The Illusion Of Reality

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Are you sure that you both focused on the same details and constructed the same image of it in your minds? Do you know that the one tree becomes a million trees in the minds of a million people who watch it? The one world becomes as many in as many minds as there are people on earth. You, the one person, become many in the minds of all the people you know. Each of them may perceive you differently and understand you differently. The non-dualistic school of Vedanta Advaita stretches this analogy all the way back to Brahman, the Universal Self, and regards Him as the one, ultimate, true, and only source of all projections, reflections, and illusions that manifest in existence.

At individual level, each of us is a creator. Each person, like Brahman, becomes many in different inner worlds of different people. Such diversity results in multiple realities concerning each of us which are difficult to resolve into an integral and harmonious whole. This is the illusion of existence in an ever-changing world, which we often cling to as real with unhappy consequences.

In all the images and appearances in which you create yourself in numerous minds, it is difficult to discover the real you. In your own mind, you experience different moods, emotions, and states of consciousness, and in each of them, you outwardly become a different person, which makes it rationally difficult for anyone who knows you to establish your true identity. Yet, we somehow believe that we can judge people and things, and draw rational conclusions about them.

Such illusions and differences in perception arise because of the way the mind works. Our minds make us blind to our own faults and to certain truths of our existence to create the illusion of security and continuity. Stella name changed is a script editor in a publishing company. Her duty is to edit the books her boss short lists for publishing and ensure that the manuscripts are thoroughly checked for all possible spelling and grammatical mistakes before they are passed on to others in the line.

Stella says that she had gone through hundreds of manuscripts, and her observation is that self-publishers will have a hard time editing their own works, because their minds blind them to their own faults. According to her, even if you carefully go through your manuscript several times, you will most likely miss to notice some obvious errors. Behavioral scientists are aware of this shortcoming of the human mind. They know that your mind does not let you see everything clearly even if you pay enough attention. It fills in the blanks and makes up many things to give you the illusion of reality that would strengthen your beliefs, thinking and attitude.

Your mind builds many illusions and keeps reinforcing them to save you time and effort.

Is Reality Just an Illusion?

They help you manage simple and routine tasks and provide you with quick solutions to the challenges that you face in a complex world. It is why changing the perceptions of people, their choices, preferences, beliefs, and behavior is so difficult. How can you change people when they feel secure and comfortable with their mental constructs that may not necessarily correspond to the reality outside?

There are two aspects to any reality that you experience. One is objective reality that comes from outside through your senses, and the other is a subjective reality that arises in you as its reflection in your consciousness. In between the two is your mind, like a lens with its own impurities and parallax error. Your subjective reality is the distilled reality. It is a construct of your mind, which does not fully correspond to the reality outside. It is a distorted version of the objective reality, distorted to the extent you are distracted by the modifications of your mind.

This is a problem with which seers and philosophers have grappled since ancient times. They noticed that the reality of things became distorted in the human mind to the extent the mind was drawn into external world and was attached to the things or repelled by them. The distractions and modifications of the mind that were caused by external and internal factors put people under a kind of spell and prevented them from seeing the truths of their existence and their essential nature.

In extreme cases, when the difference between objective and subjective realities became too distant, people became delusional and mentally abnormal. We know that under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and intoxicants, people tend to become temporarily delusional and lose touch with the reality. Sometimes the gap between the two can grow wider and result in hallucinations and abnormal behavior.

In ancient times when people completely lost touch with outside reality and acted as if they were different people, they were considered to be possessed by good or bad spirits. The problem of understanding reality also gripped the minds of several European scholars such as Kant, and Schopenhauer. Kant argued that the objective reality that humans experienced was an illusion because the human mind used its known models and molds to make sense of it.

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Schopenhauer accepted the argument of Kent, but believed that even though the mind was subject to illusion, things were still knowable through direct experience, internal perception, or intuition. Schopenhauer read the Upanishads and was aware of the Vedanta philosophy. It is possible that he arrived at his conclusions based upon his study of them. The Yoga Sutras 4.

It exists whether you perceive it or not. Otherwise, what will happen to the objects that no one perceives? Things are perceptible to the senses from direct experience, but they are truly knowable only when the mind is still and free from modifications, and the seer is in complete harmony with them. It is true that the mind stands between you and the reality.

For example, the way you perceive reality is very different from the way a dog perceives it. Dogs have infrared vision and can listen from far to subtle sounds, whereas human do not have those abilities. On the other hand, humans can see millions of colors, which dogs cannot see.

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Therefore, the world which the dogs perceive is very dissimilar to the ones that humans perceive. Such differences exist not only between species but also with in each species and groups of individuals. Some are keen observers, some are good listeners, and some are good in grasping others' feelings and empathizing with them. Such abilities may also change and evolve with time as civilization progresses.

