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Faire des cauchemars - To have nightmares. You will hear these phrases everywhere in France starting from Easter Sunday or sometimes a day or so before , and lasting the whole week. Of course, these phrases are different ways of wishing someone a Happy Easter.

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But even for those French families who are not croyants religious believers view Easter as a time to come together and celebrate in traditional ways. Chasse aux oeufs et les cloches volantes. As in many countries, the French celebrate Easter with a traditional Easter egg hunt chasse aux oeufs. In France, large flying bells cloches volantes bring the eggs.

Thus, all the church bells in France traditionally remain silent from Good Friday onward. But when Jesus is resurrected on Sunday, the bells fly back to France, ringing joyfully and bearing chocolate for all the children.

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The kids then begin scampering about, searching for the hidden chocolate treasure, which often take the form of eggs, chicks, fish, hens, bells, sheep, turtles and yes — bunnies. Naturally, no holiday can occur in France without a delicious feast being a part of it!

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In the past, the omelette was made from that the children found on Easter Sunday; however, since children no longer search for real eggs on Easter, just chocolate ones, the omelette is the only part of the tradition that remains. This is nest-shaped cake has a large hole in the center, which is then filled with goodies such as chocolate eggs, jellybeans, pralines, strawberries or other treats.

Get ready to stand in line especially at Easter to sample the wizardry of this classic French chocolatier. Here look for French-style handmade chocolates and patisseries infused with Japanese spices, such as black sesame and green tea matcha and other flavors. The results are simply extraordinary. The original shop was opened in , making it one the oldest chocolateries in Paris. This decidedly unprententious place offers delicious handmade chocolates and wonderful jams confitures. Particularly known for its chocolate infused with hemp chanvre.

What questions do you have about French Easter traditions? Feel free to ask us below! But sometimes the words that form an innocent phrase in English may become something awkward, naughty or incomprehensible in French. Full of what? That just sounds odd. In French, you do not miss someone or something… they are being missed by you. What to say instead : To express that you miss someone, think of it this way: The personal pronoun je, tu, elle, etc.

Then comes indirect of object of the missing me, te, lui, leur, etc. Health-conscious, are you? Concerned about preservatives in your food? Did you make this jam with preservatives? Does this dish have preservatives? Can one buy condoms at a supermarket? This mistake can cause throat-clearing and awkward glances all around. Visiter is a verb that often trips up Anglophones. Trying to express your confusion in French can be pretty, well, confusing for an English-speaker.

What to say instead :. What embarrassing English-French translations have you made? Share with us below! The French language is full of silent endings, liaisons, and unfamiliar accents. Your lips, mouth and tongue have to move differently to pronounce these words as French natives do. French vowels present a particularly difficult challenge for most foreigners, especially English speakers. Unlike in English, all French vowels are pure. This means that they only contain one sound as you pronounce them and that sound is short.

Even though French vowels only contain one sound, however, one vowel might have different sounds in different words e.

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What's more, the vowel sound may become more nasal when followed by a consonant like M or N. By contrast in English, many vowels sounds contain more than one vowel sound e. To produce these sounds, English-speakers must move their tongue and mouth more than is usually necessary in French — a habit that causes problems when trying to replicate a French accent.

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  6. If you have any questions about French vowel pronunciation, ask us in the comments below or contact us! Last week, the Guardian published an interesting essay about the benefits of learning a foreign language through song. The author claimed that that no one could understand him whenever he tried to speak Spanish or Portuguese — until he learned to sing in those languages. This makes complete sense to us, as French teachers.

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    6. Most languages have a certain musicality to them — certainly French does — and when you start learning the language through song, the rhythms, patterns and intonations of that language become more apparent than in ordinary conversation. Moreover, when singing we repeat words and phrases continuously. We often pay more attention to the chorus of a song as it is repeated several times, so the language is easier to understand and remember.

      Equally important, learning French songs can draw you into the heart of the French mindset and culture like few other things can. And singing the latest French pop song in a nightclub along with a bunch of locals can make you feel suddenly and powerfully at home. Let us know in the comments below which French song is your favorites and why!

      But why make comparisons? Isabelle Geoffroy, known as Zaz, has a throaty voice and cheerful energy that just makes you want to sing along with her as she bops along the streets with her bassist and guitarist. Take note BB Brunes is a young French rock band that is distinctive not just for their indie rock style — but the fact that they usually sing in French! Don't forget to tell us below which song you liked best Faux amis — false friends — are words that you simply have to learn to recognize. Broadly speaking, there are three different kinds of false cognates:. Words that look alike but have no common root.

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      Somogy, , pp. Translated by Mary I. Frederick A. Charles C. Art Institute of Chicago, Paintings by Renoir, exh. Joel Isaacson, The Crisis of Impressionism, —, exh. University of Michigan Museum of Art, , p. Nippon Television Network, , front cover ill. Charles S. Wissman, exh. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, , pp. Richard R. Kleiner and A. Zhukov, exh.

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