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I very much enjoyed reading "All Through the Night", and I found the plot to be interesting. You could feel the chemistry between the two characters, and the intimate scenes were very hot. I thought this was a nice change from how historical romances usually just have the rogue be the criminal. Jack and the relationship with his father was intriguing and I liked learning about his past. Anne was a fun heroine who knew how to be adventurous.

I found the cat and mouse game to be hilarious, fun, an I very much enjoyed reading "All Through the Night", and I found the plot to be interesting. I found the cat and mouse game to be hilarious, fun, and sexy. I'm adding this book to my bookshelf and I'm interested to read some other novels by this author as well. Mar 31, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: spy-secret-agent , ptsd , historical , suspense , read I'm taking off a star because on the whole the book is depressingly dark, filled with angst, stress, and unhappy people playing roles. The reader is only privy to the briefest time of peace for the main characters at the end of the book.

So while I applaud the writing and the mesmerizing story, this book wasn't so much entertaining for me as it was exhausting. May 20, Joy rated it it was ok Shelves: american , 20c , historical-fiction , romance. I am pretty sure that I read this a few years ago when I first investigated genre romances, but as I failed to record that date read, I am going to put it down as a book. This is one of those books that most of my friends love, but it left me cold. I loved the idea of it--lady thief! Possibly this is why it didn't make an impression on me the first time around in ish.

Then chapter 2 came and then there were too many secondary characters, unnecessary back stories, and it went on pages too long. I do like the h and H though. Brooding spy and a kickass thief which appeared in only two scenes, unfortunately. Such a pity. Dec 01, Katie babs rated it it was amazing. Best naughty sex scene in a library ever! One of my all time favorite historical romance. There's angst, brooding sexy hero, angst, sexual desire and more angst. Full of awesomesauce. Jul 12, Jules rated it it was ok.

I'm sorry, I just can't get behind a book where the heroine is described as a dark gargoyle - yet somehow beautiful??!! Overall, I saw what the author was attempting to do. Trying to capture this epic cat vs mouse game-thief versus master spy, but it just came up flat for me. Too overwrought and cursed with a plot driver that turns out to be completely ridiculous and contrived.

Also, Personally, I don't like stories where the hero has no dominion over himself. Where he is destitute and controlled I'm sorry, I just can't get behind a book where the heroine is described as a dark gargoyle - yet somehow beautiful??!! Where he is destitute and controlled by the wishes of others, which is what we have here - in the extreme. Most aggravating was the ending and epilogue which were both epic fails in my opinion.

The antithesis of what an ending should be in a romance novel. Sep 21, Sara rated it it was amazing Shelves: satisfying-conclusion , made-of-win , awesome-ladies , awesome-adventures , engaging-mystery , historical-fiction. Giggles gave this one such a glowing review I had to read it. I ended up buying it from Amazon because it was never at the library and the ebook slowed my computer.

Gotta say it was money well spent. We leap back into the realm of Connie Brockway's regency London, where a thief's been terrorizing rich families. Colonel Jack Seward encounters said thief one night, discovers she's a lady, makes out with her Sometime later he meets lovely Mrs. Sometime later he meets lovely widow Anne Wilder at a gathering and is taken by her. Anne Wilder is fucked up but in kind of a badass way.

She was a nobody amusing note, her maiden name was TRIBBLE with loving parents, she married a rich guy she thought she loved but his love for her was so stifling, so obsessive that it drove her nuts and when her husband realized she didn't love him with the same intensity he got himself killed. So Anne steals from rich people to fund a home for his soldiers, who were hurt in the battle that killed her husband. Dad was a thief, so she pretty much does it as he did.

She knows it's dangerous but this lady lives life on the edge. Love and stability? She craves danger and angry sex.

Anne, who's managed to keep her cool for most of the story, starts to lose her shit when she realizes she's fucked, people are gonna want her dead. So Jack marries her, they keep up their dance and finally they open up to each other. When they finally do have sex Anne's reactions range from pleasure to panic, it's what she wanted but Jack is tormenting her with questions and answering them could ruin her image. Jack's the one with the really screwed-up past. His adoptive dad basically used him to do terrible things and when we meet him we can see what a monster he is.

