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Thanks for the review. But I do start sentences with but. And I start them with and…! I really enjoyed this review — thank you, Leopold. It really is the best sort of review, telling enough to intrigue but not so much as to spoil, full of enthusiasm but not afraid to say where it fell short for you. Apart from anything else, the setting in Kielder is intriguing. I remember its construction is that the right word?

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Contact Follow us on Twitter: twitter. Blog at WordPress. This use of cells is pretty much identical to how modern day terrorists operate, and Jane Prowse's use of this in her plot is the key to making the story as tense and exciting as it is. Hattie is constantly questioning her actions, wondering whether they are correct as far as the 'big plan' is concerned, or will her next move actually jeopardise everything? The fact that Hattie doesn't know means that we as readers are also very much in the dark - make sure you hold on tight as the edge of your seat may just give way!

If there was ever a list of books that could be used to persuade boys that female main characters can be worth reading about then this would not only be on that list, it would be up there battling away for the top spot. If I asked a group of boys what they want in a book they would answer action, adventure, fights, great characters I know this I have asked them, and one of even replied ninjas! I criticised Praying Mantis for having a girly cover which may prevent boys from even picking it off a shelf - hopefully the blue cover of Stalking The Enemy may help remedy this.

The quote from my review of Praying Mantis that Piccadilly Press so kindly used on the back of this book read "As thrilling an action story as anything written by Anthony Horowitz, Robert Muchamore or Joe Craig" and I stand by this completely. The only problem is that now I probably have to wait another year for the third instalment, and next time Hattie and her friends and family are heading to the heart of ninja-land - Japan.

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How exciting! Mar 19, Zoe rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and this one is even better! A lot happens in the first book and I wondered how Prowse could weave all the change in Hattie's life to another story. She answered my question and gave me an amazing adventure. Hattori Hachi Hattie may seem like a normal teenage girl: hormones, crushes, dreams.

But ever since her Mum mysteriously disappeared in the first book, she has been declared a ninja. In Stalking the Enemy, Hattie faces a new villain. I like the characters in this series; they create a nice blend together. I like Hattie and Mad Dog's relationship especially, and the whole complicated thing with Toby is a big twist. There are a lot of characters, which are hard to keep up with and remember who's who, but I think most of them are required and play a significant role.

Furthermore, although Hattie is 15 years old, I don't think this is a book that would entice teenagers as much. The romance is quite limited and although everyone is different I think Hattie would be better as an 11 or 12 year old. However, I did enjoy it even though I prefer books with protagonists around the age of Even though we see this tale through the eyes of a teenage girl, I think boys would like this too.

It isn't too girly and it isn't too.. It is rare that a book is suitable for both genders, but Prowse seems to have the ability to make everyone of all ages and genders love her writing.

In conclusion, I like this series but I'm not jumping up and down in excitement about them. It is unique, action-packed and a page-turner which creates an unpredictable ending. To give it the full rating for me, I would make it more for teenagers, if that is the target audience. Give it a go and let me know what you think - who would resist a book about ninjas? View 2 comments. Only if we pledge to buy it will the third book be published.

Please, I need my Mad Dog fix. Shelves: books-i-used-to-own , fiction-ya , requested-reviews. The author sent me a free copy of this book in return for a review. That has not effected my ability to review this honestly and critically. At around the same page number of Revenge of Praying Mantis, I was worried about whether I was going to enjoy the book, or not, so the fact that I want to rush off and read more of Stalking th The author sent me a free copy of this book in return for a review.

At around the same page number of Revenge of Praying Mantis, I was worried about whether I was going to enjoy the book, or not, so the fact that I want to rush off and read more of Stalking the Enemy right now even be late to work in order to read some more is very promising. As Hattie leads Mad Dog and Neena into serious danger, I'm already cursing her stubborness, naivete, and refusal to do as she's told. Ok, rant over. To be continued I think that the little signs that Hattie keeps seeing, which she attributes to him really being on their side and trying to help from behind the scenes are actually false leads Prowse is using to try to trick the reader into believing as Hattie does, only to surprise us at the end when he doesn't back Hattie up in a crucial moment.

