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He meets an Albanian businessman who is a translator and later converses with a hooker only to be intimidated by her boss whom Bryan plants a listening device on the back of his collar. With the translator's help, the trail leads to a makeshift brothel at a construction site. He recognizes Kim's jacket on a girl there and takes her with him, killing several guards including the boss of the hooker he met earlier. Jean-Claude calls for a meeting in an open place and Bryan speaks to him through a radio from the Notre Dame de Paris.

Jean Claude's boss is angry about the mess Bryan has made and wants to send him back to the U.

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S, which Bryan angrily refuses, saying that he will not stop until he finds his daughter. Back at a hotel, the girl recovers and gives Bryan the address where she met Kim. At the site, he bluffs his way in pretending to be a corrupt police officer looking for a bribe. After a short conversation Bryan identifies Marko Hoxha , the man he spoke to on the phone.

He knocks him out and kills all the other criminals. Searching the house, he finds several captives and Amanda, dead of an overdose. Enraged at what he has seen, Bryan then tortures Marko by using a makeshift electric chair in the basement. Although originally spitting in Bryan's face twice Marko then desperately tells him that because Kim is a virgin, she was sold to a man named Patrice Saint-Clair , because virgins are very valuable at the black market. Satisfied that Marko has told him all he knows, Bryan switches the power back on and walks out, leaving Marko to die.

Bryan then turns up unexpectedly to dinner with Jean-Claude and his wife , where he discovers that Jean-Claude knows things that he is not telling him. Bryan then shoots Jean-Claude's wife in the shoulder, and threatens to kill her if Jean-Claude does not tell him where to find Saint-Clair. He disables several guards to get downstairs where he finds a secret slave auction in progress. Kim is the last to be sold. Bryan forces an Arab bidder at gunpoint to buy her, but is immediately caught. When Saint-Clair learns who he is, he orders his men to kill him, but Bryan overcomes his captors and then tortures Saint-Clair into revealing where to find Kim.

Saint-Clair pleads "It wasn't personal", but Bryan angrily replies "It was all personal to me" before killing him. Bryan leaves the mansion, where he spots Kim getting into a car.

She Kidnapped My CHILD.. Where He's TAKEN Will Scare You! (Roblox)

He follows the car and then jumps onto a yacht where Kim has been taken. He dispatches all the henchmen including the Arab bidder.

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Badly injured he then enters a bedroom to find the buyer holding Kim at knife point. The man tries to bargain but Bryan shoots him in the head. Later, Bryan surprises Kim by taking her to see Sheerah for a personal singing lesson. Genre s : Action , Drama , Thriller , Crime.

Rating: Unrated. Runtime: 93 min. See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Buy On. Stream On. Critic Reviews. Premiere - Patrick Parker. Read full review.

Miami Herald - Rene Rodriguez. Taken is nonsense, but it's terrifically entertaining nonsense. Taken--in the hands of director Pierre Morel District B13 , with Neeson in nearly every shot--works like gangbusters. The Frenchies have made the filet mignon of meathead vigilante movies. Los Angeles Times - Kenneth Turan. A brisk and violent action programmer that can't help being unintentionally silly at times. The Hollywood Reporter - Bernard Besserglik. Might do good business at home and abroad among audiences unconcerned with the finer points of characterization or psychological insight.

Neeson's better than this. You can't watch him here without thinking, Geez, every fight-choreography session could have funded "Love, Actually. New York Post - Kyle Smith. A Liam Neeson thriller so lacking in ambition they should have called it "Paycheck. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews.

Michaeli Dec 3, Thought it was excellent! Especially 'i will find you scene'. You're well aware she's taken.

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Taken unknown. Verb; Transitive To go on a murderous rampage to get back a kidnapped friend or loved one. A movie produced in , essentially 5 years too late as Finding Nemo did the same thing in The most notable difference is that this is less child friendly. Also known for the popular quote: "I don't know who you are, but I will find you , and kill you.

Taken is essentially the biggest rip-off of Finding Nemo but it is at least adult friendly. Person 1: My sister and I are going on a trip to Mexico for a weeklong stay!