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In VR, your environment may seem to change, but your mind remains your own. Compared to other means of storytelling, it thus affords much less access to the inner lives of strangers. Only a profound, even dangerous misconception of empathy could produce the claim that VR is uniquely suited to fostering it.


Amid the treacle, we are encouraged to forget our differences, and in so doing forget that true empathy involves exactly the work it takes to understand across those very real differences. They were crying. It is little more than an index of emotional arousal, a reflexive concern for an endangered body. Real empathy is also the labor of comprehension: mind-work, not gut-work alone.

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And it takes time. We must be trained for it. Works of narrative art have been a key locus of that training since the first stories were told. Among other things, our hyped sense that VR can provide some sort of 5G empathy download is evidence of a profound and perilous failure of confidence in the work of storytelling.

Not a character you encounter, but one you try on, like a skin. In a second TED talk, Milk playfully hypothesizes that storytelling began with cavemen relaying the tale of a hunt. After all, in video games, the creative challenge posed by a user and character sharing a body often requires game designers to leave underdeveloped the ostensible main character, precisely to accommodate the variety of user personalities. But Milk is onto something when he describes the technology this way. Despite the way VR has been discussed i. It has its own set of storytelling powers.

VR can depict a series of events with immersive realism and render settings with astounding vividness. This is an awesome power, and some of the more interesting early passes at narrative VR have used setting imaginatively to lure viewers into engaging, alternative story-worlds. There is any difference? You could say the same about "I know what you mean", which is usually taken to imply agreement, even though that's not its literal meaning.

I feel you

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I completely agree with your interpretation, but as to the best translation I'd suggest "I empathise". Featured on Meta.

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