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An incredibly soft sugar cookie with a sweet and colorful frosting creates a mouth-watering combination that will keep you coming back for more. These bakery fresh treats are offered in many colorful varieties and seasonal flavors. Frostings include traditional colors appropriate for any occasion, as well as, bakery-inspired flavor combinations, like our Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, or our delicious Cinnamon Roll.

A childhood favorite made with oatmeal, peanut butter and fudge. These decadent and tasty sweets are available in Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Fudge varieties and appeal to every generation. Look for special editions of Lofthouse Cookies at your favorite in-store bakery all year round.

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Bring pumpkins to your Halloween parties and gingerbread boys to your Holiday dinners. Heart cookies can make a perfect gift for your Valentine or iced blue stars can ignite your July 4 th gatherings. Available for all seasonal events from our Summer Flavor Fest to your favorite tailgate, Lofthouse makes every day festive all year long. Whether it's a school spookfest, an in-house haunting, or a Halloween handout Lofthouse has a whole line of autumn cookies that will enhance your harvest season festivities.

For great Halloween ideas sweetened with Lofthouse cookies visit our Facebook and Pinterest pages. With spring blooming all over, you want to celebrate every chance you can. Besides sweetening the Easter basket the Lofthouse spring cookie offerings can brighten all the events you are planning for welcoming May flowers. Whether it's a tasty treat while making homemade valentines, sweets for your sweetheart or a delectable dessert after a romantic dinner, Lofthouse cookies can add tender loving care to all your Valentine's activities.

For more great cookie ideas that help deliver Cupid's arrow visit our Pinterest page. Brighten the flavor of your summer outings with the shine of Lofthouse Cookies. They can be a snack at the beach, an energy boost during a hike or a picnic treat. Whatever your outdoor endeavors entail bring along some Lofthouse Cookies and make the summer months even more festive.

Tell us how you would include Lofthouse in your summer outings on our Facebook page. Up the snack factor at your gatherings where food is not the focus by serving the fresh baked goodness of Lofthouse Cookies.

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Our Pinterest page is full of snack ideas you can include in your next meeting. Lofthouse Cookies are a festive way to say job well done.

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From shoveling the drive to defrosting the car, they're the perfect compliment to a mug of hot chocolate. Cold weather chores are just the beginning. Make every job festive with a Lofthouse cookie treat. Tell us how Lofthouse Cookies inspire a work ethic in your home on our Facebook page. Give your super student a Lofthouse treat to inspire good grades clear through graduation.

Lofthouse Cookies are always a sweet option for celebrating all of life's major accomplishments from kindergarten to college.

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  • A sugar cookie helps the medicine go down. Life's little hardships can be made better with a Lofthouse cookie. Whether it's after a shot at the doctor or sweet relief for a skinned knee, Lofthouse Cookies are a special treat that tell your kids you know some things are harder than others. Let us know how a Lofthouse cookie dried some tears in your house on our Facebook page. Add traditional flavor to your Holiday cookie exchanges, dinners and office parties with a plate of Lofthouse Cookies. Our wide variety of Holiday cookie offerings are brimming with good cheer. Our Pinterest page is full of wonderful ideas for serving Lofthouse Cookies throughout the joyous season.

    Score big with Lofthouse Cookies as the topper to those tailgate feasts. The flavor doesn't have to just sit on the tailgate. Lofthouse Cookies can be a great snack when you're gathered around the TV enjoying your favorite teams in all sports. Go beyond chips and make your sports feasts festive with Lofthouse. Celebrate in style with the Lofthouse birthday cake frosted sugar cookie.

    This colorful cake-infused dessert is the perfect ending to any birthday party or celebration. Add a little extra flare to your table with this fun birthday treat. Add some flair to your 4th of July celebrations with Lofthouse's Patriotic variety sugar cookies. The perfect accent to any backyard barbeque, these delicious treats will keep the festivities going strong from dinnertime and dessert right through the firework show. Discover mouthwatering 4th of July inspired recipes and party decor ideas on our Pinterest page. Surprise your little athlete with a sweet post-game treat from Lofthouse Cookies.

