The Devils Necklace (Mills & Boon M&B) (The Necklace Trilogy, Book 2)

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Francesca broke into Marcos hotel room so she could steal a jewel known as the Devil's Heart, which was given to her by her father on her eighteenth birthday, and she showed it to Marcos on their wedding night trusting him completely and he took it and flee, leaving her brokenhearted and thought that the only reason he was nice to her married her was because of the jewel.

And she was The beginning was very promising and definitely a twist that I had never, ever seen in a Presents before, never. And she was right in one aspect because Francesca's father told Marcos that the only way he would get the jewel was if he married Francesca and Francesca gave it to him willingly. He wanted the stone back because it originally belonged to his family and was part of his legacy and would do anything to get it back, even marrying Francesca, which he did even though he felt duped by her father as well as Francesca thinking she was part of the scheme with father buying her a husband, which wasn't true, but he wound up with the stone while she ended up with a broken heart.

So, there was hurt and betrayal on both their parts and they didn't trust each other with each content on holding onto the jewel, feeling it belonged to them even though the jewel had caused some pain on both sides in part because of the jewel with Francesca's family loosing everything, all their wealth and luxury because her father killed herself because since the jewel was gone then he couldn't uphold the deal.

While in Marcos case, the jewel was stolen by his uncle and his parents were later captured and killed by the government, then he later on became captured too because he became a guerilla solider because he felt it would be a better lifestyle for him then living on the streets, poor after he lost his family, and went through a tortuous capture, causing him to have major nightmares and hated being restrained in anyway. So, the jewel wasn't a good luck charm to say the least, but they still wanted it because they felt it belonged to them. So, back to the opening scene, she had a gun in her hand and broke into his hotel room like I said, intent on stealing the jewel from him in hopes she could sell it so she could pay for her mentor's who look after her during a difficult time heartbreak and her mother and sister disowned her medical care, feeling she owed it to him since he took care of her and wanted to repay, but the only way she could get money was selling the jewel so she acted out a desperation and stole it and even forced Marcos to handcuff himself to the bed, which didn't go well because of his traumatic past and vowed to find her and make her pay for what she did to him.

So, she got the jewel heist and that was the setup and it was very promising and very interesting and good way to begin, and something unique and different that had never been done in a Presents before. It demonstrated the conflict and tension between the two right off the bat and I wanted to see how their story played out sure that it would be filled with some good conflict and tension between the pair and I wanted to see how it would be resolved.

I was so interested. But sorry to say that the middle of the book kind of sputtered for me, and I didn't feel that tension or high level emotion as I went along. Plus she didn't feel beautiful or anything like her sister. So, there was lots of baggage there and issues to work thorough during this journey, and these were painful things to deal with, and I'm not saying they didn't have a hard time of it or had a hard life.

They both did, and I felt bad for them for what they went through. And on top of them dealing with their own issues they had to come to terms of what brought them together and coming to terms with their relationship after he forced her to marry him and give him ownership to the Devil's Heart while he would pay for Jacques mentor medical care.

So there was lot going on and was kind of a perfect set up for lots of conflict, tension, and just all and all angst that create this exciting, passionate, emotional, romantic journey of their love story. But like I didn't really feel any of that or even connected with the characters along the way even though I did bad for them, I just wasn't locked in and I felt there was so much repetition especially when she kept saying she wasn't beautiful and kept correcting her.

I just wasn't really immersed in their story in the middle or taking the emotional journey along with them, feeling it deep in my heart where I feel their emotions right along with them with my fingers turning the pages very quickly. I got none of that here, sorry to say. It just fell flat for me. Maybe it was the fact that there was too much going and too much backstory or too much of their issues flooding the novel. Or maybe it was the fact that I felt it was a little monotone in nature and just felt that okay this happened then this happened then this happened, etc.

But there is a big difference between telling and actually feeling it leap off the page where it becomes believable that the two were struggling with their feelings and had deep emotions for one another that they were trying to deny and the reader just feeling it and being sucked into the world right along with them.

