Awakening the Real You: The Key to Human Happiness

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My emotions would go haywire! I felt powerless, resentment, anger and upset. Quite simply, when we accept that happiness lies within, we approach our life from an empowered — rather than weakened and victimized — state of mind. In return for handing my happiness to the Farmer, I was seeking a perfect guarantee of his love. When we keep hold of our own happiness, it gives us the strength to sit with the uncertainty of love.

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We can enjoy and have faith in the rollercoaster of relationships and their inevitable changeability, rather than fearing the loss of our joyful self. We need to rebalance our decision-making toward our primal instinct, which has existed and protected us far longer than our reasoning mind. This bargaining behavior is typical of our ego, that fearful part of us that tries to keep us away from our enlightened self in order to sustain itself. A Course in Miracles teaches us that there is nothing outside of ourselves, and it is through realizing this that we are reconnected with our divine magnitude and inner peace is restored.

Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness

Where fear has entered, love cannot exist. The only place we should surrender our entire selves — happiness included — is to our healing higher selves. This saying teaches us that happiness should not be given away and in doing so suffered fearfully as a sense of loss, rather, happiness is a blessing to be kept safe from us, but liberally shared, and enjoyed with one another and, through doing so, multiplied onward in others.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Adyashanti Alberto Villoldo Ph. Does Stafford think trees can make us happier? They connect us to others, whether contemporaries or those in the past or future.

When You Dissolve, There is Eternal Joy - Self Realization & The Key to Happiness

If you plant a sapling that may take years to reach its full stature, you are pledging faith in the future and offering a gift to the generations yet to be born. The Trust collaborates with Common Ground on a seasonal periodical Leaf! It is also the subject of his most recent book A Place of Refuge. When Jones was researching an earlier book Utopian Dreams, he saw how mental health was improved by living in woodland. According to the author, trees are a panacea for anguish and anxiety.

Awakening the Real You: The Key to Happiness

In Arboreal, the poet Zaffar Kunial describes how a laburnum tree in the back garden of his childhood home in Birmingham became meaningful to him, giving him a sense of rootedness. When you see bluebells in a woodland they look hazy, almost like a reflection of the sky. It throws me out of balance, throws my sense of time. In fact, the derivation of the much-maligned tree hugger comes from a scenario that was all too real.

1. We drift into “as soon as” and “if only” territory

The idea of tree hugging began in India in the s, when the maharajah wished to build a new palace in a village outside Jodhpur that was also the home of the Bishnoi people, a sect of nature worshippers. The maharajah ordered the destruction of some ancient trees in the village to make way for the new palace, and Amita Devri and other female members of the Bishnoi bravely protested by surrounding the trees and wrapping their legs and arms around the trunks to protect them in a peaceful protest.

Tragically, they made the ultimate sacrifice. They were beaten back by the tree fellers, and it is said that protesters were axed to death before the maharajah finally intervened. There is more to the term tree hugger than meets the eye, and the same could be said of trees themselves.

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Awakening the Real You by Ray Newman - Read Online

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