Not as rage-inducing as other romance novel villains, just Jack and Anne complete each other in a strange way and it really works. I love the dynamic between them even when things get rough and messy and angry. At one point Anne, as the thief, sneaks into his room and attacks him, makes out with him, fondles him and runs off. The secondary characters have their own stories, as is typical for a Connie Brockway novel. Anne's charge Sophia North struggles to break away from her controlling father by making a spectacle of herself among society, ending up with her pregnant and marrying one of the possible fathers, who's in love with Anne.

Lady Dibbs hates Anne for knowing she renged on her donations to the home for wounded soldiers. Griffin is Jack's ever-devoted servant. He loved Anne, he worshipped her but he was so forceful about it, like he thought throwing himself upon her mercy and holding up Love as some sort of golden paragon would magically make her see it the same way and when she didn't, he guilt-tripped her and basically committed suicide over it.

Jack reasons that Matthew didn't love Anne, just wanted to own her In the end, Jack and Anne disappear from the London scene. I hesitate to call it a bittersweet ending because Anne's probably happy enough to leave behind the society she wasn't too fond of. I know the next book in this series probably discusses what happened with them but for now I just want to imagine Anne and Jack living on the move with their gray cat and enjoying life the way they were meant to, not held back or tied down by expectations. My one beef with this story was that at times it could move a little slowly and didn't always suck me in.

Perfect or not, it definitely earned that "keeper" status on Mrs. Giggles's page. Mar 23, Sheila Majczan rated it it was amazing. This is the second in a series, and having read the third book first I had to go back and read about the other male characters and their stories - in service to the crown as spies, assassins or as whatever is needed and the ladies who capture their attentions.

Anne Wilder, companion to her dead husband's cousin, leads a double life. And part of her past is that her fathe This is the second in a series, and having read the third book first I had to go back and read about the other male characters and their stories - in service to the crown as spies, assassins or as whatever is needed and the ladies who capture their attentions. And part of her past is that her father, having led a secret life as a master thief prior to his retirement, his taking up a title of merchant and his blackmailing his way to a knighthood, taught his daughter all the tricks of the trade of thievery.

One wonders how Anne kept in shape as her daytime activities as chaperon are very sedate while on some nights she leaps from roof to roof or scales walls. All this in pursuit of Robin Hood type activities when members of the Ton promise but do NOT deliver on donations to her charity. Her soldiers' and sailors' home is a response to her dead husband's causing the downing of a ship full of sailors in his ineptitude in a "grand gesture" of suicide due to Anne's not loving him as deeply as he loves her or so he claims!

The story begins with the hanging of a maimed service man that has been denied a pension. Linked to this event is a letter Also at the forefront, our lady thief is foiled by our hero, Jack, Hound of Whitehall, a. Henry Seward. Jack's history is complex and one the telling of which shifts with who is relating such. He was pulled from a workhouse, but is he the bastard son of Jamison, or just the trained emotionless spy and assassin of this same man?

Intense sexual tension sparks between Jack and Anne. Jack, not knowing that the lady thief he is seeking among the Ton is also the widow, Ann Wilder, who shows up in the Regent Prince's circle only because of her relationship to Sophia North, a young and beautiful debutante, is torn as never before.

Anne has had a very successful season in the past and won the heart of one at the top of society's circles. But in knowing who and what Jack is, can she pack away that dark side of her which sends her over roofs or will he look into her eyes or hear in her voice the Lady Thief he kissed and caressed in that foiled robbery attempt? They all have a role in developing this delightful tale and those roles are not always for the betterment of ODC.

The ending leaves us wondering what the future held for this couple but, like their lives, some things are just meant to be secret. I read this tale in one day as I did the second one - so it is not a ponderous tome but a delightful interlude. What did I just read? The setup is fairly easy to comprehend.

Jack Seward is a spy on a tight leash seeking a thief, and Anne Wilder is that thief. She uses her feminine wiles a phrase that always makes me laugh to ease her escape, and he becomes obsessed with her.

