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It's rare that I give this author's work less than a raving five star review, but here it is readers a four star for my number one author. However, it's nothing to cry into your daily cup of tea about. Because let's face it I have enough love for this novel to be giving a more than respectable solid four stars.

But alas there is reasoning behind me dropping that one star and it all boils down to the feelings that this book provoked. As much as I loved this story it didn't leave me with the 'knock my socks off, can't bear to be away from this book' feeling that a five star normally would provide me with. But with all that being said, I'm still anxiously waiting for Lauren Layne to wow me with the next book in this series and nothing can stop me from being first in the queue for more from my number one.

Final thoughts Whenever there is a new Lauren Layne book to be read I'll always be first in the queue ready to devour it. Something about her style and her seemingly effortless approach to putting together a romance saga suits my needs like a chocoholic finding their next fix. My time spent reading this author always takes me to my happy place and is a firm reminder of why I love this genre of reading.

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Enjoy readers View all 24 comments. I have a rule when it comes to Lauren Layne books: she writes them, I read them. It doesn't matter what she writes, because each and every time I know I'll be in for a treat. Her New York's Finest series has quickly made its way onto my favorites list as well. I loved Frisk 4 Stars His eyes were wild as they looked down on her, and the last thought Maggie had before his mouth slammed against hers was that Anthony Moretti completely out of control was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen.

I loved Frisk Me , and after the little peek that we got at the end of it into Anthony Moretti, I couldn't wait to see what the police Captain will bring. The character that immediately caught my attention was the middle Moretti, Vincent. What can I say? I love the broody grumpy assholes, and Vincent sure fits the bill. What I didn't expect was for Anthony to give him a run for his money. The newly promoted Captain has no interest in relationships ever since a tragedy changed his outlook on mixing his career aspirations with a woman. He knows the two will never mix and he doesn't even want to try.

So what if the beautiful waitress at the diner his family frequents instantly catches his eyes. It helps that she can't seem to help but dump food on him each time she sees him, bringing out his temper and loosing his filter so he can't help but be a grade a asshole. Maggie Walker has dreams, and a waitress at a diner isn't it. But it pays the bills while she tries to make her dream of becoming an author come true. Having left everything behind to move to NY, she's starting over fresh.

In her tiny apartment, with her adorable dog, she doesn't mind that it may not be the lap of luxury, because for once in her life it's all hers. But she can barely seem to do her job when the intimidating Captain Moretti seems to bring out her inner klutz. But when she just may be the witness to help him with a career making case, Anthony has no choice but to get to know the little waitress better. And that's when things get interesting He pulled back, just slightly, his breath hot and heavy against her face. At first I thought she'd be another introverted little mouse, but she really grew into her own as the book progressed.

Anthony was the epitome of an a-hole for much of the book, which is actually, what ultimately brought my rating down slightly. It took him a bit too long for my taste to finally remove his head from his ass. And let me tell you, when it came to relationships, it was very firmly planted up there. You have to know it's bad when Vincent was giving him relationship advice.

The chemistry between Maggie and Anth was scorching. What I love about Lauren Layne, is nothing is instant. No insta-love or insta-lust to be found here. She really makes it stretch and burn, and it makes it that much more delicious when the sparks finally ignite. So as frustrating as Anthony was for me at times, it took barely anything away from the book.

I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait until the next one ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Find me on View all 31 comments. Dec 04, Alba and Her Secrets.. ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I am always excited when I recieve an ARC, especially if it is from one of my new favourite authors. I decided to first read Frisk Me the first book in the series , you know me I have to read in order LOL, and now it's time for the second novel in the New York's Finest.

Steal Me continues with the story of the eldest Moretti brother, Anthony "Anth" a. Damn it, he thought, watching as she seemed to cuddle into his jacket. Damn it to hell, because Anthony wanted nothing more than to tug her to him. To drop his mouth to hers and taste her. Damn this woman. Obviously, again, Lauren Layne gives her readers amazing characters. Anthony is kind of a workaholic, a man afraid to show his feelings but who cares a lot about the people around him. And Mags is a woman who lived through a difficult marriage, who has transformed into a strong kick-ass person and who wants nothing more thant to have Anth with her.

