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The number of choices is massive when you consider a color gemstone engagement ring. Different engagement rings flatter different finger types. Find the most flattering ring for your unique finger shape and size, be it short, long, slender or wide.

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Wider bands tend to complement length. Long fingers can carry a bold style — but only if that suits you. Slender, narrow-width bands create the illusion of length.

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Cluster styles and round stones in larger settings flatter wider fingers. Choose a medium to thick band. Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs both minimize the width of the finger.

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Look at thicker, heavier bands — these draw attention to the ring instead of the middle of your finger. Small round, princess-cut, oval or heart-shaped stones work especially well. With larger hands, you can easily get away with bulky, chunky styles. Was this article helpful? Yes No.

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Thank You Your feedback helps us to improve your experience. Share the wisdom. Please edit the fields indicated below. When mixed with perspiration or other liquids, it results in the alarming black stain. If she is going swimming with her jewelry on, chlorine is another possible suspect.

To prevent the smudging, suggest she avoid cosmetics that contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and calamine. Also, tell her to try removing the rings while applying cosmetics and cleaning her fingers with soap and water in areas that will be in contact with her jewelry.

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Finally, if the problem persists, suggest she consider having the inside of the bands coated with rhodium to prevent such a reaction. Chimera Design. May 1, We get this question from time to time. It is an excellent summary of areas to investigate if your ring is causing a reaction: "Here is some helpful information: What do you do with a customer who claims their rings are turning their finger black?