Why Are We Here?

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Melody: And so what I always say is go find something that resonates with you. And so, what I have discovered, and this resonates with me and it makes sense and it makes sense of the world. Melody: The way that I see it is I like to use the analogy of the video game. That this is really like a virtual reality video game and our human cells are like our little video game characters or avatars.

The Dragon in the Game

You can just respawn and the player is absolutely fine. And so when you go into a video game, nobody wants their video game character to just sit there and do nothing and just walk in place. Melody: So we want to have adventures, and we want to go on quests, and we even want to have monsters to fight with. Melody: Yeah! We want the dragon, we want the monster, because we know we can beat them.

We know we can beat them. Melody: We are not here… This is not a school.

This is not some place where we have to prove ourselves in order to move on. Melody: Because what greater challenge for a master than to forget their mastery? And we are masters. Every single one of us. Maybe has forgotten it, but is a master. And now, at this this point in time…. Is that kind of the point of the game, to get to the point where you remember? Melody: Yeah. There are a lot more levels to discover.

There are many, many, many, many, many more levels to this. But there was a fire behind him and he could see shadows on the wall. That would be his entire experience of existence and he would consider that reality. And then it sort of kept going: what if he gets out of this cave and suddenly finds himself climbing up through a tunnel into this land of brilliant light? Melody: Oh my god my world has just changed. Everything is different than I thought it was. I am not who I thought I was. But imagine that individual ventures further into that world.

And then maybe discover something like a mirror. That would completely blow his mind again. Then maybe comes across a car.

Why the f**k are we here? Understanding the meaning of life… - Olivier Bessaignet

Maybe it comes across a city. Melody: It would be again, blowing his mind. Again, completely shattering who he thought he was and what the world. Nathalie: About a year ago there was. But about a year ago there was an international group of scientists that came up….

Why are we here?

They did some study in microwave background radiation, cosmic microwave background radiation, and they looked at data. They found a whole lot of data sort of hidden in that, just with what new technology was giving them the ability to do. It was as powerful an explanation of the beginning of the universe as the cosmic inflation theory. It kind of falls apart. But, the theory says that everything that we experience, everything around us our whole lives, everything we see and feel and touch, could be that we — sorry, that we experience as three dimensional — may be a holographic projection on a two dimensional surface.

So, like those things on a credit card, the little holographic stickers on a credit card.

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That would be our understanding of it. But that is, to me, that is not how it works. But it is a hologram. It is not a hologram. It is about as close of an explanation as we can get to at the moment, seeing it as a hologram. Melody: From within us.

And it hits several other elements, mirrors and yada, yada. Am I creating it or are you creating it? Melody: Yours. So, my experience of you is my holograph. But can I really, really prove it? Because if I understand that all…. We know this. Neurologists know this, yeah? And then you actually have people who have a couple of wires crossed who hear pictures and smell sound.

Melody: Exactly. Our brain translates energy into something that we can comprehend. Nathalie: Let me ask you another question then, because my son asked me this, he came home after school on Friday and he surprised me. So I had to think about that because we know, experience tells us, science tells us that when there are traumatic brain injuries it can completely change the person. And fortunately he got distracted by something at the time but I had to think about an answer to that.

But to try and explain it to other people, especially to a child…. Melody: Well, let me give you an analogy that that your son should very easily understand. So a little bit of a sci-fi analogy. Consider that you have a universal translator.

Why the f**k are we here? Understanding the meaning of life…

He should know what a universal translator is, right? My children are still quite young. Melody: Ok. Within you is that possibility. But what if you choose to live from fear? Then what? And when you become aware that you are in control of everything that is happening to you right here, right now. Then everything will change. Everything will shift for you as you begin to change and allow the Truth of who you are to emerge.

It is always about who you are Being in the world. It is so important to know this. This changes everything you do. And the more you realize that greatness is you, then you will have the power to create. The power to see what you search all over for, and yet it lives in you right now. How It All Began It started with me having a thought, and then my thought was corrected.

​What is the Purpose of My Birth?​ - Sadhguru

Every thought that did not serve was automatically corrected to Truth. I knew it was God transforming my mind. I then began to ask questions and received Love and Wisdom through His Words. What I can access, is available to All. With God all things are possible. This is not about me, it is what is possible through Him. Follow Maria on twitter: www. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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