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Today I do my best to put care into my cooking. Make it with love. I looked for a partner who would make me crack up. The relationships that last the longest all have one common theme: Never taking the other for granted.

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Stir the sacred sauce with regular date nights! Dance, hug and kiss by your high school lava lamp. The other day I was famished. You know the drill, working hard, empty cabinets and a gurgling belly—a nasty combination. But we needed lunch and for whatever reason, that pissed me off. What do you want? Sometimes I overlook his efforts or take them for granted. But I really do appreciate the air in my tires. And I really do appreciate his practical love.

Remember to notice and do! Partners, lovers, family, friends, etc. We can never ever get enough compliments. We all need space to thrive. Giving your loved ones space shows them that you trust them. That you appreciate and honor their journey. When people give us space we feel free and trusted. Space is spiritual. Make a wish Sweet Pea my nickname. I love you. My friend Patty and her sister Debbie sewed me an apron with flying unicorns, rainbows and stars. My dad gave me his confirmation ring because we share the same initials, KC.

Little thoughtful gifts can make a big impact. Get crafty and pass down your treasures.

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Check out my Crazy Sexy Love Notes card deck for 52 inspirational taps on the shoulder to help you care for and appreciate yourself at the deepest level. Let these notes guide you through your day with delight.

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Get the card deck here. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail: you can also subscribe without commenting Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments.

Love quotes for her to show appreciation

This is just what I needed to read first thing in the morning. Big love! I really like this. That post made me smile. Thanks for the reminders!

50 Cute Ways To Show A Guy You Love Him (And Make Your Relationship Last Forever) | YourTango

This post made me smile big! Oh, Kris. This is such a lovely post! It feels good to foster relationships that matter. Thanks Kris you are a gem! Having an open home, having friends and family over regularly regardless of when the last time you dusted. We do this routinely and my kids are growing up surrounded by people who love them and all of us. In my whole and completeness I overflow with love. Very exciting! Love to Love! Thanks for all the great suggestions. This is lovely. It feels so gosh darn good to cultivate relationships with those who matter most.

Love it! Yes, all these little things that make such a difference. I feel very special and loved when I get a handwritten card or a letter… and I try to do the same for people I love too. I think it is time for a letter to my family. Just thought of that this morning. Amazing, beautiful suggestions.

You inspire. I find your posts so inspirational, so grounded and so easy to introduce into my life. Thanks Kris xx. And I had a blast coming up with the messages and hiding them. My best gal pal owns a small diner where she cooks up love for the locals 6 days a week. I know her favorite way to unwind is by taking long baths and reading gossip mags.

What a lovely post to read,first thing in the morning…thank you so much,Kris…You are a blessing to this world! Love and peace, Chetali. Thank you Kris!!! This was a beautiful reminder that I need to show love to myself first my one precious self! I hope you are back on track. I decided that no matter how I feel I will do my hair and makeup for the day and wear something that makes me feel pretty.

I loved this post. It dies work! I definately need some date nights in my life too. Thank you! I absolutely love this article Kris! Showing love is so important — and it can be in the simplest of ways. Love, Love, Love this Blog Kris. I share my love with amazing friends and call them like I see them — like love bugs and pumpkin pie cuties and really cute things.

How to Show Your Love

Sometimes people are not aware of their own light and beauty that they bring into this world. We can share really cute reminders. When our heart reads their heart just say what you feel. And your blog helps me that. Thank you Kris! This was definitely the emotional reset that I needed this morning to realign my heart and mind! Each and every point is vital to happiness and fulfillment. Bottom line is…you blessed my heart this morning. Thank you, Chris. Should have been Kris! Not Chris…. When my husband and I were dating I left little notes around a lot, and especially when we were away.

Love to read your posts. They are fresh fly honest, heart warming and inspiring. Thank you for warming my heart and reminding me of lessons learned,. Love your reminder to listen!

10 Ways to Tell Him You Love Him Without Words

I had been feeling the same way. The man I fell in love with was lost to us. After many months well actually years of back and forth thinking, I finally made the decision to leave and a week later found out I had cancer. What a shock! Being neutral in this area can make life easier.

ADELE - 'Make You Feel My Love'

I have sung and played guitar all my life, and my love really enjoys it most of the time. These are just a few ways to become closer to the one you love and who loves you. Iam 34 was married once before and I didn't open up like that again,i met a woman that confessed her love early in the relationship,i did not feel the same way but she was such a good person I decided to give it a chance and now 3 years in,i would do anything for her,love and trust more than I ever thought possible, I think all are very very valid points and good advice but keeping each other healthy both mentally and physically and reminding your partner how important they are RC things I didn't realize I need to work on thank you,my advice to everyone.

I am in love with this boy and I really needed help on showing him compassion because at home I'm not shown love and when I read this it made me feel like yeah I'm ready to show him my love. Barton Goldsmith, Ph. Throughout their lives, HSPs must look for coping tools. Communication is the most important element in any relationship.

Keeping romance alive is sometimes a challenge for couples. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Fallacy in "Evidence-Based" Treatment. Unintended Consequences and the Cerebral Cortex. Barton Goldsmith Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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