Am I My Sisters Keeper?: Bible Studies for Women

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In Genesis , we see an interaction between the Lord and Cain.

Am I my Sister’s Keeper?

As I prepared and I read the words of Cain, the words echoed through my soul as if I had never heard them before. There are many questions we can cling to out of sheer judgment of Cain. But this time instead of judging him, I sat in his words. Did he really wonder if he should keep his brother? Of course not.


Instead we see the response of a hard-hearted murderer. His heart is so hard that he does not care what God thinks, though he should. Cain is bold in his asking of a question to the only One who has the right to question Cain. In the same breath, we can see the persistence of the Lord. He had come to Cai n in verse 7 to give him warning and, even after he sinned, we see him again coming to Cain. But i nstead of responding when the Lord came to him and invited him into communicatio n , Cain not only avoids answering the question , but he also avoids the God who had given him life.

His words exposed his heart and his sinful deed. He had already given into the temptation , the temptation that the Lord had warned him of just a few verses earlier. Cain sinned in allowing hatred to breed in his heart, and as a result, he killed his brother. When we read this story, we often ponder how evil Cain must have been. We arrogantly sit back, astonished that someone could hate someone so much that it would lead to murder. We believe that this has to be the action of someone that we cannot even begin to fathom the lack of humanity in their hearts.

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Am I My Sister's Keeper? | CT Women | Christianity Today

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