with the sheriffs who are carrying the sentence of the Counsel, courtiers and ladies run up from every side. HERVEY: Parliament has unanimously unbound the royal knot… Anna, an unfaithful wife, is condemned to death, and with her, everyone who was an accomplice and instigator.

The only hope to the unfortunate ones, is the royal clemency: merciful kings are the images of Heaven above. Prende la sentenza dalle mani delli sceriffi. Il Coro si arrestain lontananza. Takes the sentence from the hands of the sheriffs. Jane approaches Henry with dignity. The Chorus stop at a distance. Think that heaven and earth have their eyes turned on you; since every heart has its faults it has a duty to have mercy on others. Let Henry listen to pity though the King is pushed to severity.

Enrico entra nella sala del Consiglio. They leave. Henry enters into the Counsel chamber. Atrio nelle prigioni della Torre di Londra. Il fondo e le porte sono occupate da soldati. Percy scortato dalle guardie, indi Rochefort. Enrico enters into the Counsel chamber. A hall in the prison in the Tower of London. The back and the doors and occupied by soldiers. Percy escorted by the guards, then Rochefort. Io che da cieca ambizion sospinto, Anna sedussi ad aspirare al soglio.

I, who was goaded by blind ambition, seduced Anna to aspire to the throne. Vita concede ad ambi clemente il Re. The King has mercifully granted life to you both. Vivi tu te ne scongiuro, tu men tristo e men dolente; cerca un suolo, in cui securo abbia asilo un innocente; cerca un lido in cui vietato non ti sia per noi pregar. Return to him and tell him that I refuse such a deadly gift. Tell him that in this heart the flame is as sacred as my love is pure which is born of virtue, tell him that in my heart amidst my woes, honour speaks. Come, unhappy friend, this is the only comfort which remains to me, to embrace you and die.

Alas, restrain your tears. Preserve yourself so that you can remember the dreadful fate of us both, and then let the knowledge console you that Percy, after the last innocent embrace of tender friendship thinking of her, of her…at least died, with her name on his lips and moreover, in his heart. Live, I entreat you, seek a land less sad less painful, in which an innocent man might have safe asylum; seek a shore in which it might not be forbidden to you to pray for us.

Di te men forte, men costante non son io. I am no less strong, No less constant than you. Si danno un addio e partono fra i soldati. PERCY: Seeing your constancy reassures my heart, I feared only your pain I suffered only for your suffering Both of us can face the final hour which advances, since we leave no-one here below, nor fear, nor desire. They bid each other farewell and leave between the soldiers. The servants of Anna come out of the prison where is enclosed.

CORO PARTE : Or muta e immobile qual freddo sasso; or lungo e rapido studiando il passo; or trista or pallida, com'ombra, in viso; or componendosi ad un sorriso: in tanti mutasi diversi aspetti, quanti in lei sorgono pensieri e affetti nel suo delirio, nel suo dolor. CHORUS PART : Now mute and motionless like cold stone; now at length and suddenly studying the passage; now sad now pale with a shadow over her face; now composing her face into a smile: her appearance changes as often as thoughts and sentiments are aroused in her in her frenzy, in her grief.

Anna dalla sua prigione. Si presenta in abito negletto,col capo scoperto si avanza lentamente, assorta in profondi pensieri. Silenzio universale. Ella l'osserva attentamente sembra rasserenarsi. Anna comes from her prison. She appears in disordered dress, her head uncovered and moves forward slowly, sunk in deep thought. A universal silence. Servants surround her, strongly moved. She observes them attentively and seems to calm herself. ANNA: Piangete voi? Il Re mi aspetta Datemi tosto il mio candido ammanto; il crin m'ornate del mio serto di rose ANNA: Are you weeping?

This is a wedding day. The King awaits me…the altar is lit up and bedecked with flowers.

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Quickly, give me my white cloak; decorate my hair with my crown of roses… Don't let Percy know of it… The King demands it. Ch'io non lo vegga. Ch'io m'asconda a' suoi sguardi. Ei viene Infelice son io. Toglimi a questa miseria estrema Tu sorridi? Oh gioia! Non fia, non fia che qui deserta io moia! Al dolce guidami castel natio, ai verdi platani, al queto rio, che i nostri mormora sospiri ancor. Who spoke of Percy? Let me hide from his gaze. It is no use. He is coming… He accuses me…he decries me. Take me from this extreme misery. Are you smiling? Oh joy!

Don't let me die, don't let me die alone. Guide me to the sweet mansion of my birth, to the green plane-trees to the quiet river, that still murmers with our sighs.

Apartment Facilities:

There, I forget the streams of anguish, give me back one day of my early years, just one day of our love. Odesi suono di tamburi. Si presentano le guardie. Ambiente accessoriato di tutto. Accommodate up to 8 people and is offer: 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large living room, ktchen, and a fantastic habitable outdoor space.

