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How can a manager motivate and mobilize such employees, create a feeling of belonging to their company, and ensure that each individual feels important and wants to get involved? This article presents the results of a study that sought to identify effective management practices and understand the determinants of effectiveness. Our analyses enabled us to identify five practices and to propose a model that explains effective leadership in the context of management of teleworkers.

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Ce plan devient une sorte de contrat tacite entre le dirigeant et son subalterne. Ce contrat tacite a plusieurs effets positifs. Eric Brunelle Ph. Eric Brunelle , Ph.

The Management Process

It is an attractive alternative, especially for the French national grid operator, RTE. Yet developing a load management market in France is at the center of a confrontation that has been going on for over six years.

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Load management wants to be treated and remunerated on an equal footing with energy production. The idea of equivalence between "negawatts" and megawatts has power producers up in arms, claiming unfair competition.

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To generate megawatts, they need to invest in power plants, whereas switching off a machine or radiator is all it takes to generate negawatts. The economic benefit of load management - apart from reduced CO2 emissions - is precisely what makes it advantageous for the community; say their operators, or "aggregators", who combine loads shed by consumers to sell them on the market.

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In the USA, where load management took off quickly, with revenue reaching 1. In spring , the producers won a round against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC and its "Order ", which had imposed equal remuneration for load management and production. The affair may come before the United States Supreme Court. Load management operators are the new barbarians of the energy world! Voltalis a pioneer of load management in France was co-founded in by Pierre Bivas, who has been involved in violent clashes with EDF since He also indirectly caused tempers to run high in the small world of electricity at the end of due to the draft order on demand response, derived from the "Brottes" law on energy.

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On December 9, the draft order created a general uproar when it came before the CSE Higher Energy Council , which includes enterprises in the sector, consumer representatives and members of the administration. The order plans to award an elevated premium — 30 Euros per megawatt hour — for load shedding implemented by low power consumers less than 36 kW, known as "distributed load shedding" , and for them only i. For once, the CSE rejected the draft order.

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The French Energy Regulatory Commission expressed an unfavorable opinion. The order was published in the official journal on January The premium has been halved, but since it is still limited to distributed load shedding there will be further clashes. The new electricity barbarians. Another load management veteran , Energy Pool, a subsidiary of Schneider, has built up the biggest peak shaving portfolio with power-intensive industrialists, valuable customers for power providers.

It is now exploring new markets such as systems adjustment and energy. Actility , a start-up originating from the telecoms sector, uses real-time management of storage processes refrigerated warehouses, water treatment plants to offer energy consumption increases and reductions on the market, unused energy trading which it practices in Belgium but not yet in France.

The laborious process set in motion by the "Loi Brottes", which, after epic struggles, resulted in a decree in July , and which the order was supposed to put an end to, may be back to square one. It quite simply cuts it, involving no delayed consumption.