I loved these two together, they have a lot of sexual tension between them yeeeeeeeah! Read it? Read me? She is the best! She is my favourite!! She will have you cracking up, laughing like crazy! What did I say? Awesome, this woman is awesome! All the case related to Smiley and how Anth and Maggie have to deal with it, I really liked it.

Even though sometimes I wanted to punch these two because they are too afraid or proud!! Still, loved their chemistry. Sometime in the past few months, her dream had shifted. Grown more complicated. She still wanted to publish the book. It was a component of her dream life but not the heart of it. Anthony was at the center of her dream. Therefore, my rating for this novel is 4. I still enjoyed more Lauren's Stiletto series but I have to say the Moretti family already have an especial place in my heart, I love them!

I really liked that Lauren gave us an epilogue on this one and as I said, I cannot wait to know more about these amazing characters. So, yes, I highly recommend this series and this author!! View all 32 comments. Then, "Nothing. Go to sleep. But in her dreams, he finished that sentence with something else entirely. I am so so SO happy to announce that Mizz Lane has outdone herself I can't make this stuff up , folks. It's not possible. Contemporary is hardly worth reading most of the time, in my opinion, so it's not even like I feel as if I should be forcing a smile and a good rating because I'm trying to stay true to myself.

No, I simply read Lauren Layne Which, frankly, has been a frequent state of mind lately-Helplessness. I know you did something. And whichever choice you made was obviously the wrong one.

steal someone blind

I always hesitate to pick up my Layne ARCs Will that day ever come? I'm starting to think it never will Though, it's a terrifying thing to think about. But then we always pick them up and have the best time reading them. No matter where we are or, as stated above, what mood we're in, her works seem to lift us to another place. Or, at least, that's how I feel. I can be the most depressed person in the world, and then I'll pick up my favorite author's latest and greatest hit, and all of a sudden I'm just so happy out of nowhere.

It's such a wonderful feeling. Cut the crap. Drop the gushing. These are just facts: It takes someone truly spectacular to control your mood like that. It's the purest form of mind manipulation, but you don't feel that way at all. It's the best kind of mind control, and after you come out of the trance, you can't help but feel as if you didn't get enough. It's crazy-it's almost like you feel as if you've lost a big group of friends after putting her books down.

It's an ache that can't be filled. Well, at least until I get my hands on another book of hers. Do they have exercises for personality? You should do those. They're shoulders. Then again my push-up bras do the trick just fine. Anth scooted down on the bench, grabbing a towel from the ground as he glared at his grandmother. No reference to your lingerie. But believe me- You are not alone!! Don't feel the need to seek help-we here at Star-Crossed Book Blog are all too familiar with these symptoms and phantom pains when one of her books isn't available yet and we are here to help you!!

There, there. It will be okay-come gush with us, we can't get enough of it. Or add it to my list of sins. I don't really care. I'm going home. If either or both of you want to walk me to the subway station out of some macho display of chivalry, go for it, but under no circumstance do I want to chat. Got it? But she couldn't help but glance over her shoulder, just once before heading down the stairs to the train platform, and somehow she wasn't at all surprised to see that Captain Anthony Moretti had followed her, hands shoved in his coat pockets as he watched her from several feet away.

And despite her bad mood, Maggie might have smiled. Just a little bit. Now, I won't lie, I didn't really care to venture off from Luc and his story-no worries, he was a constant even though he wasn't a main character-Or so I thought. What a fool I was. What a sad and deranged fool. Because Anthony?? I did NOT see this asshole comin'. He literally-I swear-eeked his way into my heart.

