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Gethsemane: How a Precious Truth was Lost and Found

I have realized that whatever we pass through in the church life, in our daily life, the object is for us to buy the truth both in revelation and experience , whether it be in bitter experiences, so that the Christ who is so worked and constituted into us, would have His expression through us as the living Body of Christ. May we so learn Christ, in whom is the reality, the truth of all that God is expressed in humanity, to be manifested as the one new man! Your email address will not be published.

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Introduction Contact Us Facebook. Submitted by: I. Tor Sydney, Australia I am a brother who has grown up in the church life.

Precious Love -James Morrison- (with lyrics)

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5. Nephi's Vision and the Loss and Restoration of Plain and Precious Truths

Bateman, emeritus General Authority. Bateman, emeritus General Authority, said during the 44th annual Sidney B. The symposium honors Brother Sperry, who dedicated much of his life to studying and teaching the gospel, including nearly four decades on the religious education staff at BYU. As they met with the bankers, a review of assets revealed many institutions of learning owned by the Church. At that time, Brother Sperry had only recently finished his schooling and had been with BYU a year or so.

That night after hearing the news, Brother Sperry had a dream in which he saw a temple in Provo. But the clarity of several key doctrines and covenants was blurred, critically diminishing the unity, cohesion, community, and true faith of those who wanted to follow Christ. Indeed, since the middle of the 19 th century, a surprising number of ancient books and records have begun to come forth, together with guiding revelations and corroborating discoveries, that serve in clarifying, restoring, and convincing modern listeners of the original truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Welch, ed.

Precious Truths :: Christian Writings Archive

Noel B. Daniel L. Belnap, Gaye Strathearn, and Stanley A. Frank F.

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Judd Jr. It spoke of how it was chained to the altar and only the priests could read it.

I was suprized when this was brought out and I smiled in realization that I already knew this because I was a member of the church. Scripture Study. Were Plain and Precious Doctrines Lost? Craig R.