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Step one: Restrict yourself and get specific.

But I think you may be pouring it on with that list. Citizens of all colors are protesting the militarization of the police, which seems to disproportionately affect Black people. I don't believe I said "race riots" those seems to be your words. What, exactly, did you mean if not "race riots" by the above sentence?


It's a perfectly logical conclusion for me to draw, but if I was in error, I apologize. Clearly, the "knowing their place" line was intended to convey a general sentiment and not a direct quote attributable to either of us. In any case, surely you can see the point I'm trying to make?

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Regarding the "healing of wounds" and here I am quoting you! In response to Barack Obama being elected twice, the Republicans decided to run an open white nationalist.

Edit to add: Never mind, I'm already bored with this conversation. But this "Obama worsened racism" thing just blows my mind and is a pet peeve.


Troll on without interruption. Not only does asking this question destroy your credibility but it also greatly increases the odds that you don'teven know why it does. There will never ever be a president as cool as Obama. I mean, who would you even compare him to? We call him GPOAT because he is indisputably the greatest President of all time at least until Hillary takes the title from him, which she undoubtedly will.

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I figured that would have been pretty self-explanatory. You will recognize him as the author of Tantra Illuminated , a scholarly discourse on Tantrik learning published by Mattamayura Press. In it was changed to Brain Bits.

Ocean literacy? Well, yes, not quite and no, in my opinion.