I picked this book up and I was all 'Alright, let's get this started so I can see me some more Luc'. Yeah-Luc, who? I'm just kidding I loved and adored Luc, he was absolutely perfect-really-but what Layne does best is make you care about who the story is centered around in spite of the fact that you really were thinking you were going to stick to your guns and only love your first guy. No, no. When she writes a story, she comes to play-You can love your other guy all you want, but at this time, in this story, Anthony is the man, and you will not want for anyone else, because this mofo is all you can handle.

I think your feels would implode if you tried to squeeze another guy in. Trust me, I won't be bored. But here's the thing! When the other characters intervene? You aren't annoyed. You don't sigh because it's taking time from Anthony and Maggie. In fact, when Luc and Ava are there, it purely adds to the story-fully enhances it. So not only do you have a wonderfully well-rounded romance NOT bathed in sex scenes and cheesy dialogue , but a romance that embraces sexual tension and quirky humor between friends and family that never gets old.

And the dialogue?? It makes you bust out laughing at the simplest roll of the eyes or the smallest deflection of Nonna-their outspoken grandmother who loves to push their buttons and, ironically, push innuendos about sex towards her grandsons lol. There's such a strong substance to her works, and I always annoy people with my gushing, I'm sure, but I'm sorry-it's so rare to find an author who not only values a good romance, but the idea that a story doesn't need to center around sex to make you feel fulfilled by the end of it.

Oh, and to be clear? There's sex. Oh yes. Don't mistake that-it's just not shoved down our throats every other chapter. I swear she's my author soul-mate. And a quick word about my dear Anthony- Sweet , gruff , authoritative , quiet but in control , and kind as a person can get, he will surprise you.

But he has a lot of shit to work through, and it may aggravate you at times I guess He'd do anything to protect this sweet, yet feisty, aspiring author love that! Oh, and did I mention he gets totally jelly? Those cops outside are there for your protection. But he was already gone. Hearty laughs. Smiles so large and so frequent they hurt my face. Anthony, Luc, and their family are back at it again, bickering and meddling in each other's lives for the most sincere help they think they can offer.

It was all so sweet it gave me a toothache It's the best kind of annoyance I swear that pesky bug won't go away. For more of my reviews, please visit Jul 01, Dali rated it really liked it Shelves: standalone , series , arc-read , contemporary-romance , published He never thought an intriguing waitress would Steal his heart.

A sexy slow burn and sweet romance that will make you smile. And while number one and two are closely intertwined since most of his family is in law enforcement, achieving his career goals are what drives him. He can very well ignore everything else, including his love life. Leaving him flustered and intrigued. Maggie Walker was a shadow of a person while with her ex-husband until she decided to claim her life and independence and reach for her goal to be a writer.

Throwing them together in a chase that will test his resolve and their limits as every interaction stokes the flaming hot attraction between. But can their relationship survive their career oriented priorities? It was fun watching him try to figure out how his entire family was completely smitten with Maggie while he was mostly irritated that she always left a stain in his wardrobe and sexual awareness under his skin.

In its purest form, it was unselfish. I enjoyed how Maggie slowly cracked his insensitive shell with sass and how she helped him overcome the guilt he carried from a previous relationship. Everything from him walking her dog or reading and supporting her manuscript to her wanting to be his partner and encourage his own career.

The story was rounded out nicely with the fun loving interaction between Maggie, Anthony and his meddlesome yet loving family which I can't wait to know more about. Lauren Layne is a fixture in my sweet and sexy romance list. I know I can count on happy, satisfied smile when reading her stories filled with family, friends, sexy times and love. It is a standalone, full-length, contemporary romance.

Told from both points of view, with a happy ending. The excerpts are from that copy. View all 7 comments. Dec 28, Jeanne rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-male-leads , favorites. Loved this one! One of my favorite Lauren Layne books. It was all because of Captain Moretti View all 3 comments. Steal Me follows eldest brother Anthony Moretti, who has recently been promoted to Captain.

