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Whether your wedding day hairstyle of choice is loose waves or a raked back updo, a small piece of ribbon can transform your 'do You can even easily pair a satin bow with a hair accessory for the ultimate romantic beauty vibe. They key is to loop the ribbon into a loose bow, or skip the bow altogether, to give your look a modern, less juvenile effect. When it comes to picking the perfect piece of ribbon you can make it personal and pick a piece of trim from your favorite dress or a relative's wedding dress.

You can also opt for a monogrammed moment with a bow from Lelet. Either way, there are countless ways to incorporate a ribbon into your bridal hairstyles and we've got just the inspiration you need. A tiny fishtail with a pastel-colored ribbon make this bridal hat look even more romantic.

The Wonderful History of Hair Bows – Bargain Bows

A birdcage veil with a ribbon accent is the perfect way to show off a short hair hair. Keep it simple—and showcase a pair of statement earrings—with a clean pony and a black bow.

Top off a beautiful set of braids with a tiny strip that can also double as your Something blue. Cave paintings, and ornaments found in ancient ruins, grave sites, paintings, pottery, and sculpture have proved that hair accessorizing tends to date back to prehistoric times, in which people would use these ornaments for aesthetic appeals or keep their hair in place for fashionable or occupational reasons.

In the ancient times, the ornament materials would stem from nature, for examples Native American headgear, such as flowers, feathers, leaves, shells, pearls, and gemstones. During the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece men and women would wear hair pins and hair bands made of natural products.

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Hair ornaments changed during the Middle Ages. Cone-shaped hats with a veil, hats decorated with ribbons and gold threads, tiaras, headbands studded with gemstones or pearls were worn by women of that time. Other than that lacey net bags snoods also became very common during that time. However, the religious institutions regarded those ornaments as a symbol of vanity and went on to discourage their usage, at times even releasing laws against certain types of items and their consumption!

During the Rennaisance period, headdresses, tiaras, and other hair accessories became much more ornate. Women of means decorated their hair with pearls, precious stones, ribbons, and veils.

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As the wigs grew larger in size so did the extensivity in the use ribbons and laces. Flowers and ribbons were in demand during the Victorian Times to allow the women to keep their curls and poufs in place. Women continued to add jewels, feathers, flowers, beaded combs well into the 19th Century, even when the roaring 20s had the women cut their hair into bobs they would often style their hair with beaded and jeweled headbands with feathers stuck to them.

The hairbow history goes back to the Roman, Greek and Egyptian times where men, who recognized the fabulousness hair bows, would design bows using bones. However, hair bows witnessed a major rise in their popularity during the 17th and 18th centuries. The men and women of these times would often adorn their hair in whatever they deemed to be aesthetically pleasing.

After much trial and error, here are my tips for wearing ribbons in your hair:. The ribbon needs something to hold onto and clean strands are usually too slick. To me, one of the biggest tips for keeping ribbons chic and not childish is the color and texture. Opt for neutral colors, think black, navy, white, and make sure the texture is yummy, like satin or velvet for Fall.

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Or my personal favorite, the Chanel logo ribbon. Photos by Cibelle Levi. Turn on your JavaScript to view content. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Loving this top!

How To Wear Ribbons In Your Hair

They make even the simplest of ponytails a little more chic! I really want to try the ribbon trend.

I found out about the clean hair and ribbon problems a while ago and doing the hairstyle on second day hair makes such a difference!