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Originally posted by nbst :. Well I have left the area for a few hours and it has not changed - it's stuck at 3.

What makes it all weird is that it jumped from 0 to 3. The game has not told me anything about it. Had it told me then I would have kept progressing on the main quest to get rid of it.

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But this is by far the least effective way of removing the bounty. A quick fix is to just pay the ransom yourself.

This is done by going to the world map and paying the bounty by holding the button assigned to your current bounty amount. Should it ever get to five mercenaries hunting you down, the bounty cost may just be out of reach. In those instances, I recommend just killing the sponsor who put the hit out on you.

Bounty hunter system broken!!

This will be shown on the map, usually in a fort relatively close to where you first picked up the bounty. You can always go over and kill them. The only other thing of note is that there is the potential for more than one bounty to be on your head for multiple infractions, so you may need to take out multiple targets. Tagged with feature , guides , Ubisoft , Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

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Bounty Hunters

More by me. Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide: general tips, exploring Ancient Greece, gameplay modes,. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka: all the clue solutions, the best engravings. Top Voted Answer. The only way you can kill them is either with pistols or ropedarts, the easiest I found was pistols because ropedarts are slow and the other bounty hunter hits you by the time you're able to strike him on the ground.

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I was able to take on 4 bounty hunters by waiting for one to draw his pistol, use one as cover, and shoot the other 2 before finishing the 4th with a ropedart. User Info: Yinping. I mangaged to survive with the hunters in melee for a moment before is ran around reloading and firing at them,pistols and stealth kills very hard to do on bounty hunters are quite good for me User Info: Richard You can also smoke bomb them, they are also bad shooters so if you got them in surrounding , a shooter will attempt to shoot you and then shot his friend in the head.

You can also let them grab you from the back then counter him and flip him over then stomp him.

Bounty Hunting

The last method is to let them grab you from behind , while having a shooter aiming at you with a clear view and then counter him letting him to get shot by his accomplice. User Info: GamerBoyabc. From my experience to face with bounty hunter. You can kill them by use ranged weapons but smoke grenade are useless such as throwing knife,pistol User Info: monkeymanky.