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It boosted his 'street-cred'. Credibility was certainly something a wet-behind-the-ears Obama lacked in his mids, when he pitched up in the South Side of Chicago. His aim was to follow the path of great civil rights crusaders such as Martin Luther King. The threat of violence was ever present, too. It was here, last week, that three members of American Idol star Jennifer Hudson's family were shot dead, the latest statistics in Chicago's murder count which dwarfs New York and Los Angeles.

But Obama, to his credit, refused to be cowed. With admirable courage and resourcefulness, he earned the black community's trust by taking on the political bruisers of the Chicago Housing Authority. The battle-ground was Aldgeld Gardens, a grim estate built on the fringes of the South Side. Obama discovered that its houses had been constructed with asbestos and shamed the CHA into taking action. He later enhanced his reputation by spearheading an effective drive to electorally enfranchise thousands of blacks, called Project Vote. There is heavy irony in this.

For in , when he ran for political office for the first time, standing for the Illinois State Senate, he played the lowest trick in the book to ensure that his opponents' supporters did not get the chance to vote at all. To qualify for the Democratic race, candidates had to present a petition containing the signatures of several hundred backers.

In the South Side, where many people were illiterate and apathetic, obtaining these names was often difficult. Obama realised this and instructed his campaign team to examine his rivals' petitions and find false signatures. They performed this task to such good effect that he was elected unopposed. Many black Democrats were incensed at his jiggery-pokery. For it not only made a mockery of his role in Project Vote, but sabotaged the campaign of the much-loved incumbent senator, Alice Palmer.

Rather than joining the close-knit black Democrat group for a whisky and a game of dominoes when the day's business was done, however, Obama was accepted into the white senators' poker school. On summer evenings and at weekends he also joined his new buddies for a round of golf in the kind of country club golf course where, not all that long ago, blacks had been banned. Meanwhile, on returning to Chicago, he ingratiated himself with wealthy white liberals whose dollars he'd need when he ran for the U.

Senate, and ultimately the presidency. His suits became slicker and his haircut sharper, and he was more often seen at art galleries and classical concerts than basketball games. Alan Dobry, a Democrat activist who helped his first senate campaign, remembers how he finessed his remarkable transformation: 'Barack is very good at switching his mode of discourse to suit his audience. I don't mean he changes his positions, but he phrases them in a way his audience is most comfortable with. The veteran black State Senator Donne E. Trotter uses more direct language: 'Barack is viewed in part to be a white man with a black face by our community.

You just have to look at his supporters. Who pushed him to get where is so fast? Obama's charm and youthful good looks went down well with white female Democratic Party benefactors of a certain age. They vetted potential recipients of their generosity at their dining club, Ladies Who Lunch. Prominent among these powerful women were shopping mall heiress Bettylu Saltzman and Hugh Hefner's daughter, Christie, who runs the Playboy empire.

Obama had impressed Saltzman, a veteran party king-maker, with his handling of Project Vote. The problem is that some of his other new allies were less fragrant. One was Tony Rezko, a Syrian restaurateur and slum landlord. Unhappily, Obama was among them. Murkier still, when the Obamas traded up from an apartment to their sprawling Hyde Park mansion, Rezko's wife, Rita, bought an adjacent plot of land.

She later sold the Obamas a section of it. Obama insists there was no impropriety on his part. As Rezko is reportedly offering information to the FBI in return for a lighter sentence, however, there is always the danger that he will attempt to embarrass his friend if he reaches the White House. When Obama crossed back over the invisible border that divides Chicago like no other U. In so doing, it was important for him to 'marry well'.

According to Linda Randle, a community worker who 'mothered' the young Obama when he first moved to Chicago, he really did have a serious relationship with a white girl at that time. His mixed relationship would not have gone down well on the South Side, of course, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Whatever the reason, in , he took a black woman with impeccable credentials as his bride. Write a Review. Related Searches. Book of Demons 2. Rose Silver finds herself struggling to keep up with her new friends, a group of Rose Silver finds herself struggling to keep up with her new friends, a group of demons, called Organization Atlanta.

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