    Always super soft and chewy, these yummy cookies will put a smile on your child's face whether they win or lose. Tell us how Lofthouse Cookies are incorporated into your family's game day celebrations on our Facebook page. Sweeten up the start of the school year with a tasty Lofthouse frosted sugar cookie. Whether it's your child's first day of kindergarten or fourth year of high school, no student can resist the soft and fluffy yumminess of Lofthouse Cookies.

    Feast your eyes and taste buds on Lofthouse Cake Bites. Please understand that when ordering Custom Design Cakes items have to be purchased and made of your event. Frankly Frosted will charge a Deposit to secure your Custom Design e. Invoices for Cakes will require a deposit 24 to 48 hours prior to booking. Frankly Frosted obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation issues, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, acts of God, illness, or other causes beyond Frankly Frosted control that make it impossible or impractical for Frankly Frosted to perform.

    Should you choose to have your cake or desserts setup outdoors, Frankly Frosted is NOT responsible for what happens be it weather, insect, or animal. Email all questions and orders to: franklyfrosted gmail. National Shipping is available for Our Cookie Packages only!

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    Please allow business days before your order is shipped from our bakeshop, when shipped it will be to you in days. We do not ship to p. We highly recommend someone be present to accept the order at time of delivery! Frankly Frosted will not be responsible for weather conditions and the mishandling of our products by the courier.

    We will not be responsible for invalid addresses by the buyer so please double check the address before confirming your order. We highly recommend purchasing our cold pack during the hotter months to help prevent melting. Climate is more than just temperature and precipitation. MeteoSwiss makes available a broad spectrum of climate indicators that describe the climate, such as hot days and frost days, and serve to illustrate how the climate is changing.

    They help professionals and planners to make sense of climate change, and to take it into account in the context of decision-making and practice. Climate indicators are parameters that are derived from meteorological measurement data, such as temperature and precipitation.

    Each one focusses on a specific aspect of climate such as heat waves, frost or drought. Climate indicators thus portray the current climate in a very clear and easily understood way. Furthermore, historic and future developments of the climate can be analysed in such a way that is suited to the user's individual needs. Answers can thus be provided to questions which have relevance to the "real world" - such as "Are we having more hot days now than we did 50 years ago?

    The number of such hot days in Switzerland has been rising continuously over the past few decades, as illustrated in the example of the Lucerne station, where the number of hot days has been rising year on year. Whereas there were a maximum of 10 hot days per year up until the beginning of the s in Lucerne, over the past 15 years, this figure has risen considerably, reaching more than 25 days in certain years.

    In Lucerne, there has not been a single year without a hot day since There are many of us who are happy to have higher temperatures and a chance to swim in the lakes. Others suffer in the heat, however, and those who are sick or elderly are particularly affected by hot weather. Changing heat event patterns are regarded as important by the building and civil engineering industries, where steps are being taken to develop and implement solutions for achieving comfortable living and working environments e.

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    The number of frost days across Switzerland as a whole is steadily decreasing. Data on frost days are useful in fields such as the winter sports industry, in which providers are able to utilize the information on the changes in frost-day occurrences for their seasonal planning and future investment decisions. Dryness occurs when there is no precipitation for an extended period of time. In combination with high temperatures, dryness in summer leads to drought, which can have a negative impact on agriculture, for example.

    Frosted Patterns: Decorative Films, LLC.

    Dry winters lack the snow and rain needed to fill the reservoirs for spring and summer, as well as presenting a challenge for snow sports. There are various indicators for dryness, one of the simplest being the number of consecutive days without precipitation. Taking the examples of the Geneva, Basel, Locarno and St. Gallen stations, the graph shows that the dry period patterns in different locations across Switzerland have developed in different ways.

    In some areas, such as Geneva and Locarno, the dry periods have become longer, whereas in Basel, the exact opposite is the case. In St.