For All the Evil in the World

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God has a plan for people's lives that they may not always understand. This may include evil and suffering but Christians should trust and have faith in God's plan. God wants people to follow the example of Jesus and help those who are suffering. God must have a reason for allowing evil and suffering but the reason is beyond human understanding. Christians also pray for those who suffer and try to help them.

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Evil and suffering in this life is a preparation for heaven. Avenger, now as Irisviel, claims that the record is unmistakably genuine, as the last thing that she touched before her demise was All the World's Evil. It inherited Irisviel's last desire by personifying her wish to "remain this way. During the final battle between Kiritsugu and Kirei Kotomine , the Grail gushes out black mud which engulfed both of them. Though both of them entered in a dream like state, the Grail recognizes Kiritsugu as the victor.

Avenger uses Irisviel to confront Kiritsugu in his mind and asks his wish, however it comes with a heavy price. In his mind, he was forced to confront the fact that his methods who practiced in all his life will eventually lead to him becoming the ultimate enemy of all humanity, equal to Angra Mainyu itself - and, 'Irisviel' proclaimed, this path is correct. Kiritsugu, now realizing that the Grail is corrupted, shoots down all his loved ones including the illusions of his wife and daughter. As he rejected and strangled 'Irisviel', Avenger placed a curse on him - to never be free of regret until his painful death.

Kirei, having went through the same experience, questioned Kiritsugu why he rejected the Grail; Kiritsugu's answer was that it sacrifices too many things for what it gives. Kirei says that he wanted it even so and Kiritsugu, admitting that he did not understand Kirei, shot him in the heart. In Kirei's last moments, the Holy Grail appeared to him in his mind. Filled with hatred and envy for Kiritsugu, Kirei reached out and touched the cursed artifact. Meanwhile, Avenger's emergence was prevented by Kiritsugu, who commanded his servant, Saber , to destroy the Grail upon recognizing the evil presence emanating from it.

However, she destroyed only the vessel and not the contents - the 'black mud' - which spilled out from its core onto the streets below and caused a fire that eventually destroyed a large part of Shinto. The black ichor managed to soak Kirei's lifeless body, resurrecting him with an artificial, black heart. Gilgamesh was covered and absorbed into the black mud that poured out when Saber destroyed the Grail's vessel.

In the original novel, there was a scene where Gilgamesh contacted Avenger inside of the black mud that came out of the Grail. Avenger reveals the ugliness and hatred of the world, but to his surprise Gilgamesh accepts this and acknowledges his role in carrying the burden of the world.

Gilgamesh's strong ego helps him fight off Avenger's influence and the black mud ejects Gilgamesh. Kirei wakes up and finds Gilgamesh near him. He seemed to have gained a flesh body from something that flowed to his body through the Master and Servant connection.

A World of Evil and Suffering

Zecchan somehow entered the Grail. The Shades that Avenger manifested were chasing after Zecchan, but were stopped by his void-like figure. Avenger would order the Shades to attack Zecchan, but Irisviel would appear and save her from the Shades by cutting them down with her Naginata. Zecchan tried to escape with Irisviel, she encouraged Irisviel to leave the Holy Grail by telling her she believes her to be a champion of justice. While running away Zecchan encounters Avenger.

His body turned out to be an exit and Irisviel finally understood that Zecchan is from a different time period. Avenger is a No-Star Servant that can be summoned by the Protagonist. True to his Star rarity, he is the weakest Servant unable to triumph against his enemy alone. Angra Mainyu remembers him, and the two fight each other. The physical vessel for the Grail was destroyed by Shirou Emiya and Saber , along with the contents to prevent the disaster to be brought by the presence of Avenger in form of "All World's Evils".

Wanting to grant the wishes of mankind as per his own nature as a daemon, he was reborn and transformed in a Heroic Spirit capable of fulfilling desires through the power of the Grail. In the process, he found Bazett, who after being left to die for Kirei days ago, wished hard that she did not want to die. Therefore, they made a contract: Avenger, to continue to exist and accomplish its new role of granting a wish, and Bazett, to stay alive even in a vegetative state.

To keep Bazett alive after entering into her soul and mind to fulfill her desire to continue to live, Avenger created a dream world in her mind using the memories of Fuyuki and his inhabitants that he obtained through Shirou when Kirei Kotomine tried to use his curse to tried destroy and kill him in his final fight. As a result, Bazett's body went into a coma. However, 6 months after the 5th war in real world, Caren came to Fuyuki city, found and nursed the dying Bazett in mansion.

Unlike before, when Avenger just had to keep her physical signs alive, now he had to keep both Bazett's now awake consciousness and body alive. In order to accomplish that, he created the four-day temporal loop. The problem, however, was that he never personally experienced the 5th war. He only knew of the 3rd war. So he just took the participants of the 5th war and used them to create the characters in the 3rd war to play the 5th war's events.

While he was Bazett's Servant Avenger by night, he took on the form of Shirou by day. As Shirou, he comes to care for other people, especially the mysterious Caren Hortensia. In this form, he has no idea of his own identity and thinks and acts like Shirou. He later explains that this is because Avenger himself is 0, and no matter how much you add 0 to 1 , it is still 1.

