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I try to depict how our faith may be woven into our daily life, like brandy poured into coffee. I believe that spirituality needs to be basic, common, everyday. Father Tim seems in the thick of things whether he wants to be or not. How does this affect him? In the first book, At Home in Mitford , he lived a very quiet life.

That means that his heart is going to be broken and his patience is going to be stretched — all of the things that happen when we get involved with other people. This has made him a much more human figure.

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It comes from two places inside of him. First of all, it comes from that place where he was so deeply wounded in his relationship with his father. And second, he operates on the fuel, the steam that comes from his relationship with Jesus Christ. So I suppose that Father Tim is a type of Christ figure — not just because he is a preacher but because of the way he is constructed. In Out to Canaan , Father Tim lives in a chaotic household. Did you grow up in such a household? Being a writer requires a lot of solitude.

My studio stretches across the back of my little house. It has eight windows that look out on a copse of trees. I can see the blue outline of the mountains in the distance. Where I write is exceedingly important to me. I am never comfortable unless I am in a room that pleases me. I need the pictures on the wall to be hanging straight. I have to do my housekeeping before I can sit down at the computer. Things need to be in order in my mind and in the place where I write.

In recent months my life has been topsy-turvy. I have learned to write with utter chaos all around me. I turn to my book with great intensity.

Sometimes I may write twelve hours a day. Sometimes I can write only two hours a day. Do you have any conscious technique that so effectively makes Mitford come alive for people? I grew up in the era of radio. When you turned on the radio, you heard the voices and you filled in all the blanks.

Radio helped me become a writer. Television would never help me become a writer. With radio you have to color in everything. What you need to do for readers is give them as much free rein as they can take. Let them participate in the story by building their own imagery. My books are about relationships.

There are times when I step away to the Grill where three or four people are in a relationship. You seem to have a lot of lovable eccentrics in your books. Are you attracted to unusual people? I see everyone as unusual. Most everyone seems to have an extraordinary life story. Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. How much do you personally relate to Father Tim? Are you very much like him? How would you describe the nature of that faith? Where do you write? So conversations and characters bear the burden of telling the story?

Is it a good idea for Father Tim to marry Cynthia? How might it detract from it? Minor characters are an important part of the Mitford books. Can you name four minor characters? What does one minor character contribute to the fabric of village life in Mitford? Gorgeous indie folk from Laura Stevenson glows with intimacy and warmth.

Awaken by Caoilfhionn Rose. Explore music. Tony pepperoni. Tony pepperoni Thank you for your music! I think this album is one of her best works. Thanks Anna Favorite track: Big Bad Wolf. Craig Clarke. Ulrich Niebergall. Davie Turner.

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