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The following morning a body is discovered in the neighbor's maid's quarters and Natalie is forced to reveal her murderous vision to Keoni's former partner, Honolulu Police Detective John Dias.

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Hoping her unique skills will again prove useful, the Lieutenant asks Natalie and her twin Nathan a psychologist to examine the victim's journals. The decades-long commentary proves fascinating although it yields no clues. But when a nefarious suspect's body is found at Diamond Head Beach, the case appears solved. Believing that her life of semi-retirement is back on track, Natalie plans a tour of historic Kawai Nui Marsh.

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Too soon the day of playing tourist devolves into a nightmare. When Keoni points out the possibility of an unexpected threat Natalie realizes that she and her new friends are caught in the cross hairs of a dangerous adversary. Does resolution of the gruesome murder lie in the deceased's transnational past? Or in the visible present among innocuous seeming companions? Murder on Mokulua Drive is now available as a downloadable e-book from Amazon Kindle.

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Back to the top. He seems athletic and enjoys skateboarding, as shown in "Kixx" and " Morpholomew ", and plays basketball in " Splodyhead ". In "Nosy", Nani invited Mr. Jameson and Keoni to her home to show her family's spirit of hospitality, in order to get the job she desires. His father owns several businesses on Kauai, particularly a famous hotel. He has another female friend named Sara , who always thinks she's his girlfriend, despite Keoni telling her repeatedly that he only likes her as a friend.

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He keeps Experiment Jam as a pet. In " Splodyhead ", Keoni was seen playing basketball with a female friend before Stitch , riding on a tricycle with Lilo, interrupts and catches the ball in his mouth before spitting it into the basket, and he and his friend run when Gantu comes.

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In " Sinker ", Lilo was helping Keoni prepare for the boat race, with the motive being that if she helped she believed he would give her a free boat ride. Unfortunately, his boat is wrecked in the process. Lilo later gives him a cruise liner for the boat race, much to his dumbfoundment.

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In " Kixx ", Keoni showed off his skating skills and offered Lilo a try. She falls and claims the board was defective. He is later surprised and a little annoyed when Stitch went through his backpack and threw out all of his belongings, except his left shoe and macadamia nuts, both of which Stitch ate.

When he sees Lilo trying to ride e skateboard again, he stops her and tells her he won't let her go until he teaches her how to ride properly. She manages to learn due to his excellent teaching. In " Melty " Lilo fell into a mud puddle while Stitch was chasing after Experiment Melty , and Keoni asked if she was all right. Embarrassed, she said she was doing a luau on a mud monster and he leaves.

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She decides to use Jumba's time-travelling surfboard to go back in time and redo the incident to make sure she didn't fall in the mud puddle, but each time it messes with the time stream and makes things worse. She decides to redo the incident to correct the time stream but feels embarrassed.

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However, Keoni goes over to her house and gives her a mud monster doll, complimenting her on her luau, much to her happiness and surprise. In " Amnesio ", he is seen playing with a male friend ping pong using the experiment pod as a ping pong ball until his friend hit it too far, causing a young boy to find it in the sand and put it on top of his sand castle which made it wet and activated the experiment.