Serious Susie & The Dream Machine

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I got one check in and it was just for the machine. I had to keep on and keep on and finally received the check for the motor!!!!

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DONT ever try to buy one. Great review, Ginger.

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  4. Just wow. I have one of the second batch of the Dream Machines. I had a lot of problems and Rob had me send it back for replacement. The second one had an issue with the gears; it clicked as you turned the rollers at every setting. Rob was disgusted having to deal with my issues by then and said to send it to the manufacturer.

    He sent a third machine, I still have it. I have a very small variance in the distance between the rollers, but I live with it. The rollers have gotten scratched—entirely my fault, but I really like my machine. If I need a really thin sheet of clay, I still have to use my Atlas. I ran clay through the Atlas and through the Dream Machine, making samples of each and marking the settings and the machine on each. After they were cured, I used a dial caliper to measure each one. I wrote the measurement on each piece. That way I can compare each piece to get the right setting. On my Dream Machine 3 is very close to 1 on my Atlas.

    I have one of the original motors, it was very expensive, but it is a workhorse. This solves several issues with the machine like the clay hitting the scrapers, getting marks in the clay. I keep a socket wrench with the correct socket to fit the nuts. I loosen and remove each nut while the machine is upright. After I clean the blade, I put it back on the holder, put it up behind the frame and move the assembly until the welded bolts go back into the three holes, then I replace the nuts. Now that there is so much more room, this procedure will will be even easier. I turn the machine around to get at the back blade.

    I wish it was still made by the US manufacturer. I have reservations about the new motor for the same reason. If you get a new machine and have problems, be persistent until you get a good working machine. I think the problems now lie with the foreign manufacturer. It did come with a clamp included. It has, I have to say, grown on me since then. Weird huh? At least this one is easy to clean. Takes about 5 minutes and needs doing once every few days. If I was making anything really delicate I would switch to my Atlas.

    Although it was a big investment at the time, I spend so many hours claying that I am contemplating replacing it with the Lucy Mammoth — please get one ASAP and write a review! Anyway well done on a thorough review — I hope Artway takes note, and does things a bit differently next time. This was a very well done review. You covered everything someone would need to know about the features that distinguish this from pasta machines.

    I ordered my machine from the same batch you did. I use veneers a fair amount so I need a machine that can reliably deliver a thin, smooth, scrape-free sheet. This is not that machine. Great review. I have one of those glitchy machines and it is a huge disappointment. I do use it as my go-to machine, but constantly think that I really should go back to my old Atlas My wife does a lot of Poly Clay work and has 3 traditional different pasta machines to condition her clay — each a different brand. They all work about the same. The speed is adjustable, the thickness is adjustable, and it sits plenty high off the work surface that she has lots of room to maneuver the clay and her hands.

    KBY - The Return of Susie - Prologue by Bunny-Kirby on DeviantArt

    She loves it. If you have time you might consider doing an evaluation on it — I think you be favorably impressed. Really good review of this Dream Machine. If I had not won the machine, I probably would have become an Atlas or owner. I have never had any of those issues with mine and last year I finally ordered a motor for it. I thought the price of the motor was a little over the top but Rob and Wilma worked with me to pay it off over a period of time with no accrued interest which I thought was exceptional service.

    I know personally that items manufactured in Tawain, China and parts of Asia are absolutely horrible. Their machine tooling is cheap and there is no inspection process. I am going to be very interested in your review on the LC Clay Machines. I have both their Extruder and their Slicer and am very happy with the quality and use of both of these. Thanks Ginger! Thank you for an honest and thorough review. I appreciate reading about your experiences.

    Maybe it will result in improvements. I became complacent and continued to use it because of the initial cost U. I was sent the estimated settings from Polymer Clay Express and was surprised to see that my 6 is the same as their 3. I have since changed over to my old Atlas for my caning. No help on that front. So, for those loyal followers — glad to hear it. This star is known as "Planet Popstar", and within that star lies a peaceful world known as Dream Land.

    Star Dream

    The Dream Landers' lifestyle consists of eating, playing and sleeping, but a few days ago, a mysterious ship called the Access Ark, led by the Haltmann Works Company, seized to take control of Planet Popstar and absorb it's power for their mother computer, Star Dream. That was all done for when Kirby, the roly-poly hero of Popstar, destroyed the computer and restored peace back into Dream Land. There was also another story, in an alternate universe from Kirby's homeworld. There was a Robot Pet, a mechanical dog created by NightMare Enterprises and was Kirby's playmate until he learns the shocking truth about it.

    After it's apparant death, Kirby vows to see his old canine friend again so they can play together Without hestitation, she decides to enter the planet and to her surprise when she landed, Susie discovered some various robot parts laying around on the beach. The robot girl thought: "Maybe if I rebuild this creation, it'll be the perfect mascot for our company!

