Between a Rock and a White Blaze: Searching for Significance on the Appalachian Trail

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Logistics : For a short trip, access the A. Retrace your steps and go across the gap north onto Garden Mountain for an extra leg-stretch. But if you truly want to experience the solitude and beauty that this stretch of the A. The Roller Coaster, a The Roller Coaster is the A.

Undiscovered Hikes on the Appalachian Trail

The tread is rocky, and the climbing is short but steep without a switchback in sight thanks to an unusually narrow right of way for the trail. Prepare yourself for nearly constant ups and downs with feet of elevation for each hill. The section offers a no-brainer overnight opportunity, thanks to the Bears Den Trail Center, a popular hiker hostel located yards off the trail roughly half way through the Roller Coaster.

The mile stretch of the A. In fact, the majority of the A. But consider the Georgia section of trail a warm up for the climb up Courthouse Bald in North Carolina, where the trail gains 1, feet via a series of relentless switchbacks. From Muskrat Creek Shelter, take a.

Appalachian Trail Documentary: DIXIE TO MAINE

Other highlights include blooming rhodo in June. And did we mention the complete lack of roads? The climbing comes fast and builds as you move towards Deep Gap, N. Two shelters sit on this portion of the trail, but their awkward location Plumorchard Gap Shelter is just 4. Magazine See all. July Road Warriors 28 Jun June Urban Adventures 31 May May Festival Guide 01 May Home Magazine April April Hiking 4 Comments.

Harpers Ferry NHP has about 20 miles of hiking trails. The trails vary from easy, riverside strolls to four-mile hikes across Civil War battlefields to eight-mile adventures to the tops of mountains. This web page provides the trail information needed to plan the perfect hike: location, length and intensity easy, moderate, difficult ; highlights views, wildlife, historical significance ; hiking time based on one mile hiked per 30 minutes.

This book provides site-specific information about all aspects of Harpers Ferry NHP trails and history, along with historic and modern-day photographs. Harpers Ferry NHP cares for natural and historical resources saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage. Help us keep these resources intact for all generations. Please stay on the trail and off fragile earthworks and historic stone walls.

Keep your dogs on leash and clean up after them.

Gas stations

Bicycles, vehicles and horses can damage trails and historical resources and so are not allowed on any park trail. Thank you for your cooperation. Please note all printed trail maps have been removed from the site until digital maps are created. You may also check out our Maps page where a full park map is digitized. From there you can zoom into the different areas of the park, see the hiking trails, and print. The following are descriptions of each park trail:. Visitor Center to Lower Town Moderate due to one steep section, 1.

Appalachian Trail: Undiscovered Hikes

This scenic trail offers an alternative to the shuttle bus to or from the Lower Town area, which is especially useful for dog-walkers. The trail starts at the tree line south of the Visitor Center, at the back of the main parking lot. Hikers travel down a steep ravine with 97 stone steps, passing by intermittent waterfalls. At the base of the ravine, the trail crosses Shoreline Drive: Be careful! Cars and buses use this road. Keep dogs and children off the pavement. The trail parallels the road, passing by healthy wetlands, where hikers may see herons, Wood Ducks, Canada geese, turtles and occasionally a beaver or muskrat.

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Passing the River Access parking lot, the trail merges with Shenandoah Street, bordering the Hall and Virginius islands trail systems. Maryland Heights Difficult steep and rocky in places , 4. Wayside exhibits. Cross the footbridge over the Potomac River. The trail stays on the towpath for 0.

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Be careful! Watch for traffic. Directly across the road is the Maryland Heights trailhead. The first bend on this green-blazed trail offers a nice view of the Potomac. Go straight at the first intersection to a see the Naval Battery, then return to the green-blazed trail and turn right.

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At the next two intersections stay straight on the red-blazed Overlook Cliff Trail. About 0.

Between a Rock and a White Blaze Quotes

Backtrack to the first intersection with the blue-blazed Stone Fort Trail. The trail curves out of the Stone Fort past breastworks and descends steeply over one mile back to the green-blazed trail. Murphy-Chambers Farm Easy to moderate, miles roundtrip with side trails , 30 minutes to 2 hours. Visitors to the Murphy-Chambers Farm hike through fields and wooded ravines to see spectacular views of the Shenandoah River and the surrounding mountains, as well as Civil War cannons, earthworks and the footprint of the John Brown Fort. The trail starts at the Visitor Center, but can also be accessed from a parking area on the farm, which allows for an easy 0.

From the Visitor Center, the trail crosses Shoreline Drive, goes down to a small creek and up to the unpaved farm entrance road. Here, hikers can stay on the road or go left and follow the tree line. Both trails lead to the overlook of the Shenandoah River. Near the overlook is the site of the John Brown Fort and the Niagara Movement's pilgrimage. This was also the scene of Confederate General A.

Hill's flanking maneuver in