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The moderator and control rods together control the rate of reaction in the core of the nuclear reactor. What is the Moderator in a Nuclear Reactor?

The moderator is a material which slows down the speed of the neutrons. The moderator is usually made from water but some reactors use graphite. Neutrons released from the chain reaction must be moving at the right speed for other atoms of uranium to capture them.

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If the neutrons are moving too fast then they do not get captured by the nucleus of another uranium atom and the chain reaction stops. The moderator slows the neutrons down so that they can be captured and keep the chain reaction going. What are the Control Rods in a Nuclear Reactor? The control rods prevent the chain reaction happening too quickly.

Some control rods are made from an alloy of silver and cadmium. Some are made from boron mixed with iron or carbon.

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Tap to project content from two devices. Tap to project content from four devices. Tap any of the light blue squares at the top of the app screen, then tap the name of a device in the list below to project from that device. Tap to freeze the image from a device. Tap to resume projection from a device.

Tap once to temporarily stop projection from a device, tap the icon again to resume normal display. Tap to switch projection to your device. Tap to quit the moderator function or to disconnect all connected devices.

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To share an image with all connected devices, tap. Select Share image.


Select Projected image to share your current image with all device or select Blank image to share a blank screen for users to annotate. Note : If the Share image option does not appear in the menu on the moderator device, your projector does not support this function. Stay Connected with Epson Submit Thank you for signing up!

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