And I just didn't, and I wish I did especially with the promising beginning. Just something was off for me with me just not feeling it or rooting for their love story, which was a shame because they both deserved a little love in their lives. I think another thing, which I briefly mentioned up top was my reaction to the characters. I didn't love them, but I didn't hate them I was almost indifferent to them and not really being invested in them. It didn't meant there not rootable characters or they weren't likable or they were flat or anything like that.

It was again my connection to them as well as my appeal to them, which wasn't quite there as it is in other books I have read in the Present genre. I felt mediocre about them that's the best way I can describe it, and I'm not sure why. This book had all the elements for there to be a great love story with these characters that were completely likable and really was right in their own feelings and actions, and should have been a great love story, but it didn't work for me.

Marcos was never a jerk to her especially when he learned the truth of what she suffered, and she was nice too and no one could really hate her. But just the push and pull wasn't there for me. And I also felt the passion was pretty flat and the love scene wasn't really that exciting or emotional and kind of just actions put together on the page. I was so disappointed in that because it was leading up to that for so long and then when it finally happened it was like "that it?

The love scene happened and that was that. I was expecting more and more passion. Also, the growth in their relationship was a little disappointing as well with usually the passion being the indicator that which I just didn't feel was quite there then leading to deeper emotions along the way, and though it was there with feelings changing when they learned more about one another and revealed their fears and anxieties and were just totally vulnerable and an open book to one another, I still didn't feel it.

I know. I should've, but I didn't, but like I said it was just a little boring in pacing at least with this happening then this happening then this happening, but nothing really surprising, gut wrenching, or even something that really packed an emotion punch at least for me. The ending I liked though especially the big gesture with Marcos giving her the jewel then asking her to come meet him at his hotel room. And she went and found Marcos handcuffed himself to the bed and threw the key across the room so he couldn't release himself even though he really wanted to and was experience some distress after his captivity, but he willingly did that having faith she would come and release him from his bounds, having faith in her.

And that was a big deal for him and it really showed he came far with his trust in her that she would actually come for him. And it was just an important scene in the scheme of things, showing how far they had come and how they needed each other and trusted one another. Marcos even reassured her that her not having children wasn't a big deal for him and that he still loved her regardless even though it took him at least a couple tries to get her believe him at first.

It was a nice moment for the couple.

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The ending was sweet and very poignant. So, I liked the book ends to this book with the unique beginning and the touching ending that was worth reading, but otherwise the rest of the book was kind of disappointing, and I am so sorry to say that because the bones were there just my feeling when reading it were not. And probably many disagree with me and love this book, but I wanted to go and feel like I was on a more of an emotional journey, love story and I didn't feel like I got that from this book.

Just something was missing or off or something just didn't click with me except for the beginning and the end.

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I guess I just wanted more. More intensity and angst than I got. I feel bad saying these things, and I really wished I loved it more than I did. But that being said I also didn't hate the book so that's something. I love Lynn Raye Harris book, which are usually full of passion with great, complex characters that a reader can easily connect with as they continue on their journey to love with lots of drama, tension and angst along the way, but for this book I just didn't feel it.

I guess readers can't love every single book by an author, but it disappointing when it turns out that way especially when a reader is so looking forward to reading that book like I was when I began reading this book. So, you never know unless you read them first and go along on the journey along with the characters and see if you like the journey or not that you are taken on. And you can't love every book out there. It's just all depends on a person's expectations, preference, and taste, and that doesn't determine if a book is good or not because some people probably really love a book while others don't.

That's up the individual taste. And with that beings said I will still read Lynn Raye Harris's books in the future and just hope that I like them more than I like this one. Hopefully have more of connection to future books than this one. That's all. I still love me my Presents so won't stop reading them any time soon. Mar 10, Suzanne rated it really liked it. Feb 08, Nancy Crocker rated it it was amazing.

This is not your usual Harlequin Romance.