Despite being incredibly good at what he does, he is failing to catch a thief who is currently causing havoc on the Upper East Side and evading the police at every corner. Maggie Walker is the waitress who serves the Moretti family on a Sunday after church. She is a recently divorced aspiring author who is struggling day to day to pay the bills, due to her parasitic alcohol fuelled father and brother who only ever seem to need her for money. Captain Moretti intimidates her and she can't see to stop spilling food and drink in his lap, and whilst Anthony is annoyed at this clumsy woman, he can't help feeling drawn to her.

His whole family seem to adore her and even though he tries hard not to fall for her charming and endearing ways, he subconsciously becomes her protector. My favourite thing about this series, is the family dynamic of the Morretti clan, they are a fabulous bunch of diverse and colourful characters who always manage to keep me entertained throughout the book.

A special mention goes to Nonna, who never fails to make me laugh with her inappropriate comments. The romance element, as is usual with this author, a slow burning and passionate affair and although I didn't quite fall entirely in love with Anthony's gruff and closed off manner, Maggie more than made up with it when she vowed to fight for her man. I am more than eager to read Vincent's book, I am sure that his book will be absolutely a winner for me.

ARC gratefully received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


View all 11 comments. She is one hip, feisty lady! Romance, however is another story. That is until the beautiful new waitress at Darby Diner keeps dumping coffee, and food in his lap just about every time his family visits after Sunday Mass. She dreams of finishing and publishing her novel. Worse, he flusters her so much that she always ends up dumping food in his lap! As much as Maggie would like to purge Anthony out of her brain, their paths intersect when she recognizes a police sketch of the infamous Smiley thief.

It bears a striking resemblance to her loser ex-husband she left a year and a half ago. Advice is given whether wanted or not, lol! A definite recommend. A copy was kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 13 comments. Nothing about it irritated me. Loved all the characters. Loved the butterflies it gave me. Loved the tension. Loved the steam. If I had to really critique something I would say the end was a bit rushed and I would have liked to kick Anthony a time or two. But when he says something like this how can I not swoon: view spoiler [ "I was kind of planning on giving you forever" hide spoiler ] Also I noticed 3 ou 5 stars Truly adored this one.

But when he says something like this how can I not swoon: view spoiler [ "I was kind of planning on giving you forever" hide spoiler ] Also I noticed 3 out of my top 6 this year are hot cop books. So friends you know what to recommend me next year : Thanks for making me read this Jeanne you know me so well! View all 25 comments.

We were introduced to all of the Moretti's and they were wonderful with individual styles and swag. But with all of that going on, there was one universal theme happening and it was family will always be there for you. They may not deliver the message the way you want or may get in your personal business one too many times In this installment about "New York's Finest", we have generations coming to terms about their place We see the father needing to be included in the day today happenings on the force This is a constant whether it is the family's table at home or their home away from home, the Diner they go to religiously every Sunday morning with the same commitment as attending their place of worship with their own designated booth.

They had the same waitress for decades until she retired and now there is this wisp of a gal who seems to always cause chaos whenever around Anthony Moretti. Oh, excuse me I forgot This goal of Captain was just another step on the ladder to Chief. Anthony wants this more than anything and has sacrificed in so many ways to achieve it. He has lost a relationship the hard way, shutting his heart to any thought of human connection other than a controlled encounter. He will not let that painful feeling of being ignored or being put in second place happen to another woman His always being taken away from birthdays, anniversaries, romantic dinners He will not inflict that again.

So why the hell is he twisted about this Maggie Walker It seems she cannot hold a coffee pot near without spilling on him and ruining his shirt or taking plates away with having all the bacon grease attach itself to his clothes And the worst Everybody at the table, all siblings and parents Oh, Maggie But Maggie is in a place right now where she is just trying to make it Between having to come up with repeated rehab funds for programs her father never completes and an entitled brother, she has the opposite family life of the Moretti's.

