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It's full of seating nooks facing outward to the sea. Another innovative new feature of Edge is Magic Carpet, a ton platform the size of a tennis court that is cantilevered over the ship's starboard side.

Barge Cruising

Painted tangerine, it moves up and down the side of the vessel serving functions that range from a lounge to a restaurant to a tender-boarding platform. When used as a lounge or restaurant, it offers stunning views out to sea and back to the main part of the vessel. At the top of the ship, another unusual new space, the plant-filled Rooftop Garden, offers passengers a garden-like outdoor venue to watch movies under the stars.

Follow RT on. They will be edgy if they get too close Media News.

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Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

First Senate bill of aims to protect Israel from boycott, report reveals. Malaysian king abdicates throne weeks after marrying Russian beauty queen. Saudi woman barricades herself in Thai hotel fearing relatives will kill her at home. RT News App.

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NASA's Voyager 2 probe may be close to joining its sibling and entering interstellar space. The vessel has been detecting a five percent increase in cosmic rays since late August, suggesting that it's close to crossing the heliopause the edge of the solar wind bubble, aka the heliosphere and entering the interstellar realm. Voyager 1 saw similar increases in May , so its fellow spacecraft may be in for a repeat.

a personal voyage, over the edge of a flat earth. -Preface

The mission team warned that Voyager 2 is both in a different location and on a different trajectory, so it won't necessarily exit on a similar time frame. The boundaries of the heliosphere itself change over the course of the Sun's year cycle, for that matter. While something unusual is clearly afoot, it could take months longer to kiss the Sun goodbye.

Bravah Diva Brasil - Voyage to the Edge of the World