Basketballs Motion Offense and the Four Corners

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But that was some time ago. I'm not sure what you are looking for?

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Is this an AAU team or? What are your goals for these kids? There is a lot more to the game than that We can give you a lot of suggestions but If I were you I would go to the high school coach and ask for help. Or maybe one of his assistants could help you. Set some goals for the team - then make sure you make some good practice plans so you can achieve them.

Again, talking to someone in person can help you a lot. Good luck and IF you have some specific questions, fire away.

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How can I find the right position for each kid. They all have talent but from watching them play a couple times they lack in the fundamentals. But they are eager to learn. I guess what I wanna know what would be a good way to start practice and what drills will benefit them the most and improve their game. Growing up I had a great coach who passed away not too long ago and he is who I went to for advice on my softball team but given the situation I can't go asking for advice and trying to remember all the drills the benefit me the most growing up isn't as easy to remember as I thought it would be.

KC - Everybody wants to be like "Mike" :- That's ok, what you have to do is sell them on the fact that even Mike didn't win until he got the rest of the team involved. Phil Jackson did a great job of selling him on this. We always used this at the beginning of the year - hold your open hand out The open hand is the individual and the closed fist is the TEAM. You can search the net for all sorts of motivational sayings around teamwork. As you watch them, write down everything that you believe needs improvment, then that goes into your practice plans to make them better, IF you cant pass, catch or dribble the ball, you cant play.

If you look at the left side of this page, there are many sections that have drills, offenses, defenses etc. I hope this helps you. If you need more info just ask. Member Login. Free eBooks.

Four Corners Offense – Complete Coaching Guide

Coaching Resources. Player Resources. By asking for specific and purposeful communication there are a number of positives to be achieved. The Four Corner Passing Drill is aimed at junior teams. It is not a competitive drill and does not ask passing technique to be performed under pressure. For this reasons it is not suitable to be incorporated into individual skill development for senior or elite players. It can be used within warm-up activities for senior players but at the end of the day do you really want to be using drills that do not get your team ready to compete when you only have a very limited period of time in which to rehearse.

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Three 3 receives ball and passes to corner heading towards which is Six 3 , Three 3 continues to follow pass and joins end of line. One 1 receives ball and passes to corner heading towards which is Eight 8 , One 1 continues to follow pass and joins end of line. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The point guard was the primary ball handler, weaving in and out of the square.

Basketball Offense - 4-Corners Delay Offense

His job was to hold onto the ball for as long as he could by himself, only dumping it off to a corner at the very last moment. Then, he took back the ball. At times, it was nothing more than a game of one-on-one, the eight other bodies serving as cones on an otherwise open court. At other times, it was only that Smith taught his teams to play keep-away. And it worked. Up a point with to play in an era before the shot clock existed, the Tar Heels held the ball for seven minutes and six seconds to preserve their eventual win.

Basketball 101 : How to Teach the Four Corners Basketball Offense

But off the floor was a different matter. The days of holding the ball for minutes on end were gone. It was no longer possible to pass the rock until the clock read zero.

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How many people can you say that about? Everyone that coaches now — that plays now — is doing something that Dean Smith innovated in some way.

Basketball Four Corner Offense

His thoughts, those moments of brilliance, were brought to life through his players and assistants every day on the job. But more impressively than his coaching, better than anything he accomplished in the realm of basketball, Smith stressed the little people in his daily routine. Be it the men guarding the tunnel inside the Smith Center or the assorted masses who sent him letters, Smith always went out of his way to appreciate other people.