The villa is equipped with private entrance, parking and relaxation area, situated on a green hillside 4 km from the sea. Una location perfetta per le vacanze in famiglia a due passi dall'acqua Appartamento centralissimo a due passi dall'acqua. Dispone di ampi spazi veranda esterna, ampio cortile con garage privato. Ci sono due bici a disposizione per gli spostamenti, 2 Ombrelloni, due spiaggini piccoli , una sdraio grande, 3 palloni, una stuoia da mare, pinne per ragazzi A 50 metri trovi un supermercato MP e a m.

Casa 7 metri dalla spiaggia. There is satellite TV, in a quiet private road and parking. Sicily, Capo D'orlando, sea view. Gli ospiti possono godere della magica terrazza, dotata di tavoli, ombrelloni e barbecue, dove si possono ammirare i coloratissimi tramonti :. Apartment in Capo d'Orlando at 50 meters from the sea that sleeps up to 6 people.

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Massage shower with FM radio, air conditioning, outdoor relaxation area with deck chairs and shower, complimentary bicycles and Internet WI-FI. Excellent Holiday. Excellent holiday home in Capo d'Orlando for couples and family with children. The main feature is the extreme cleanliness of the rooms combined with a careful attention to detail. At 50 meters from the fabulous sea of Capo d'Orlando characterized by clear waters, warm and clean with a beach of fine sand and small pebbles. Recently renovated building with insulated outer walls. Three air conditioners, two TV Led 32 "and 20".

In the kitchen there is also juicer, microwave, electric oven, precision balance and mixer for cakes and blender. The bathroom has a large sink and a spacious shower tub with integrated FM radio. Safe, washing machine, dryer, barbecue, iron and ironing board, complete the equipment of the apartment. One of the most exclusive holiday homes in Capo d'Orlando for couples and family with children.

The area where the apartment is located is very quiet, away from the noise of the city center. The whole front of the sea, with a beach is not crowded and very suitable for families with young children and guests looking for peace and relaxation. There is nobody above you and, in this case, you have spectacular views on three sides. The Tyrhennian Sea, the Nebrodi Mountains and a view of the town. In addition this mansarda is located on a quiet beachside street in a tranquil part of an ideally located seaside town. Twenty steps should put your feet in the sand, in view of the enchanting Aeolian Islands.

This mansarda is fully and tastefully furnished. One balcony is more of an outdoor living area 4m x 10m with additional dining table for six for the warm summer evenings. This mansarda is fully and tastefully furnished; it is also the holiday home of its overseas owners. There is air conditioning for summer and a heating system for winter. Siamo in Via Trazzera Marina, la zona residenziale di Capo d'Orlando, in cui vivono moltissimi orlandini e in cui alloggiano per le vacanze molti turisti.

Sole e Mare. Un piccolo appartamento ricavato in una tipica casa siciliana immersa nel verde della natura pirainese, con attorno frutteto e ampio uliveto. Dista appena 4 km dal mare raggiungibile con scorrimento veloce. La casa si presta per cene e feste private per cui abbiamo previsto servizio catering. Saremo ben lieti di ospitarvi anche con i vostri amici a quattro zampe. A small apartment set in a typical Sicilian house immersed in nature, with an orchard and a large olive grove.

It is just 4 km from the sea which can be reached by a fast road The house is suitable for parties and private dinners for which we have provided catering service. We will be happy to welcome you even with your four-legged friends. Zona tranquilla con pochi abitanti. Si affaccia sulla vallata di Piraino difronte un castello Saracena.

Facile arrivare. Rebecca's cottage. Affittasi appartamento appena ristrutturato a 5 minuti in macchina dal mare e dal centro di Capo d'Orlando. Casa Vacanza Capo d'Orlando La posizione centrale consente di raggiungere molti servizi: bar, supermercati, cinema, locali notturni, ristoranti e spiagge attrezzate. Sono disponibili anche delle comode sdraio per fantastici momenti di relax in tutti i momenti della giornata. La stanza si trova a due passi dal meraviglioso mare di Capo d'Orlando, in un quartiere centrale ricco di servizi ma tranquillo, per riposare in relax di notte.

Dal terrazzo, oltre al mare, potete ammirare il Giardino Villa Agatirno, con zona attrezzata per bambini ed il Teatro Rosso di San Secondo. Negli immediati pressi numerosi bar, supermercato, enoteca, gastronomie e panifici, ma anche parrucchieri e spiagge attrezzate. Deliziosa stanza sul lungomare di Capo d'Orlando. Confortevole area all'aperto. Spettacolare panorama La stazione ferroviaria vicinissima il porto con partenze per le isole Eolie vicino e altro ancora. Appartamento con ingresso privato, composto da salotto, zona lettura, cucina due camere da letto, due bagni, terrazzo, balconi, lavanderia e cucina con ripostiglio.

E' inoltre disponibile il parcheggio. L'appartamento si trova in una zona panoramica del pittoresco paesello di Capo d'Orlando ed il mare dista solo 3 minuti in macchina. Il porto, a 5 min, consente escursioni alle isole Eolie.