Claire de Lune (Werewolves of Seaside Book 1)

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I looked over my shoulder and saw a wave coming. So, I went. I paddled for it and caught it, right in front of Nancy. Then she had a front row seat to see what I was talking about. I have no IDEA what to do about that. Maybe try to get out in front of it? Paddle harder. In the parking lot, I had been telling Nancy that she was the only one who would go surfing regularly with me. When we were surfing tonight, it was already Monday morning in Australia.

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It was tons of fun. Possibly the most fun you can have while working. A local surfer won, which was also fun. Which, of course, is more endearing to me than the most gnarly airs.

Now, while the guys were more than happy to flex their muscles and pose for photos, the girls, not as much! The Longboard winners above. Big thanks to Tony and Jenn Butler for calling me to work! And thanks to Abby the usual helper for Jenn for having an art show that weekend and being otherwise occupied. Big thanks to Reef for my new flip-flops!

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They really ARE ridiculously comfortable. And thanks to Sweetwater, for putting on this event and organizing it! I liked the book. This is where I will alienate all four of my man readers. Sorry guys. But, really, ask yourself, how often do you actually stop and ask for directions? To a new and complicated piece of power equipment? One example involved an 8 month old baby, a day at the beach, and a brand-new tent.

And they all re-hash the following old-as-time and annoying-as-crap male tendencies:. This is not a scientific research study. In fact, this list is gleaned from my time in the water over the last year with Nancy and Tracy, and their other students, and their surfing gal-pals. Now, maybe these observations are because I rarely surf in a lineup of 50 surfers. Gents who did not laugh when I fell right off my board trying to sit up on it in the lineup. Gents who helped me learn how to catch waves.

Mostly, these gents were older than me. Somewhere between years older. They have had years of experience. Plenty to go around. More on that later. I know it. Other than that, we had our little, um, 4ft wave, to ourselves. Now people in California.

Not so much. Where was I? It was my leash, but. She laughed. Yesterday, I was talking to my Mom and mentioned the bite on Sunday up by Shell Island that required 40 stitches. She got a little nervous. My buddy can call I wanted her to get on a board with Nancy or Tracy. Maybe I can get my Dad to. I learned a lot from just watching the waves roll in, watching the contestants catch them, and listening to the commentators call out approaching sets. I also went swimming a LOT this summer before I finally got out on my surfboard.

I swam out around the wave break and felt the different waves come in. Noticed when they re-formed on the inside. I even body-surfed a little bit. Just my two cents. When we got out of the water, Nancy said that I seemed much better at knowing when to paddle and when to stay put. The spread from California as more of a pop cultural phenomenon, than anything.

A Little Help from My Friends

Thanks to the lovely and talented Jennifer Butler for bringing me on for the weekend! I know. How can someone with so much stoke NOT go surfing? I dunno? Whatever—watching everyone run around in bikinis and seeing the wahines shred it along with the groms last weekend made me want to get back out. Oh, that, and the fact that my darling husband got me a Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation license plate for my birthday, and I feel like kind of a fraud not surfing, while driving around with it on my car.

Anyhoo: I finally went surfing today. First time in Despite the fact that there was a 20 mph wind blowing from south to north, meaning that 30 seconds after I started paddling on my surfboard, I was about six football fields down the beach. It appears that all of my hard work is working because.

On the second try, I actually got my front foot up, too. That makes them perfect clients for Chicks on Sticks. We teach wahines surfer girls of all ages to surf. This can be a traumatic experience for them. There are few places that are safe for these young weres to get away from it all. Nobody, and we do mean nobody , cares what you look like while you surf. Werewolves can surf, too!

Not werewolves! Also, with their heightened sense of smell, werewolves can smell sharks a mile away. However, we do recommend that if a young werewolf wahine has recently consumed a, um, meal, that she take a thorough shower before coming out for surf lessons. Best not to attract the sharks with any stray blood. Surfing is a wonderful way to build confidence. While surfing, girls strengthen their core muscles, improve their balance, lengthen their spines, and build their arm muscles.

Surfing makes being a werewolf easier. It is about, you guessed it, teenage female werewolves. This photo describes conditions more accurately than five hundred words of my own could. The website is one of the places I check conditions before lugging all of my stuff to the beach.

Notice how the wave behind the surfer standing up is roughly as high as his head. On Monday, the waves were probably two feet shorter than today. It kept me nice and toasty. The other instructive part of the photo above is the surfer on the board, to the right of the surfer riding the wave. Now, imagine you are at the bottom of that wave, instead of the middle.

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What does that wave look like? In a wetsuit. With a nine foot surfboard. That has fins.

Claire de Lune (Werewolves of Seaside Book 1)

And a mind of its own. And can boomerang on the leash back to knock you unconscious if it wants to. After reading numerous testimonials about the strength and amazing ability of the Silverfish sunglasses to stay on in virtually any surfing conditions, I felt confident that with the wimpy little waves I am generally on, these glasses would be just fine.

I began my trek out past the big outside break. I paddled. I swam. I floated. I towed my board with my ankle. I towed it by holding on to the leash where it attaches to the board. I paddled some more. The glasses stayed ON.