She divorced the man she thought at first was going to be her life. That quickly was shattered when all of his scheming and constant drain on her took its toll. She finally got free of him It is her awareness which is the big catalyst in bringing Maggie and Anthony closer. Anthony is using the Diner as an escape from his precinct. There has been a rash of home invasions with the culprit leaving a Smiley face as his signature to flaunt he was there.

The force finally got a witness and a sketch is on the table when Maggie comes to top off his coffee. Shock and confusion hits her, wanting to know why he has a picture of her ex on the table This is starts the romantic ball rolling much faster Now Anthony has a reason to visit Maggie outside of the Diner Because whether he will admit it or not, he is smitten. This tale has intrigue and romance holding hands The investigation of this rash of invasions and Maggie's knowledge of the suspect puts her under the microscope of all the law enforcement agencies involved.

It also causes huge gambles with Anthony's career I am a huge Lauren Layne fan and this was a solid entry. Anthony was not always the easiest to love Maggie was the perfect fit for him and it just took a while for him to see the light. The Moretti family humor and manipulations, though, lightened the feel and added so much to the story. This is a winning series with us being led gently down the Moretti path waiting for the next sibling to have their tale. With all the brothers and sis I won't have to wait long. I have met Anthony Moretti And he is one of New York's Finest He makes Maggie Walker's heart shake, rattle and roll Too bad it's always while she is serving him at the Diner Oh, what's a little mess to clean up when it is Antony Moretti's pants you get to touch Steal Me You bet you can View all 9 comments.

Nov 28, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. I liked this one better than the first. Plus Nonna is the bomb. ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. View 1 comment. Nov 11, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , contemporary-romance , favorite-authors , , blog-tour , arc , favorite-couples. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Lauren Layne will steal your hearts in her newest installment to New York's Finest Series with her sizzling addition, Steal Me.

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Layne serves up a sexy, riveting, slow burn, and touching romance that will slowly steal the hearts of all those romance aficionados out there and will have you on lock down as she delivers a sweet and emotionally charged second chance romance. For thirty-six year old Captain Anthony Moretti, there are three important things that he valued in his life. His love life has always been on the back-burner since his job had always came first. So when Maggie Walker waltzed into his life, he never expected to be intrigued by this waitress who has managed to capture the hearts of his parents and siblings.

But whenever Maggie was around him, she always seem to be accident prone and messing up on his orders.

He was intrigued, irritated and lusted for this sexy and alluring waitress who has managed to get under his skin. Maggie Walker didn't plan to be a waitress as a career but after divorcing her ex-husband, she always felt the need to help support her alcoholic father and dependent brother.

She has always put her family before herself leaving Maggie with not much savings. Maggie dreams of becoming an author and hopes of getting her young adults genre stories published. Her life seems monotonous since all she does is go to work, take care of her dog, and work on her book. And as for her love life, it's nonexistent at the moment. But the only interesting part of her daily life, seems to her interaction with Anthony Moretti.

She is well aware of the fact that she has a crush on Anthony but his brazen personality is a bit intimidating for her to get close to him.

steal (one) blind

But all that changes when Maggie recognizes a police sketch on a case that Anthony is working furiously in solving. When she informs Anthony that the police sketch looks like her ex-husband, Anthony soon find himself getting entangled with Maggie as she could help him catch the infamous burglar known as "Smiley. As Anthony spends more time with Maggie, he finds his growing attraction to her can no longer be contained.

As passion, lust, and sparks of attraction collide, Maggie and Anthony find themselves crossing lines that begins to get blurred. As Maggie's feeling for Anthony intensifies, will she be able to reel and control her feelings? Will Anthony be able to let Maggie into his closed off heart? And will Anthony be able to capture the criminal Smiley before it's too late?

