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But that last drink, Has made you blind, You need the bar, But it's hard to find. There's a brand new game, You want to try, You line them up, And it's the first to die. You think you've won, But it's time to leave, And back to your's, For a cup of tea.

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When you find your keys, And you all fall in, You spend an hour, In search of skins. When all seems lost, And it's looking grim, You find the bottle, Of Christmas gin.

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The rest is blank, And that's the worst, An empty head, For an empty purse. You had a laugh, So you think, But in the morning, You just stink. So you fancy a drink, Just the one, To clear your head, We won't be long.


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You gotta check out. Stevie meets a knockout in a red dress. Her name is Shannon. You should take control … I feel like my role here is to tell you what a catch you are … You should know your own worth.

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At the end of dinner they go dutch and their separate ways. Bonnie muses on her experience.

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As the evening wears on, you can see him warming as much to her easygoing nature as to her red dress. Until they actually meet and matters take a sharp right turn, then a hard left, then a U and then — well, the upshot is: they love each other to bits. She is delighted and he is, too.

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  7. I feel like a new man. Possibly because the human heart contains multitudes, all madder than the last, but the overwhelming sensation you are left with is the artificiality of it all. So much has evidently been lost in the edit — particularly in the final section — that the shaping or in this case very poorly shaping hand becomes ridiculously apparent.