    In a couple of minutes, the creation was complete; but it lacked something It needs a logo to signify what it truly is! All of a sudden, the dog boots up by itself and now it glows blue eyes instead of the usual Kirby-like eyes. Susie saw it in awe, as she gently pats it on the head, to which the dog responded by licking her face. It appears that Susie had taken full control of the Robot Pet, with the latter programmed to follow it's master's orders. Susie then takes the pet back to her own mech, which she provided an extra seat for the dog to sit on, as they leave the duplicate of Planet Popstar, Susie then vows to take control of Planet Popstar once more with her own canine companion.

    As they arrive near the planet itself- which takes a surprisingly long time, the robot girl had set her eyes once more on Popstar, ready to take over the planet once again. The Robot Pet jumped up and looks at the planet at awe, Susie however, was not amused by the dog's actions. She then sighs and enters Popstar to mechanize it once more. All of a sudden, the sky grew dark and storm clouds were forming, again, it wasn't Kracko, but the invasion of the Haltmann Works Company has struck again. Kirby awoke to find the sky wasn't in good weather today, that's because Susie has returned, more powerful than ever as she says so herself.

    Without any words, Kirby got up and attempts to flee the scene by dodging the mechanizing robot minions as they take over Popstar once more. However, Susie suddenly appeared on her mech, stopping Kirby as he was about to get away. You may have defeated my boss and the company's mother computer Kirby grew confused, last time he saw her, she was polite and calm, but soon finds out that she wanted to take control of Star Dream for her own purposes and willing to sell it for a high price. Kirby grew determined as he is ready to battle Susie once more.

    To the puffball's surprise, a second minion popped out of the mech itself. The pink puffball was suddenly surprised by the robot dog as he steps back. I modified it to be part of our company! Now that's what I call an act of revenge, hmm? Upon landing, I spotted some robot parts and I wanted to modify it so it'll disobey anyone but me. The puffball was shocked at the robot, as it stomped him with it's front paws.

    The more it attacked, the more weaker Kirby gets, and the more damage he got. And we will surely win this time! We will meet again, Kirby! However, Kirby got up from an unexplained recovery and scratched his head in confusion. What was Susie up to this time? Who was that Robot Pet? Will Dream Land ever be rid of it's mechanization again? These questions had yet to be answered as Kirby runs off to save Dream Land and all of Planet Popstar from the company's roboticization once again A fanfic I've done taking place after the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot.

    It also has some connection with the Kirby anime episode "Kirby's Pet Peeve". If I want to continue making these I'd apperciate it alot if you guys do one for me. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. She has returned to get revenge on Kirby after their temporary truce in Planet Robobot. But i thinked they was hm somewhere friend at the end? Spoiler of the game : as she was a secret agent against Haltmann company just here to steal the idole That's a theory right? Cause why she would steal the control of the idole if she was a rebuilt version of Haltmann's daughter but at the same time being a robot suppose to serve him And why at the end after betray Haltmann she would still serve his cause?

    I guess you're gonna have to check the pause descriptions of both Susie 2. In my consideration, Susie was send accidently in another dimension halcandra by the idole when she was a little girl, she was probably way more similar to her father at this point. But Haltmann to forget this tradic event focused himself only in his company and his work.

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    7. But Susie who was too young to remember is comeback from the other dimension probably that's why she don't looks like as her father no feet and other things , sent by Halcandra people probably, to infiltrate the company as a spy and steal the idole to stop Haltmann Company. You know like at the end of Robobot she litteraly count on Kirby to stop the idole and consider him like an ally. True, true Hidden by Commenter. That depends About how many chapters do you plan this to be? Also I think I'd like to try to make a poster. That depends on how the story progresses.

      And good luck on your poster. If your talking about my fanfic Okay, then.

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      I'll get started on it today an hopefully finish it before within two weeks. Will there be references to other Kirby characters and anime characters? I love it so far. Will Susie's change of heart to Kirby be explained. How could she want revenge? Guess we will keep reading! You'll definitely have to keep on reading! And for your former question, yes. It'll be interesting to see Susie meet Tiff and maybe a few others Her star-strewn crash helmet was specially customised for her by Roland Mouret.

      Money must run like water in the Wolff household — their home is in a converted furniture factory in Switzerland overlooking Lake Constance. But their comfort seems to be emotional as well as financial. As we talk, tables fill up and pukka voices boom. Susie raises her eyes to the ceiling. We had to ask a couple to quiet down.

      Star Dream

      The accent lends itself well to her wry delivery. Her face mimics their pompous surprise. Wolff has none of that — just a quiet confidence in her own right to participate in this most exclusive and excluding of sports, which goes back to her Oban childhood. Her parents treated her and her brother, David, 18 months her senior, equally. Both children were put on skis and bikes as toddlers.

      Oban is similar. Dad used to race bikes. The kids played on go-karts and were competing by the time Susie was 8.

      DRAWING my DREAM GIRLFRIEND - Doodle Date [1]

      The main reason we did it was for the fun. She took up driving on her 17th birthday, and had a reality check one year later at the world championships in Portugal. Wolff was on the brink of stepping up to Formula Three in when she broke her ankle running. It was during that time that she met Toto. She has an incredible figure, so dresses fit her amazingly, and all-in-ones too.