Steal Me is a prime example of why I love reading Lauren Layne's book. Her books always have a way of leaving readers like myself satisfied with her emotional, touching and beautiful love stories. So yes, Lauren Layne will steal your hearts in her newest release as she writes a story that reminds us all that second chances do exist. And for Maggie Walker, she didn't need a prince charming to save the day because she had already stole the heart of Captain Anthony Moretti and his brooding personality to last her a lifetime. So if you love book that is layered with family love, friendship, and palpable connections then I would definitely recommend Steal Me by Lauren Layne.

Just be prepared to fall in love as Ms. Layne serves up the perfect crime: To steal the hearts of romance readers. Lauren Layne View all 4 comments. Arc offered in exchange for an honest review More reviews and book talk at :. Nov 03, Carole Carole's Random Life in Books rated it really liked it Shelves: , net-galley , romance , reviewed , series. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.

I really enjoyed this one. The first book in this series, Frisk Me , was good but this one was even better in my opinion. This book was really the perfect combination of romance and suspense. Once I really had a chance to sit down and read, I didn't want to put this one down. I am falling in love with the Moretti men along with the heroines in these books.

I kind of wish that this fictional family could adopt me because they are just a lot of This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life. I kind of wish that this fictional family could adopt me because they are just a lot of fun. It is the Anthony's turn to take the lead role in Steal Me. Anthony is the oldest sibling in the family and the highest ranking family member in the NYPD with his position of Captain. He is also the only member of the family who tends to get things spilled or dropped on him by the waitress during every Sunday brunch.

This serious man that is completely career focused doesn't have a lot of patience for their clumsy waitress. Maggie is the waitress that inevitably spills items on Anthony every week. Who can really blame her? He would make just about anyone nervous with his scowl and take charge mentality. And don't forget to call him Captain or you might see a bit of attitude. Maggie is working on writing a book when she isn't waiting tables. In her tiny apartment, she has made a life that she is enjoying along with her dog, Duchess. When she has important information regarding a case that Anthony is working on, they start spending a lot more time with each other.

They find out that they both have a lot to learn about each other as they work together to catch a thief and keep Maggie safe. I liked Anthony and Maggie a lot. I really can't say that related to these characters personally but I could see where they were coming from. Anthony has a really hard time finding a healthy balance between his personal life and family and he tends to try to fix everything.

Maggie also wants to fix everything but she tries to do it by making everyone happy. They are both really good people. Neither one of these characters made any demands on really anyone and instead take responsibility for more than they should. Already have an account? Log in here. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Steal Me is a beautifully realized small film of understated power. Kevin Thomas. It's not really original stuff, and there are few genuine surprises, but Painter skillfully layers visual details and off-the-cuff dialogue into a smart, condescension-free piece on small towns and the complicated lives they contain. Ernest Hardy. Everything about Steal Me, the new feature from the writer and director Melissa Painter, feels dangerously overripe.

Jeannette Catsoulis. Drifter comes to small town, gets all the ladies hot. But it's not the steamy, literate Picnic, starring William Holden - instead it's the pretentious Steal Me, an artily photographed, puzzlingly acted indie. Jami Bernard. Solid performances can't save Melissa Painter's pretentious teen drama Steal Me, which plays like a cross between Dangerous Skin without the gay sex and Picnic without the production values or credible situations.

Lou Lumenick. Ben Kenigsberg. Harry Haun. The often meandering Steal Me is a film that says just enough and leaves the rest to us to work out. Jonathan W. If Alexander's performance isn't exactly a revelation, he's modest enough to allow pros like Seymour, a gifted actress usually relegated to supporting roles, do their thing. Ken Fox. The plot is never overwrought, but it never fully ripens either, mostly because of some of the actors' self-consciousness and the stop-and-go pace. Kent Turner. The result is a film imbued with the tender awkwardness and poignancy of those first wary explorations--those electric moments that occur in the small space between childhood and newly discovered maturity.

Big Sky Country offers up an introspective teen drama about a teenage kleptomaniac who can't steal a break. Ron Wilkinson. There are no featured audience reviews for Steal Me at this time. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Billions: Season 4. Black Mirror: Season 5.

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