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Suspect in Appalachian Trail slaying found unfit to stand trial July 4, am. A Massachusetts man charged with fatally stabbing an Iraq War veteran on the Appalachian Trail and severely wounding another hiker is not mentally fit to stand trial, a judge has Bronx man charged with killing mother-in-law July 4, am. A Bronx man fatally strangled his mother-in-law with a computer cord in a custody dispute over his kids — then put her body in bed and told the children that Bronx classroom 'a massacre' after student's fatal stabbing: cop July 3, pm.

Man accused of killing Mackenzie Lueck was banned from university July 3, pm. The man charged in the murder of University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck was banned seven years ago from the Utah State University campus, where he was once a student, The US Navy SEAL who was found not guilty of murdering a captive teenage militant in Iraq said in a televised interview Wednesday that numerous media outlets had tried to Model allegedly killed kids after they interfered with steamy escapades July 2, pm.

However, the last census in the U. Therefore, population estimates are useful for this work, although we should always keep in mind that these are estimated figures. The official estimated figure for greater London at the same point in time was 8,, These figures will be used for calculation of relative rates as they are from the exact same point in time and based on official figures. Note : If someone has a more recent data set for both cities on the same date, please contact me via the comments section and I will update accordingly.

Getting to the bottom of murder rates, comparatively speaking, should not be too hard. Unlike some statistics, it is relatively easy to make a one-for-one comparison — a dead body is a dead body. Dead bodies, particularly ones that are dead because someone committed a murder, are counted and categorised.

Articles are writteen about them. In the U. Other categories of crime, such as assaults and frauds, are far more difficult to compare, as many crimes go unreported and definitions vary widely.

Suspect in Florida murder arrested in New York City, claims to be serial killer

What constitutes an assault varies from state to state in the U. For the essential test case of Greater London versus New York City, there are excellent sources of data. The London Metropolitan Police statistics website here has both current and historic figures. As the weeks do not usually correspond with the end of the month, getting the figures to overlap exactly is not always easy.

It is also important to note that the London Metropolitan Police area does not cover the City of London. This is often confusing to people outside of London or outside the UK. The City of London is only a small 2. It is now, principally, a financial district.

It has a separate governance structure and a separate, much smaller, police force, the City of London Police. Murders in the City of London are rare, but not unheard of. There was one in This yields a murder rate of 3. According to London figures, there were murders in in the London Metropolitan Police boroughs of Greater London, i. The Daily Mail claimed a total number of murders in greater London as , and the Telegraph also repeated this figure. This figure of includes one murder from the City of London.

I cannot account for the discrepancy between the and figures for the Metropolitan Police. However, assuming the higher figure of murders as correct, the murder rate for London for is 1. The situation for shows an even starker difference in murders than New York has had 53 murders in the period from January 1 to March 3, During the first two months of , London has had 16 murders.

The 3-day discrepancy in the reporting periods is due to the difference between monthly and weekly rates not exactly lining up March data for London was not yet published as this report was drafted on March 18, Several accounts on social media have claimed that the figures for London are artificially low because they do not include deaths from terrorism.

This is rather a pointless argument as the number of terrorism deaths in London in was zero.

"Gay panic" defense banned in New York murder cases - CBS News

Various interlocutors on social media have tried to confuse the state of New York with the City of New York. This makes for an unfair comparison as New York state has a much larger area and population than London, whereas both London and New York City are densely populated cities of approximately equal population.

For the record, New York State had murders in , yielding a murder rate of 2. This graphics, meanwhile, show the general historic trends in New York City and London, and are useful for making historic comparisons:. As this issue continues to come up on social media, here are the updated figures as of the end of May So far, in through 2 June, London has had 53 murders.

Crime in New York City

Through 27 May , New York City has reported murders. He has 27 years experience in CBRN response, security, and antiterrorism. Enter your email address to receive a weekly digest of Bellingcat posts, links to open source research articles, and more.

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You can support the work of Bellingcat by donating through the below link:. I am, if you look at what I am doing, commenting on other people who started the comparison. Feel free to direct your criticism at those other people. For what its worth, the only rational basis for doing this comparison is that the cities are roughly the same size.

Talk about missing the point. This article is about challenging the false statements from the USA. Would you rather let their lies reign supreme? Name a country where there are no murders. Name a city where there are no murders.

If Khan is a poor Mayor what does that make Trump when the murder rate in the USA is dozens of times higher than our own? It makes him a pathetic president and a complete shyster and what of the mugs who back Trump and Hopkins? For most people the rate of violent attacks on people not involved in criminal activity but simply going about their business is far more important. I believe there is no question that London is worse by far.

I admire your analysis but you failed to mention that in the UK murders are only recorded this may have changed when someone is convicted of murder. The UK figures are therefore much lower as the authorities often plea bargaining murder down to lesser crimes. The true rate may well be double. I am afraid this comment is incorrect. An offence of murder is recorded when the police record it as such, not when it goes to court or someone is arrested. In the uk stats if you read the article you will also see that manslaughter and infanticide are included as murder for the purpose of these statistics.

While in the vast majority of cases the offence will be recorded in the same year as it took place, this is not always the case. Caution is therefore needed when looking at longer-term homicide trends. Due to this, the percentage of homicides recorded in the year ending March and, to a lesser extent, those recorded in earlier years that have concluded at Crown Court is likely to show an increase when the next figures from the Homicide Index are published6.

Conversely, the proportion of cases without suspects or with court proceedings pending is expected to decrease. That will be because the death was reclassified. Not struck off the records because the alleged perp was acquitted. Homicide classifications are subject to change — i. Jon you talk about the rate of attacks on people not involved in criminal activity being far worse in London.

Do you have any evidence or links to back that up?

New York's Finest

You say murders are only recorded after conviction? Do you have anything to back that up? Plea bargaining is used far less in the UK and only in very specific circumstances.