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The use of lean concepts can be found in accounting, customer service, sales, logistics, human resources, warehousing, and our manufacturing process. He spent 10 years at Russel Metals as part of the leadership team implementing CI and health and safety initiatives. Somogyi has successfully implemented a CI culture in two companies and has trained hundreds on CI principles, from office to shop floor employees, as well as service and medical industries. Fontana Coy is a continuous improvement transformation coach in the Duha Center of Excellence.

She is black belt-certified in the Duha Operating Systems Passport to World Excellence program, is the primary yellow belt facilitator for communication skills and green belt facilitator for facilitation skills. She has led over 20 external companies on the start of their CI journey. Skip to main content. And really overload Bayview.

Tapping into unused talent

I really like the idea of selling the unused trains to STO and operating the next experiment between Aylmer and Bayview. This would provide rapid transit service to that community as well as link the end-of-the-line Alexandre-Tache Rapibus station with our O-Train and Confederation Line as a bonus.

The Saddest Thing In Life Is Wasted Talent - A Bronx Tale

Actually, the railroad to Aylmer has been torn up since Great post! However, I have NO idea what bureaucratic hurdles would have to be cleared. Shoot, even the route it took in Gatineau would be secondary in my mind to developing a model for how to do inter-city transit. Talk about overloading Bayview though….

Or all the people walking through a barren wasteland to get on at Bayview to go m to Gladstone? Rhetorical questions, all.

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I agree with extending the line across the river to Gatineau or running the service between Kanata and the Via Rail station. However there is more politics involved crossing the river to Gatineau so that will probably take for ever to be resolved making Kanata a more practical alternative. The right of way already exists, the track is there and the track is for all intensive purposes totally grade separated. The route does not suffer from having an expressway or a river on one side of it limiting the access to passengers. There is probably insufficient freight traffic on the portion from Federal to Kanata to prevent regulatory approvals.

I like the north and south extensions, but that Ottawa Citizen article from August suggests that adding more passengers to the o-train would make it too popular and unable to handle the demand. When I have been down at Bayview I have not seen large crowds getting off the O Train to get on buses travelling along the transitway. Yeah, o-train ridership definitely swings toward Carleton students during key times. On the bright side, folks heading to work can avoid it by taking an earlier or later train, but on the downside, it makes traveling for a few key moments really frustrating.

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I wonder how many of the hordes of people Eric mentioned are Carleton students that live within walking distance of Bayview. I know plenty bus from Kanata and Nepean and take the o-train. The trip from Bayview to Carleton was plesantly full with some standees and still a few single seats available.

If you double the passengers on the OTrain, there has to be lots more bus capacity on Albert to transfer to, once the transitway closes. Yes, on certain trips notably the weekday departures the train runs over capacity.

Tapping into unused talent and avoiding the Iceberg of Ignorance...

I have been left behind at Greenboro on those trips due to the hordes trying to make classes at Carleton. And a Talent BR is rated at over passengers! Last week I cycled the Aylmer bike path out past the marina, and the empty rail bed is still there, mostly running alongside the path, and for a short bit the path actually moves onto it. Given the amount of traffic along Aylmer Road, and the fact that they just had to build a divided highway a few years ago, shows that the area continues to grow and that a commuter light rail from Aylmer to downtown Hull and into Ottawa could be viable.

They may feel awfully silly years from now if that rail bed gets sold off. Much like we should for getting rid of our downtown train station. Skip to content. Maybe the old trainsets could be used to conduct some new experiments? Such a pleasant change from lack-of-demand stymieing transit expansion. To the Valley: Those are the same reasons primarily lack of frequency that prevent a longer service to Valley towns like Kemptville-Cornwall or Arnprior to the west.

East to Orleans: There is probably a contending eastern route to Orleans too, but I am unfamiliar with it. The existing OTrain corridor: Getting back to the existing OTrain corridor, I think it is unlikely the City will run the existing Talents combined with the new Alstoms, on the existing OTrain route, either to i mprove frequency or capacit y. Choices, choices … So, with the proverbial Talents provided, what will our Mayor do — use them or lose them? Maybe Monday will give us an answer.

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Or to buy an extra dozen buses with drivers to slowly shuttle back and forth the Albion. The tracks are already in a trench at High Road so it would mean continuing the trench along one side of High Road north side and under Albion Rd and on to the Casino Station.

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Incredible idea!! Readers with good connections should mention this to the decision-makers! It seems like almost a good thing: hooray, transit is in demand! Next Next post: What were they thinking … part 73, sidewalk edition.