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They each have abundantly tragic pasts, and the villain is repellent, though not immediately obvious. Anne in particular has a darker past than I realised at first. She thought she had this perfect husband whose love made That She thought she had this perfect husband whose love made her the envy of all. I liked Strand more, since his personality was less prone to change with the direction of the freaking WIND. And his pining unrequited love for Anne was sweet. I was actually really annoyed to think that he view spoiler [ends up with Sophia. She's the most horrible brat, I actually thought she was going to turn out to be a villain.

She struck me as menacing. Things take a really bizarre turn in the second half or so. Ostensibly in order to protect Anne, Jack view spoiler [marries her absolutely out of the blue. Their romance was fine, but between Strand's seemingly inevitable misery and Jack's jealous boyfriend Griffin, I found myself wondering how much I'd rather see a little bit of pair shuffling. But then I don't think I've actually read a single romance that shuffled pairs ever. Late in the book seems like it would be even less likely. He isn't actually supposed to be enamoured with Seward, but he does do that crazy bro loyalty thing where he hates Anne with a passion because he thinks she's bad for his friend.

He even vents his hatred to her face and tells her to piss off. But its contents may not be as satisfying to some people, unless you keep in mind that the contents, while important, are not what the villain is swinging around as a weapon most of the time. The story is about battling wills, the human relationship with pain, guilt, and skulking around in the dark. But it was just presented as a little too much like crazysauce for me to fully enjoy. View 1 comment. Dec 27, Cynthia rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Intriguing, fun premise of a noble, widow thief. She robin hoods for a variety of reasons, but runs into trouble that goes by the name Jack. Crazy physical attraction was laid on thick from the beginning, and it was a foundation for the deeper romance that followed. The middle section of Jack poorly investigating the thief's identit Intriguing, fun premise of a noble, widow thief. The middle section of Jack poorly investigating the thief's identity was boring, but Anne's inevitable unmasking was intense, followed by an anti-climatic trudge to a neat ending.

I think the main problem was the original idea was short, sweet, and simple, but when it ran out of steam to fill a whole novel, Brockway shoved a bunch of random plot in to give it more heft. The plot, characters, and their motivations aren't detailed, thought out, or sensible enough. Things just happen, and you accept them to keep the story going, much like you'd go with the latest James Bond movie. This plot was particularly convoluted and leaky. Random side plots and secondary characters slowed the pace down, but the two main characters were compelling enough for me.

I think Connie Brockway always brings just enough to the table to keep me interested and entertained. I wouldn't re-read her books, but I don't regret the time I spent on them. But something in her writing isn't enough for me to every be dazzled. Hated how stupid and nonsensical the ending was, but I liked how their romance wrapped up. So apparently I'm reading "The Royal Agents" in the wrong order, but that's okay, because this was a really good book, and even if the character's names sound familiar tweaking at my memory of those I might have met in book 3 , it was still a standalone story and the connections can be ignored.

The story: Anne Wilder is the widow of a Lord and the daughter of a thief. When she starts a charity for veterans in need, she's met with enthusiastic support from the ton, but sometimes that support is l So apparently I'm reading "The Royal Agents" in the wrong order, but that's okay, because this was a really good book, and even if the character's names sound familiar tweaking at my memory of those I might have met in book 3 , it was still a standalone story and the connections can be ignored.

When she starts a charity for veterans in need, she's met with enthusiastic support from the ton, but sometimes that support is less monetary than promised and Anne has to find other ways to raise the needed cash. This writing was comparable to Eloisa James, but whereas Eloisa James is clever wit, Brockway's wit is biting and sharp. Her London is a darker place than James', and while it makes the world richer, it also makes the stories darker and slower.

The tease between Anne's two persona was amazing. How Anne managed to be both gutter thief and fine lady was well played if you can accept the separation between the two and Jack's infatuation with both aspects made it a book I couldn't put down. They were completely swoon-worthy together, particularly at the end It felt more real with the running off to start a new life. Jan 04, Wollstonecrafthomegirl rated it liked it.

