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The format of these is as follows: Name is linked to star's IMDb page in case you want some more info. Text following name is from Motion Picture Magazine article. Any text inside parenthesis is mine. A Kromo Gravure card picturing the star follows each bit of text.

Death by Twitter

Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle - Once the king of comedians, he is now on a vaudeville tour, attempting a comeback. Since his enforced retirement ten years ago, he has made a living as a director of short comedies under the name of William Goodrich. As readers of this magazine know, Fatty received enthusiastic support last year from the public, when producer-friends made a plea that he be allowed to return to the screen. The present tour is for the purpose of further feeling out public opinion. Wesley Barry - Freckle-faced youngster of silent days is now 25, and leads jazz bands and serves as master of ceremonies in film houses throughout the country.

Sounded like he was headed for a fall there, but Barry actually became pretty successful at a variety of tasks on the other side of the camera including directing and producing. Really I just love this card and wanted an excuse to include it!

Beverly Bayne - Remarried following her divorce from Francis X. Bushman, and is said to be living in Chicago. Makes a vaudeville tour occasionally.

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Belle Bennett - The memorable mother of "Stella Dallas," finding screen roles scarce opened a roadhouse called "Grandma's Farm," near Hollywood last year, It closed after a few months, and she is now in vaudeville. A sad one, Belle Bennett died of cancer not long after this magazine's publication, November 4, The IMDb gives her age at her time of passing as 40, I've seen obituaries ranging from age Enid Bennett - Accepts a role every so often, if it appeals to her.

Streets of Salem:

Last appearances as Skippy's mother. Married to Fred Niblo, the director, and is the real mother of three children. Constance Binney is pictured on the card below.

7 Reasons AC Odyssey Fate Of Atlantis Is The Best Odyssey DLC Yet

Her last film was released in , she lived until , age I didn't know this, and after reading the bio of her on her IMDb page I feel pretty terrible. Francis X. Bushman - Now in vaudeville. Last year he got a big amount of publicity by saying he was in the market for a wealthy wife. Alice Calhoun - Married to Mendel B. Silverberg and lives in Beverly Hills.

A leader in the movements of local women's clubs.

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  • Catherine Calvert - Widow of Paul Armstrong, the playwright. Was badly injured some years ago in an auto accident and is now a semi-invalid. Her son is preparing to make a screen debut. Armstrong died in ; the IMDb has no record of a son in films. Sounds pretty miserable, but Ms.

    Fate and Destiny | The Culture Concept Circle

    Calvert did survive until age 80 in I hope things got better. June Caprice - Widow of Henry Millard. Has a young daughter and is prominent in local society. Millard died in ; the daughter grew up to be Toni Seven , who's had a most interesting life! Caprice died a few days shy of age 41 in Jewel Carmen - Married Roland West, the director-producer, and retired.

    And stayed retired. Lived to age 86 in Then again, we generally have more control over saying things than listening to them — well, except on Twitter, where you can unfollow anybody who says something you dislike. The thing about tragedies is that the gaps between confronting them personally and publicly are massive. But in public, murders are an abundance. Media have simply monetized an impulse to disseminate that has existed at every kitchen table and supermarket aisle in the form of Hey, have you heard? A quiet young relative of mine in Nigeria got into an argument yesterday, was hit on the head with a blunt object, and immediately died.

    This fait divers was different. All ironed down and hammered into straight lines. No joy, no play. After a respectful amount of time had passed, I asked Cole about the death. I wanted to know whether he felt he needed distance from his subjects to fashion them into fait divers. His written responses to my questions were thoughtful and restrained, as if not to jostle the analytical telescope through which he needed distance and stillness to view the world. But what about sensitivity? Can that line even be consistently drawn?

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    Cole hints that one exists. Without explicitly mentioning it, I later realized our conversation had hovered around that great unwritten maxim of storytelling, which is that not all tragedies are created equal. To find pleasure in reading about any real suffering is either to ignore reality or to — perhaps even worse — rationally justify doing so. No one is innocent. So I surrender. Well, a big population means there are people living out their lives there. Skip to content. As he wrote in Berfrois : That outlet turned out to be a form of writing for which there is no exact English term: fait divers.

    What about when misfortune befalls us? By Susan Salter Reynolds. Marilynne Robinson's essay collection is about the role of the critic in helping us to remember, to not forget, our potential as humans. By Patrick Harrison and Willie Osterweil.