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You are important to this Universal Design.

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You have been customized. You can hear the brain chip confession. We are in the Matrix — a thermal nuclear.

We are inside of a military grade. Welcome to Time Jump World. Welcome to the first class cabin.

Jump nonstop over the clock hands

So good to have you with us. Someone has successfully collided protons in a properly configured Hadron Collider and we are now in a bio digital multiverse. When a proton collision is manufactured you create Higgs Bosons and in the proper thermal nuclear arena stars and gas go out. This post has spoilers for the current time jump.

We will also have some spoilers for later in the season but will warn you before those are shared. Day 0 of the apocalypse vs Day TWD pic.

Blogging the Reel World

In a tweet released on September 11, the official Twitter account showed a photo of Rick from Day 0 compared to a photo of Rick from Day So if you can identify what point in time that photo of Rick to the right was taken, you can know where we are in the apocalypse. In addition to calendar days, Time Jump quickly and easily calculates the number of business days between two dates — this can be essential for project managers, shippers, attorneys, software developers, manufacturers — anyone working in business days. Time Jump can take US Federal and State holidays into account skipping them when calculating business days and you can select exactly which holidays to skip.

Now - with version 2. You can even set which days of the week are considered business days if you need to use something other than Monday through Friday.

The Walking Dead season 9, episode 6 pictures reveal life after Rick and THAT time jump

Time Jump's Date Calc. When you need to do a specific calculation - like days from a date, 45 business days before a date, 40 weeks from a date, etc.

Integrated with Your iPhone Calendar. Time Jump - with your permission - can be fully integrated with your iPhone calendar.

The Big Bang Theory finale’s time jump was actually way more poignant than fans realised

You can see events - and even create or delete them - from within Time Jump. A tap on the selected date above either calendar and you will see a list of the calendar events you have chosen to view from within Time Jump in the Date Detail View.

Use the Time Jump settings to select one, some or all of your calendars - including your Google calendar. In addition to standard business day calculations, you can also add your own custom days off - Personal Days - vacations, travel, school schedules, etc.

Of course, you can use settings to turn this feature on and off. Time Jump allows you to create your days off directly from within the app - and then they will appear in your selected iPhone calendar.