The problem starts when 1 Shirou, in truth Avenger, realizes the temporal loop and tries to solve the anomaly, and 2 Avenger himself begins to keep "filling up" the Grail to see more and more new events. Since Shirou is someone who cannot let the wrong stay wrong, he had to fix the abnormal temporal loop.

Also, even though he knew that by seeking new events he would complete the Grail thus ending the loop, which would ultimately mean his return to void, Avenger could not stop enjoying the happy daily life as Shirou. Later Bazett realizes the false reality of the temporal loop, but refuses to finish it.

She thinks that she would die once the loop is over, but she also knew that would permanently take Avenger to nothingness. In her hope to stay alive, and her wish to keep Avenger from his ultimate fate, she tries to continue the loop, even if it means going against Avenger himself. During one of last loops, Bazett uses a Command Spell to make Avenger 'become her left arm' in order to keep him from contacting Shirou directly.

He finally reaches the Grail as the other Servants and Masters prevent the monsters which are actually leftover parts of Avenger from stopping him. In the end, Avenger frees Bazett from the loop and returns to the void. In the process, it is revealed that while the reproduced Holy Grail War itself was due to the wish of Bazett, the daily life that Shirou experienced was due to Avenger's own wish to live a normal life.

After Bazett awaken from his coma in the real world with the end of the world loop in his mind and obtaining an artificial arm to replace her missing one, both she and Caren speak of the arm as if it is still Avenger. In Irisviel's story, Archer and Avenger are seen in the Emiya residence. Irisviel which is an Irisviel of a parallel world that was brought by accident by Avenger and Neco-Arc for letting the Zelretch chest that they took from the Tohsaka residence at the beginning of Irisviel's story stay open identifies Avenger as someone she once knew.

Irisviel, shocked with this revelation, decides to take action as a mother. She lectures them about how brothers should take care of each other. She greets Avenger and calls him Angra Mainyu. Avenger replies that "It's been a while", although they haven't met in his current state. Irisviel was surprised to see Angra Mainyu as her son in this world and she is glad to see Avenger finally happy. Avenger claims that his body is of a hopeless ordinary man, but he is grateful to him. Avenger is encountered in Bazett's story in Rin's route. After Rin picks up Lancer , Avenger calls out to her for help.

Rin was surprised when Avenger spoke.

Avenger almost introduces himself as Angra Mainyu, and tells Rin that he is able to talk because he is a lucky one. Bazett appears and orders Avenger to return to her capsule. In actuality, she wants Avenger back because Avenger is her only friend, but instead she claims that lucky talking Servants are illegal. These Servants are designated to be sealed, and the Mage's Association dispatched her to recover that Servant.

Avenger yells out to Bazett, calling her a liar and a terrible person who abuses her Capsule Servant. He says that Bazett makes him go shopping, clean, and take her phone calls. He also complains about Bazett constantly feeding him beef bowl for breakfast, lunch and dinner which drove him to the height of insanity.

His complaints make Bazett appear to be a lonely woman whose only friend is a Servant. Bazett tries to prove she has friends by showing the contact list on her phone. However, Avenger points out the that those on the list are all business contacts and Bazett, angered by this, challenges Rin. After Bazett's defeat, she reveals she doesn't have a single friend and Avenger is her only friend. Avenger agrees, saying that they both bullied Bazett a bit too hard and it leaves a bad aftertaste.

Bazett asks Avenger to return as friends. Rin questions why Bazett wants Avenger so badly, Bazett replies that she would rather have Lancer because she keeps getting doubles of Avenger.

Evil and suffering

Rin decides to give Lancer to Bazett, and to her surprise, Lancer is a lucky talking Servant. Lancer tries to convince Rin that she can't trade him away and they are compatible like a dream team, to no avail. Bazett was happy to trade Avenger for Lancer as she claims Avenger to be rude and super weak. As both Lancer and Avenger try to convince their Masters not to trade, Avenger remarks that he expected the story to be a heartwarming story. Avenger is a school "prankster". Due to the similar appearance with Shirou, Taiga Fujimura mistakes him for Shirou and he ends up getting educational guidance lectures.

Avenger makes a brief cameo appearance in the last episode of Carnival Phantasm , he also appears in a glimpse in the EX season episode. The first option was to alter the system of the Greater Grail itself and summon Angra Mainyu to a unique Avenger-class Servant.

Why does God allow evil to exist? -

His sister talked about her outrage at watching Vinnie self-destruct. She loves her brother, and she was angry. She knew life could be better for Vinnie and everyone else in the family. She suffered as she watched him refuse help, live life on his own terms and continue to make bad choices. Does God care? God is angry at our self-destruction, and that anger is not irrational.

She knows, just as God does, that life can be better.

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As I think about the suffering and pain in the world, I take comfort knowing that God will make every wrong right. I am not the final judge or authority. I can live freely loving and freely forgiving. The day will come when evil will be avenged, when brokenness will be healed, and justice will reign. He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever. How to Find Hope in the Midst of Suffering. Sarah Evers is on staff with Cru and has given leadership to a wide variety of ministry initiatives. Sarah is also a popular writer and conference speaker.

At times, the problems of our world can feel overwhelming. Where do we find hope in it all? Who are you surrounding yourself with? Where are you looking for hope?

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All The Evil of This World

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