This is tough. It's probably a bit over three stars because the writing was good. This, in some ways, damages Brockways's chances of getting a good review out of me because I'm all the more disappointed when she doesn't stick the landing.

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There's too much angst. I certainly believed the lust between them. But, when all was said and done it just didn't get there for me. I didn't This is tough. I didn't believe in their love story. Too much mistrust and seemingly forced misunderstandings. I preferred the first half of the book before Jack really realises Anne's secret. It was better when he was falling for the interesting, beguiling widow.

The sex was alright. The heavy descriptive nature - it's all fireworks and volcanoes and heat etc, is not my bag. Don't tell me the sex is hot, just write hot sex? At the start of the this book i thought I was in for something special. Ultimately, i was disappointed. Readers also enjoyed. About Connie Brockway. Connie Brockway. After receiving a double major in art history and English from Macalester College, Connie entered grad school with an eye to acquiring her MFA in creative writing.

Soon enough she jettisoned the idea of writin New York Times and USAToday best selling author Connie Brockway has twice won the Romance Writers of America's Rita award for best historical romance as well as being an eight time finalist. Soon enough she jettisoned the idea of writing serious literature for what she considered and still considers the best gig in the world, writing romance. Enjoyable WWII propaganda made by great cast and slick direction. Ken Hanke. Dennis Schwartz. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Billions: Season 4. Black Mirror: Season 5.

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The Runyonesque plot gets moving when Gloves tries to find out what's holding up his favorite restaurant's daily shipment of cheesecake. Paying a call on the bakery, Gloves stumbles into a Nazi spy ring. Vincent Sherman. Leonard Spigelgass , Edwin Gilbert. Oct 3, Humphrey Bogart as Gloves Donahue.

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Conrad Veidt as Ebbing. Kaaren Verne as Leda Hamilton. Peter Lorre as Pepi. Jane Darwell as Ma Donahue. Frank McHugh as Barney.

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Judith Anderson as Madame. Lauper's version plays over a pivotal scene in the fifth episode and is performed by Chyler Leigh as her character Alex Danvers during a karaoke scene in episode The song was originally written by Jules Shear , and included on his debut solo album, Watch Dog.

Cyndi Lauper does a song 'All Through the Night' that's on a solo record of mine. I just thought, 'No one's really going to hear this. I think they're really good. The only problem is with people who don't know I wrote them. I do them and they think, 'God, he's doing that Cyndi Lauper song,'" Shear said. Before Lauper covered the song, the band The Cars produced an early version of it that was not released. However, she changed her mind, saying that she wanted to sing it like herself. Shear's original version of "All Through the Night" is set in the key of F major , and proceeds at a tempo of approximately 96 beats per minute.

For her cover version, Lauper transposed the key up a minor third to A-flat major , and kept the tempo at the same 96 beats per minute as the original. Jules Shear himself makes a guest appearance on Lauper's version, singing a wordless falsetto melody near the end, as well as the lower harmony in the choruses.

The chorus was unintentionally altered by Lauper from the Shear version when she heard the upper harmony vocal and thought it was the lead vocal. Reception for the song was mostly positive. Don McLeese of the Chicago Sun-Times said that the song was the one that "showed her impressive range to best advantage. I liked that, too.


Petersburg Times did not like the song, saying that it was a "pedestrian filler number" on the album. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic said that the song was a part of the side that he calls the very best of the album. The song was later re-recorded by Lauper, for her album The Body Acoustic , an album in which she recorded acoustic versions of her favorite songs. This version included vocals by Shaggy. It's Shaggy, ducking in and out with his own rapid-fire lyric take, an inspired bit of casting that turns the romantic ballad on its head.

It debuted on the Billboard Hot at number 49, [24] and reached a peak position of five in its 10th week, [25] becoming Lauper's fourth consecutive top five in the U. In Canada, the single peaked at number seven on the RPM singles chart in December , [30] and was certified gold by the Music Canada in January In the United Kingdom, the song did not perform as well as Lauper's previous releases.

It debuted at number 82 on the UK Singles Chart in November , peaking at number 64, staying only six weeks on the chart. Credits adapted from the album liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.