I think the tension and excitement is much higher in Stalking the Enemy than it was in The Revenge of Praying Mantis, especially with pretty much the whole cast of characters held captive by the Kataki. The new mystery and intrigue regarding the background of how Ralph and Chiyoko Hattie's parents met and what that has to do with Hattie's mission in Kielder is very interesting and keeps me turning the pages very eagerly.

Even better than the first book. I'm glad that Hattie's father, Ralph, is in on the secret, I didn't like how everyone was lying to him, not trusting him to be able to handle it. Ok, so I was wrong about Toby, but I still don't trust him completely. He was undercover for a long time and that can change you, corrupt you in some ways I'm basing my opinion on what happens to undercover police on police tv shows , so I'll be interested to see what happens with him in the final book of the trilogy. I was impressed by the research that Prowse must have done to be able to write so concisely on subjects as disparate as ninjutsu and the 'bouncing bomb,' and the story behind its' use during WWII to destroy dams.

I can't wait to read the conclusion to this trilogy and yet, at the same time I don't want it to end. I want to know the full story behind the Golden Child prophecy and I want to know what happens between Hattie and Mad Dog, although I found it hard to believe that Mad Dog would be willing to marry Hattie in an instant, if that was allowed. They've never even been on a date, they just keep getting thrown into life and death situations makes me think of a scene from the movie Speed where Keanu Reeves' character says that relationships built on life and death situations never work, which it doesn't as he and Sandra Bullock's character are broken up by the next movie , plus she's only 16 just and he's not much older, they need to spend time together without the impending danger of the Kataki or Raven or another even badder bad guy looming over them.

So to recap all that, I have really enjoyed Stalking the Enemy and eagerly await the chance to read Curse of the Diamond Daggers. Sep 22, Lucinda rated it it was amazing. Here is an author whose remarkable series has exceeded all expectations by producing something of such high caliber, where once more I am left will chills down my spine after reading book two. Hattori Hachi: stalking the enemy follows on from book one Hattori Hachi: revenge of the praying Mantis the debut novel by Jane Prowse, continuing the adventure of a young Ninja girl that is truly breathtaking.

An abandoned castle in the heart of Kielder forest is the bearer of many secrets and hidden mystery that is too terrifying and unimaginable to contemplate, whilst harboring a deadly enemy in its shadows. The evil Raven is shrouded in secrets and questions that one needs answering, such as why it kills so many and what connection does it have with Hattie and her family.

As dark secrets and terrifying old legends are revealed, one is swept away once more by the epic storyline that captures your imagination and your heart. Touching my soul with its depth, full of thrilling action and drama I sat on the edge of my seat in suspense feeling completely drained as I was so overwhelmed by Jane Prowse books.

It is a tale about love, loss and revenge with a clever twist that will delight many young readers as well as older ones too. The fast-paced action makes you sit up and take notice of everything happening, where the characters jump off the page. As more of the mystery is revealed to you the pace quickens, in which as you just begin to grasp what you think is the truth then the author goes and surprises you once again with another twist in the tale that shocks and astonishes.

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Building up to the most dramatic conclusion I have ever read in a book, I was blown-away by the sheer scale on which the author leaves you guessing right up to the most gripping, intense ending to a thrilling adventure. I found the combination of martial arts, memorable and distinctive characters and a well-structured plot to be a winner, with the mixture of fast-paced action and drama alongside poignant and heartwarming parts making it something very special.

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I was so fortunate as to receive this book due to my enthusiasm and writing a review for book one, hence I concider myself extremely privileged to have been able to continue on the journey that I enjoyed so much. I would like to thank the author Jane Prowse as I look forward to reading book three in the future, whilst I beg of you to delve into a trilogy that is fantastic, fun and totally fabulous.

