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John 5 has teamed up with Guitar World and Guitar Player , who will both be releasing the video exclusively on their sites, and it will be available at john The song Making Monsters will also be available to download wherever you can purchase digital music.

Our friends at Fender. The video will be available at john The song is a reworking of the track which originally appeared on the John 5 solo album Songs For Sanity. This version has been a favorite on recent John 5 and The Creatures tours. The video itself has been directed by Lord Zane. Speaking to Fender.

Rob Zombie Guitarist John 5 Releases 'Behind The Nut Love' Video -

I loved the sound of it. This is my tribute to that instrument. And I just started messing around. It had a great guitar riff and felt like the guitar was doing the singing at times. Joe Satriani is my favorite guitarist, so that made this song work great for me. Like a said, great song title. The song meanders along and feels out of place.

The song starts off with some screaming and old style TV horror sounds and music. It is really great. His speed is amazing and this song keeps keeps screaming on and never slows down.

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The only problem with this is the name Dr. Ever since the Austin Powers movies, Dr. This song changes things up constantly and all three members of the band shine.

John 5 (guitarist)

The song feels all over the place, but it is also what makes it work. The one guitar riff that keeps popping up is what holds it all together. A nice and short piece. What you get is a basically a concert solo where John 5 shows off and gives you every trick in the book. Sit back and listen with amazement of the talent he is. It is quite beautiful and very simple. A nice touch to the album. The best song on the album has been saved for last. The song is creepy with the opening bass lines and the guitar riff is heavy and killer. The song is a complete rocker and now one of my favorite John 5 songs ever.

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A perfect way to end and keep you wanting more. The album is already one of my favorites for the year. I can never get enough of John 5 so it was nice to have some new music in between Rob Zombie albums. This is a must have for any rock fan and especially a John 5 fan.

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He was so great with MM. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. Man, can he play guitar!

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Nice review John,. He was part of the reason I listened to those acts to begin with. Until having my blog, which has helped me be more open minded about music and artists who push boundaries, I was repulsed by artists like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. But then, I even rolled my eyes when Lady Gaga wore the meat dress. Videos of him playing show why.

I have so much catching up to do! Like Like.

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