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As both the Hero "Marcos" and Heroine "Francesca" have suffered much grief. The story begins with a thief entering Marcos hotel room at gun point and forcing him to handcuff himself to the headboard of the hotel room bed. This brings back terrible memories of him be held captive, and he swears to get even. The thief - his ex wife of a few hours.

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Francesca has stolen The Devil's Heart to sell to help pay for cancer treatments for the man who helped save her life. And taken it from the man she feels ruined it. Francesca was so very in love with Marcos and married him at age 18 and handed over the necklace and he promptly left her, and her world fell apart. Her father killed himself. Her Mother and Sister quit talking to her. Tragedy strikes once again.

She was 6 months pregnant with a baby girl when the shop she was working in was robbed. She was brutally beaten and lost her daughter. She also is no longer able to become pregnant again. Marcos comes to the jewelry store she is working at the next day and confronts her. He demands she marry him again for at least months. He agrees to pay for the treatments for her friend Jacques. She agrees. What happens when they get to Argentina? Passions start igniting. And secrets start being revealed.

But this story is far from over. Marcos feels he can never love anyone because of the scars he carries, mostly inside. And Francesca has never felt beautiful enough. And feels Marcos would never really want her forever because she can't carry a child, that she feels he deserves. Lynn Raye Harris has now written three books that have brought me to tears. As she is able to put me in the place of her heroines and make me feel as though I am the one who is suffering through their grief.

I am so glad that I purchased this book and look forward to reading more of her books in the future. Jun 08, Vanessa rated it liked it. Years ago Marcos played Francesca to obtain a jewel that belonged to his family. He went so far as to marry her, got the jewel from her then disappeared. Her father offed self, and her materialistic mother and sister disowned her! Francesca was strong though and carried on the best she could.

Now Francesca intends to steal the jewel back to gain money to help the only person who cared for her. This Years ago Marcos played Francesca to obtain a jewel that belonged to his family. He blamed her family for HIM having a price!! By rights, Frankie had given to him years ago under false beliefs, it was his already! She is just so forgiving though.

Life is about forward motions, not regret. He was tortured for some reason, but I guess I missed exactly why, he had lingering wounds from his past. Maybe later though Feb 02, Erin rated it it was amazing. The book has a tense and unique opening scene with Marcos being held at gunpoint by a woman who is determined to steal his valuable diamond known as the Devil's Heart.

The robber is none other than Francesca, the woman Marcos married at the age of eighteen in order reclaim the Devil's Heart, a jewel he knew rightly belonged to his family. Marcos easily tracks down Francesca and the diamond, and he blackmails her into marriage. The book is Wow! The book is a great love story between two sympathetic characters with immense scars. Although she has every right to be bitter, Francesca is a strong woman who has been through past heartbreak, and she goes toe-to-toe with Marcos. Marcos has also had a difficult past, but his commitment toward helping the less fortunate makes him a compassionate man.

The chemistry between these two is especially hot. The ending is perfect and it actually made me cry, which is a true rarity for HP books. It was just superb! Sep 25, Cynthia D'Alba rated it it was amazing. I won this book on a twitter contest and I'm so glad I did. I stopped reading Presents a couple of years ago. I had trouble falling in love with most of the heroes as I found them to be overbearing and brutish.

However, I loved this book. Marcos is so sexy. Harris captured the essence of what makes these books work when her heroine, Francesca, tells Marcos that she's a plain Jane, not glamorous like all the women he's dated, and I think that's how most women see themselves And I won this book on a twitter contest and I'm so glad I did. And then when an incredible man falls for them Good read.

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Enjoyed this a great deal. Aug 16, Katherine Bone rated it really liked it. The Devil's Heart takes place in Argentina. Francesca D'Oro's gut-wrenching backstory tugged my heart as much as the opening scene held me spellbound. The success of Marcos Navarre's family comes at the cost of Francesca's. And though the two were once married, Francesca and Marcos have to overcome their pasts, if the Corazon del Diablo is ever going to bring them together. Gripping story that supplies a satisfying reward in The End. Well done, Ms. Mar 01, Yolanda rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads.

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