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Modern readers might recognize him as the King who wanted to kill Baby Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. He was also accused of killing his brother in law, whom he had named a High Priest at the insistence of his wife, Mariamne. Suffice it to say, Herod had a bad reputation. When you have a bad reputation—as Herod did—people are likely to say outrageous things about you. But he still loved her, so he had her body preserved in honey and had sex with her for another seven years.

Then he married a woman named Mariamne II. Herod continued to serve as King, though his Roman emperors often considered removing him from the throne. Irene of Athens clawed her way to power. An orphan, she was literally picked from a lineup to be the wife of Leo VI, emperor of the Eastern Roman empire.

Leo died while their son, Constantine VI, was still too young to rule, which left Irene in charge.

41. End Of An Empire

Irene got hers in the end: some Byzantine nobles conspired against her and placed her Minister of Finance, Nikephoros, on the throne. Irene was banished to Lesbos, supporting herself by spinning wool. His power was further threatened when Joanna married Phillip the Handsome, a member of the powerful Hapsburg family. It was not a compliment. Instead of providing him with a requested bailout, the Bavarian government opted to simply remove Ludwig from the throne. At the height of construction, the project employed craftsmen. Removed from his throne, and declared insane by a team of psychiatrists, Ludwig holed up in Neuschwanstein with a small private army.

It took two tries to arrest him, but he was finally removed from his beloved castle and put in the custody of psychiatrist Dr. Bernhard von Gudden. Gudden were found dead in a lake near Munich.

The 30 Most Insane Royal-Family PR Scandals

It was ruled suicide by drowning, but an autopsy later revealed that no water was found in his lungs and two bullet holes were found in his jacket. Ludwig I fell deeply in love with a stage actress, Lola Montez, going so far as to make her a countess. When the people of Bavaria began to revolt, Ludwig I was forced to abdicate the throne, and Countess Lola was forced to flee. Montez died at 39 years old, having lived more in those few years than whole cities of people do in their lifetimes.

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Royal Scandals

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The Daily Beast. Prev Share. More from Factinate. Featured Article. But I didn't have much time. First, there was the… Christine Tran Sep 27, Reid Kerr-Keller Sep 20, I had an imaginary friend—I didn't bother with him. Many adults had imaginary friends as children. Source:News Limited.

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While a number of royal women have been shot for British Vogue — Meghan Markle soon to be among them — it is hard to imagine they would ever consider a shoot with Skin Two , a London-based mag catering to fetish subculture. Bet that went down a treat over Sunday lunch. In , when Marina was 26th in line to the throne, she caused conniptions among the upper crust after she revealed she was pregnant, which would have been the first royal birth out of wedlock in more than 90 years.

Marina with her husband, Paul Mowatt, after their wedding in February, Marina Mowatt and her photographer husband Paul after their marriage. Source:News Corp Australia. Marina then committed what might be the most outrageous royal sin and gave an interview in which she alleged that her parents, Princess Alexandra and Sir Angus, had given her an ultimatum: A shot gun wedding or an abortion. During this whole messy, sad fracas, Marina and her godfather Prince Charles are said to have fallen out and would not speak until years later. But, in what has been interpreted as a middle finger to her family, the bride skipped the usual frothy white confection and walked down the aisle in a black velvet number with a matching black hat.

Sadly not. On one occasion Paul was ordered to leave the home by police.

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Marina continued to hit the headlines into the naughties. Complicating the PR-crisis for the royal family as the fact that she was living in a cottage on the grounds of Windsor Great Park the area where Meghan and Harry live now. However she was paying rent, according to reports. Things have calmed down for Marina Ogilvy these days. She now lives in a castle on the Windsor Castle grounds and is said to have patched things up with Charles.

Zenouska has appeared on the Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour both in and this year and was photographed attending the extended Windsor family Christmas lunch in when Meghan Markle met the clan and Princess Michael of Kent chose to wear a racist Blackamoor brooch. Zenouska, popping up on Palace balconies and at various Royal events. Zenouska now pops up on the London social scene, has a positively lovely Instagram she likes posting from Royal Ascot and Trooping the Colour and is the Head of Marketing for jewellery brand Halcyon Days.