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Officially, the Steven's Point Police Department has no record of such an accident, but that hasn't stopped the ghost of a woman in a bloody wedding dress from making occasional appearances.

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She can allegedly be seen standing on the bridge, but loves to appear in the backseat of cars, to be seen only by the driver in the rearview mirror. Land 'O Lakes The Lamont Mansion, aka Summerwind, was built in as a summer home, but it was believed to be haunted right from the start; the original owner fired two shots at what he thought was an intruder, but there turned out to be nothing there.

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The house changed hands a few times before a family in the '70s reported experiencing all kinds of paranormal activity, from objects moving by themselves to unexplained whispers. In , the mansion burned down -- the official story is that lightning hit it, but some claim that the town intentionally burned it down because it was constantly being vandalized by ghost hunters and local kids.

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The destroyed mansion still remains to this day, and visitors still report floating orbs, mists that move, and the feeling of an unseen presence. Marshfield The paranormal activity at the Wood County Insane Asylum is strong enough that it's still occurring to this day, even after most of the buildings have been destroyed. The Marshfield Scrap Company now occupies the land the asylum was built on and documents the history of the site and current haunts, like the patient who saw the face of the devil in a boiler and jumped inside to his death.

No word on whether the ghost of the guy who saw the face of the devil in a boiler and jumped in to his death is still hanging around, though. Milwaukee If you had to pick a building that strikes fear into the heart of many MLB players, it probably wouldn't be a fancy hotel in Milwaukee. Still, The Pfister where players stay when on the road in MKE is notorious for being a haunting hot spot in the city. Players are not shy about retelling their experiences, like the most recent example when a number of Cardinals all slept in the same room after seeing a floating torso apparition in their rooms.

Though the hotel doesn't exactly trumpet the fact that it's full of ghosts, it's well known that if you stay there -- MLB player or not -- you're pretty likely to experience something unexplained. Green Lake A cemetery might not be the most surprising location for a haunting, but the old Dartford Cemetery has a few ghosts who are said to make the rounds. Four stamps feature digital illustrations in which traditional Halloween motifs are rendered as black silhouettes in eerily backlit windows Spooky, Kooky, Halloween Fun.

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Submit Event My Account. Toggle navigation. Featured Events. What's New. News Chamber of Horrors auction set for Saturday, May 4th Chamber of Horrors officially comes to a close this Saturday when all of their props, …. Reviews The Haunted Mansion by gwenierass. Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield is a great place to go if you need medical assistance, but there is one resident who may make your stay even worse. Nobody has managed to determine who he is or why he is haunting the hospital. Callan Road, or Witch Road as it is more commonly known, in Rippon has a lot of lore surrounding it.

The trees that line the road cast shadows that will keep you on edge the entire trip.

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It is also said that there have been flashes of light in the abandoned building supposedly housed by the witch. The Clark County Insane Asylum was probably more haunted during its time of operation rather than since it closed. Today, visitors report claims of voices and seeing apparitions.

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Back in the day, the residents were tormented and even murdered by the staff. Electroshock therapy, ice water submersion and even blood letting was used. After a fire in , the hotel closed down.

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Since then, however, there have been reports of apparitions, floating objects, strange lights. Scariest of all, people claim that witches use the abandoned building as a gateway to Hell, which would make the name more appropriate. Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake is home to many creepy sightings. One in particular is a mausoleum on the south side of the cemetery where a little boy is buried. It is said if you sit on it or even around it, you will be pushed off by a force said to be the little boy.

Soldiers from the Civil War have also been seen marching around the grounds. Boy Scout Lane in Stevens Point is home to one of the mysterious legends on this list.

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The name of the road was given in honor of a Boy Scout troop that died there. How they died however remains a mystery. Some say they got lost in the forest and died there, some say they camped out on the road and were killed by their bus driver.