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How can a newly widowed father balance fighting evil with raising his children? Is fatherhood a distant second to his obsessive hunt? Not sure what I'm doing up here, Mary.

Supernatural: Origins

Just felt like I had to come. Elton Ridge - it's where you told me you'd marry me.

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Long time ago. But now Guess I can't blame 'em. I wouldn't even give you a funeral. How can you shake the hands of family and friends, catching sorrow in their eyes as you bury a secret a little deeper in your gut? How do you stand alongside a man of god who's reading from the Bible and talking about Heaven and peace on Earth? The boys Like he's got something terrible inside. And Dean Jump to: navigation , search.

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Origins 2 - John's Journal. Category : Comics. Personal tools Log in. Via DC Comics. Click to enlarge. Text reads from upper right down: Not sure what I'm doing up here, Mary. But how can you have a funeral when you've seen what I've seen?

You weren't in peace, Mary. That much I know. But what of his two young sons, Dean and Sam? How can a newly widowed father balance fighting evil with raising his children? Is fatherhood a distant second to his obsessive hunt? On sale May 2? John Winchester's investigation into his wife's horrifying murder plunges him deeper into the world of the supernatural. On the trail of the monstrous killer, John heads west with his children in tow, seeking aid in his quest and some answers As he takes the first step on this harrowing journey, he must make a difficult and gut-wrenching decision in regards to his children.

But is John ready for what the priest has to show him? Could he at last be reunited with Mary? It's at the mysterious Fore Inn where he'll confront his wife's killer - but could he possibly be prepared for what he'll find and what secrets are revealed. John Winchester faces his greatest test as he learns the hard way that in the world of the supernatural, not all is as it seems!

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Betrayed and cornered, John must apply everything he's learned if he wants to survive and see his children again! Dollar Bin Codeword.

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Supernatural Origins 1. Published Jul by DC. Issue 2. Supernatural Origins 2. Published Aug by DC.