Across the Taiwan Strait: Mainland China, Taiwan and the 1995-1996 Crisis

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Tony Tai-Ting Liu. Evolving peace in the Taiwan Strait Tony Tai-Ting Liu Introduction Since the separation of China and Taiwan in , the Taiwan Strait has become a geopolitical hotspot characterized by complicated historical, political, economic, and ethnic tensions. Active peace refers to the performance of actions towards the creation of peace while passive peace refers to the natural generation of a non-violent situation due to no particular actions.

This chapter will advance the following arguments.

First, it will demonstrate why marked a critical year for the establishment of negative peace in the Taiwan Strait, paying particular attention to how strategic calculations pushed Cross-strait relations towards restraint and promoted economic development. Second, it will demonstrate how the relationship between China and Taiwan took a proactive turn in when Taipei lifted marshal law and relaxed its travel ban against China.

For all of these successes, the growth of a separate Taiwanese identity during the s has raised the question of whether peace is merely a convenient rhetoric in Cross-strait relations. The shift towards negative peace in the Taiwan Strait Traces of a developing negative peace in the Taiwan Strait, to some extent, might have emerged as early as the s.

Many believed that it was simply a matter of time before Taiwan, the orphan of Asia, would reunite with China.

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Applying the theories of peace studies to China—Taiwan relations since the establishments of the PRC and ROC in , one can reasonably argue that negative peace characterized Cross-strait relations over the past seven decades. A review of the passive peace between China and Taiwan reveals that major shifts in international relations and the US commitment to the Taiwan Relations Act TRA played key roles in upholding the peace in the Taiwan Strait.

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US presence in the region served as an effective check against an ever strengthening China that increasingly titled international relations in its favor. While seemed to be a decisive year concerning the future of Taiwan, counter- intuitively, developments leading up to the normalization of relations between the US and China might have pushed Cross-strait relations towards an unexpected direction.

On the other hand, the TRA also played a role in generating the negative peace between China and Taiwan. Noting the fact that China has never openly rejected the use of force in solving the issue of Taiwan, the TRA keeps any potential aggression by China effectively at bay.

Meanwhile, China also enacted economic reform and development. Rapprochement gained momentum and the negative peace between China and Taiwan quickly became active. The consensus served as the corner stone for future discussions between China and Taiwan.

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Among the agreements, three areas of cooperation are particularly worth noting. Table Even if China had not renounced the use of force against Taiwan, the increased exchange and cooperation in the Taiwan Strait from to probably reduced the chances of military confrontation taking place. By focusing on functional cooperation and postponing political negotiations, China and Taiwan effectively established a cordial atmosphere for future talks founded on the basis that neither government would unilaterally alter relations across the Strait by resorting to the use of force or making political statements that change the status quo.

On the other hand, from to , Taiwan was invited by the World Health Assembly WHA to attend the annual conference under observer status. Such development is a major step towards the creation of peace in the Taiwan Strait as both China and Taiwan will be able to com- municate and interact directly in the same institution, an act that is critical for continued progress in reducing tensions in the region.

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On the one hand, the economic growth that took place in China after turned it into a regional power well positioned to contend for global leadership in the new century. Besides severely damaging the developing peace in the Taiwan Strait, the — Taiwan Strait crisis generated widespread concern and distrust across the world on the rise of China and its future ambitions. The contrast between the two images of China has since become the crux of the debate over the future of China. In Taiwan, the — crisis became a watershed for more than a decade-long turn towards estrangement and intense competition with China.

Across the Taiwan Strait

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