View 1 comment. Sep 27, Yeshma rated it it was amazing. This was yet another thrilling adventure of Hattie with new stories and legends from the past unfolding. It sure was a rough and tough time for Hattie's dad who got to know about the secret ninja life of his wife and daughter without forgetting Toby. But he coped with the situation very well indeed.

And I admire the faith that Hattie showed in her long lost brother even though he was once on the kataki's side. Hattie proved once again that she can use her ninjutsu techniques together with the he This was yet another thrilling adventure of Hattie with new stories and legends from the past unfolding. Hattie proved once again that she can use her ninjutsu techniques together with the help of her family and friends including Akira and Bushi to conquer her enemies who are becoming more numerous and powerful with time.

For one second I was afraid that mad dog would die cause I really like his character and his protective nature towards Hattie. But I'm very happy that he was saved. I think that him and Hattie are too cute. Neena has also showed great effort to be part of the ninja crew in every way possible to help her friend without forgetting what a great cook she is. In the end it was nice to see the family reuniting with the big surprise from the Weavers, specially the return of Al. Now I can't wait to read the last book of this series 'Curse of the diamond daggers'.

I'm sure it will be another exciting adventure not to be missed. Im dying to know what happened to Ridley, where did Raven go? What will happen between Hattie and Mad dog? Oct 04, Maria Mitchell rated it really liked it. I received this book from the author in exchange for reading and reviewing the first book in this series. This is the 2nd book in the Hattori Hachi series by author Jane Prowse. This book very quickly gets into the action as Hattie, Mad Dog, Hattie's father, and Neena all travel to Kielder - her father for family history, and Hattie to complete her new mission.

All four of them soon find themselves imprisoned by Hattie's new enemy, the Raven, in his base inside of an old castle. Hattie must find I received this book from the author in exchange for reading and reviewing the first book in this series. Hattie must find escape for all of them while completing her mission as it grows and changes.

She must do this all under the ticking clock of her sixteenth birthday when either she or her twin, Toby, will become the Golden Child. I really liked how this book included more of Hattie's father who wasn't as big of a character in the first novel. Hattie along with the reader got to know more about him and his background. I still love the sweet innocent romance between Hattie and Mad Dog. And how Neena cements her sidekick status further in this novel showing all kinds of tricks up her sleeve.

More of Toby is featured toward the end of the novel and it is finally revealed which side he is on. New exciting enemies and side characters made this book an excellent sequel to the first. I can't wait to read how the series continues! Sep 19, Idun rated it really liked it.

Stalking the Enemy by Piccadilly Press Ltd (Paperback, 2010)

While I technically received a copy of this second book for free in paperback version, I'd already bought and read it and the third book on my kindle before it arrived. Which should say something about how much I wanted to know what happened next, buying the second book, even though a free copy was actually on the way in the mail.

So it's clearly a good book. Still very much a YA book, like the first one, but a good one, especially considering it's the first series of the author. More awesome While I technically received a copy of this second book for free in paperback version, I'd already bought and read it and the third book on my kindle before it arrived. More awesome ninja stuff, story and characters getting more developed as we learn more about them. Evil guys who needs to be fought. People you don't know which side are on.

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What's not to like? Nov 15, Lourdes rated it really liked it. First of all, I love that it has such a pretty blue cover, it is like I can picture what Hattie looks like while reading. We find out more things about the ninjas and Hattie's family life now that she knows more about things. It's still a YA book so feel free to buy a copy for any teens boys and girls in your life for the holidays. Sep 30, LAWonder10 rated it really liked it. The Hattori family continue in their super adventures and in the quest to save Hachi from the experienced evil of the Raven and the Kataki. Is Toby friend or foe?

Who can she trust? Once again her mum and Yazuki disappear without an explanation. She must find them. Your youth will love the continued adventures of Hachi Hattori in this new second novel of the series. It is a little excessive at times but still is well worth your youth's reading enjoyment. There is plenty of action and suspense. Aug 28, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads , Bad guy ninjas, good guy ninjas, and a book where I really enjoyed the first book in the series, and LOVE the second book, Stalking the Enemy.

It's a great, easy, and entertaining read.