For example, the world which we perceive today is very dissimilar to the world our ancestors perceived because we have a different understanding of the things now. What this means is that if the human brain evolves in future or develops newer abilities and senses, it may probably see the world in an entirely different light. In this sense, the world is a Maya, or an illusion. Your perception of the world may not be the same as that of your friend. You may both live in the same city. You may like it, but your friend may not. Such differences in preferences and perceptions arise because the human mind, acts like a sieve.

It filters your perceptions according to your knowledge, likes and dislikes, habits, and beliefs. Therefore, truly, your reality is an illusion of your mind. It is your mental construct, which you use to add meaning and structure to your life and identity. Thus, the illusion of reality becomes the reality in the human mind, while the reality that originally induced it remains completely or mostly unknown. The seers of Hinduism speculated about the nature of reality and human consciousness, and identified several factors that interfered with our ability to perceive truth.

They called them impurities malas or obstacles to knowledge and freedom, since they fettered the mind with attachments pasas and led to the delusion maya of mistaking the untrue for true, and truth for falsehood. According to the scriptures of Hinduism, the following factors are largely responsible for the distortions in our perception and comprehension. Modes of nature gunas , namely sattva, rajas and tamas, which induced people to act righteously, selfishly, and egoistically. Attraction raga and aversion dvesha to the pairs of opposites dvanda such as heat and cold, or pain and pleasure.

Egoism anava which strengthens our individuality and makes each individual perceive the world and others as distinct and separate from himself. Lack of knowledge avidya , or ignorance, which prevents one from seeing the truth that is hidden in things. All schools of Hinduism recognize delusion as the natural state of mind. Human beings are endowed with intelligence buddhi and the power of discernment vivekam , but they are enveloped by the darkness of several imperfections and weaknesses.

They increase to the extent you are drawn outwardly, and become involved with the world. If you want to see the reality as it is, you must mentally withdraw from the field of observation and become a passive observer. Your mind has to become still and utterly clam, without any modifications, as you become indifferent to the events that happen around you, so that you can see the world without distortions and distractions.

A person who develops such a unified and undisturbed vision is called a seer rishi. One with nature and all beings in the multiverse. Our separation is an illusion!

Reality is An Illusion, and the Truth is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Covival

Your fear is an illusion! The higher self cannot feel afraid. It is whole and knows it. Anything lesser cannot exist in the face of that simple truth. You remember the vivid dreams you had at night as a human.

Illusions and the Mind’s Reality

You thought those dreams were fantasy, but now you see how those dimensions you visited were much more real than your waking reality. The soul never sleeps. While your body rests, your soul travels to other dimensions, planets, and realms. You remember bits and pieces, and only the memories your human mind can handle. If only you knew all the work your soul does for the planet, humanity, and our universe! Your influence is enormous.

Both in sleep and awake, you never stop spreading your light. You walk through a crowd, and the vibration of your energy activates people. You can heal yourself with your mind. You can age gracefully with a glow of youthfulness. You can even energize your food, water, and air so the chemicals and toxins flow out of your body.

You are beacons of light with ancient knowledge and supernatural powers buried within your subconscious and dormant DNA.

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If only you knew. The ripple effect goes so much further than you can imagine. And if you could count your experiences over all lifetimes, all of your creations — it will shock and move you to tears. For there is no real death. You are eternal, and in the death of your physical body, you awaken to another world that feels more real than your human life.

You will see your loved ones again. As souls, you have agreed to come together in this lifetime and many others, time and time again. Sometimes, you might ask a dear soul friend to help teach you a lesson on earth. Of course, at birth you both forget this agreement and carry out your reality-illusion. You create your reality with your mind. You can create anything that you need and desire. Your greatest dreams are all within reach. You are energy. Everything is energy, vibrating at its unique frequency. Manifestation is simply a matter of matching the vibration of where you want to go and removing any resistance that stands in the way.

Scarcity and fear are human constructs.

Once you collectively agree, and once everyone can manifest everything they need, there will be no need for money. At least in the transition, you can create a more fair currency system. Start seeing money as simply another form of energy to exchange time or value. And give and receive it from a place of gratitude and love. There are many systems and beliefs that restrict you today. Look at them closely. You have chosen this job, this way comparing yourself to others, these fears about the future, these milestones you need to feel fulfilled.

Imagine a world where we create new agreements based on the remembrance of who we truly are. We are eternal, we are abundant, and nothing can take away from our wholeness. It takes a global awakening. Old paradigms are overturning, and systems that have been in place for hundreds of years are starting to collapse.

The best optical illusions to confuse your mind

The illusions begin to crumble as we shine your light in truth. Remove the doubt, release the resistance and the fear. Start expecting that you can, and you will. It takes a rewiring of the mind and heart. Something beautiful is happening. People are grasping this concept, remembering who they truly are. They are shifting their consciousness from separation and selfishness to love for others and unity. Conscious light from the center of the galaxy will be bathing the solar system with ever-increasing intensity.

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And with this light, corruption, greed, and selfishness will collapse upon themselves, consuming everything they touch. People are awakening rapidly. Our thoughts are becoming more positive, and it becomes harder to stay stuck in the fear-based reality.