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Why though? Her parents might be awful people. She might not want a relationship with them.

I Don't Want to Be the "Perfect" Girl (And You Shouldn't Either)

You don't know her story! Just nah. Sorry but it's not up to women to stay level-headed in every single fight and make someone else feel better about getting wound up while they're at it. Not entirely sure where the 'foolish' aspect comes from then unless you're getting blackout and falling asleep on the road together but sure look, we won't delve too much into it. Who cares if someone does something to wrong you? Just forget about it, it's not important girl, don't make scene.

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According to science then, if a woman is all of these things then you should consider keeping her around. Grand so, we'll just push every emotion we've ever felt to the side and become a calm, amiable, non-confrontational android that accepts everything our boyfriends do without question.

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Want to hear from Maura Higgins cousin? Click play for the latest Love Island action.

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Want to hear from Maura Higgins' cousin? The list of the 14 things that make a perfect woman is such a joke. Jade Hayden. Science has told us lots of things over the years. One thing that science has also apparently told us is what makes the perfect woman.

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Specifically, 14 things. This is them, apparently. Hate people hugging you? The film is shot in real time. The hour that the couple spends together is handed down to us verbatim.

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  8. This gives the proceedings a real raciness, a motivational push beyond what other boy-meets-girl films have to offer. Renuka Vyavhare of Times of India gave it 2. She says "However, what begins as an interesting tale on serendipity and conversation romance on the lines of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset , gets too philosophical to digest after a while.

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    You wonder why two youngsters in their mid 20s harp on things like reincarnation and childhood trauma. This is where the drama loses grip and ends up becoming a conventional love story. Critic Shaiju Mathew gave a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

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    He lauded the performances of the lead actors. Tara is cute, bubbly and loveable. She gets into her character effortlessly and makes the character of Vedhika her own. The chemistry between the lead pair is quite electrifying and you want to see more of them together onscreen.

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