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It is discussed amongst the group that The Pannion Seer is probably a Jaghut tyrant working with a living K'Chain Che'malle Matron, and that he is most likely a pawn of the Crippled God. Despite the ensuing earthquake, Kruppe is unharmed, proving to all he has the protection of an Elder God. Whiskeyjack and Dujek agree to remain focused on the Pannion Seer and allow the various ascendants to deal with the Crippled God. Upon meeting the Pannion forces outside of Capustan, Brood discovers that the outlawry proclamation was false in order to gain an alliance with Brood and the rest.

Anomander Rake says he knew about this already, but chose to ally with the Malazans because they were the only force interested in seeing peace brought to the Pannion lands. Rake uses his Eleint form to scare the Tenescowri into surrendering, and Anaster is taken hostage. They decide to split their forces and meet up at Coral, which appears to be where the final battle will be fought.

The Second Gathering of the T'lan Imass takes place. Silverfox seeks to give the undead warriors a new enemy to fight, but they instead ask to be released from the ritual. Silverfox accuses them of abandoning her, and refuses to release even the T'lan Ay. Quick Ben, aided by Talamandas, is given the protection of the Barghast gods to use his warrens without being affected by the Crippled God's poison. Paran thinks that legitimizing the House of Chains will bind the Crippled God into playing by the same rules as the rest of the pantheon.

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As they cross a sea festooned with icebergs they run across a female T'lan Imass named Lanas Tog , who is answering Silverfox's summons with news of two nations of T'lan Imass that have been all but wiped out during a war with humans. They plan to meet up in Maurik , but Dujek and Whiskeyjack divide their forces further, sending the Bridgeburners and half the army directly to Coral. Their plan is to disrupt any ambushes the Seer has in place for Brood's forces. This causes some tension when Brood finds out, Kallor throwing venomous accusations of falsehood from the beginning.

Along the way, tensions rise further when Korlat and the Great Ravens declare they are unable to reach Anomander Rake. Upon reaching Maurik, Whiskeyjack volunteers to move at a grueling pace in order to support Dujek's preemptive strike. Korlat, her brother Orfantal, and Kallor all accompany him. Before separating, the Grey Swords take Anaster from the custody of the Malazans, and the Shield Anvil, Velbara , takes his grief away from him, leaving him an empty shell.

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The Bridgeburners move at night by quorl directly to Coral. Paran makes Picker a lieutenant and puts her in charge of the Bridgeburners in the event of his absence. Twist approaches Paran, asking about the Barghast gods, and tells him that the Moranth and the Barghast divided after the Moranth made peace with their lifelong enemy, the Tiste Edur. Along the way, the Black Moranth find a dead Tiste Edur which appears to have been thrown directly into a deep-sea trench near Coral Bay called Ortnal's Cut.

Paran, using his new abilities as Master of the Deck, finds the Throne of Shadow, which warns him that the Tiste Edur have a mad emperor who seeks to kill Mother Dark. Paran tries to travel to Anomander Rake, but finds himself inside Dragnipur. He meets Draconus who explains that Dragnipur was originally a method for Dark to protect itself from Chaos. Paran can see a massive storm of chaotic magic in the distance advancing toward the wagon. Draconus says that Rake must send more souls to pull the wagon faster, but the sword must inevitably be broken.

Paran tries to find Rake, but passes out when he feels a crushing Oblivion. He awakens and tells Quick Ben that Rake is gone. Upon reaching Coral, the Bridgeburners destroy a whole company of Pannion troops. Dujek then arrives with 6, troops. A pitched battle is fought with the Malazans gaining the upper hand thanks to Quick Ben's magic, the Moranth munitions , and Paran's skills as the Master of the Deck.

The decision is made to enter the city and make for the central keep. The Bridgeburners are sent in first to blow the walls and to cripple the Seer's force of ensorcelled condors. When they enter, they find the keep filled with K'chain Che'malle K'ell Hunters. As Dujek's main force arrives, the keep blows, and Picker leads the Bridgeburners in distracting the K'ell Hunters. This proves to be a deadly choice, and many of the Bridgeburners die in the ensuing battle. Paran and Quick Ben position themselves on the roof of the keep.

Tool arrives and the Bridgeburners follow him inside the keep. The Bridgeburners suffer grievous losses, and only six leave the keep alive. They face a force of K'chain Che'malle. Silverfox suddenly appears with the T'lan Imass. Kallor - in league with the Crippled God - attacks Korlat and Artanthos, and makes an attempt to kill Silverfox. However, Whiskeyjack successfully stops Kallor's attack at the cost of his own life. Kallor is finally driven back by Artanthos who was really Tayschrenn in disguise.

The Malazan troops are staggered by the loss of their commander, and Korlat is in shock with grief. To Silverfox's horror, he tells them that he would embrace them and take their pain.

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As one, they all kneel, ignoring the battle. As a violent storm forms in the sky over Coral, Gruntle's company takes the form of a massive, Soletaken tiger, and joins the Grey Swords in a direct assault against the K'chain Che'malle. The Tiste Andii and Tayschrenn support them with sorcery. Brood arrives shortly afterward, and demands that Korlat call Anomander Rake. Korlat says that Rake is dead, and Brood raises Burn's hammer, ready to end everything to destroy the Seer. The unnamed warrior constructs a sarcophagus for her to be placed in.

The two Darus are baffled and afraid, especially when K'rul, an elder god known for his blood rites, enters the temple. K'rul tells Coll and Murillio that the Mhybe's dreams will become a new world, one where she will be young again. Toc the Younger, broken both physically and mentally, is still held by the Seer. He feels the spirit of Togg struggling to be free of his body. The Seerdomin who showed him kindness earlier places him outside the reach of the Matron, and gives him food and water. When the siege is in full effect, Toc watches the Seer create a Finnest using power drawn from the Matron, then leave.

The sounds of battle rage around him, and Tool enters the room. He picks Toc up, calling him Aral Fayle once again, and begins taking him from the compound. They are stopped by Mok, who challenges Tool. Toc watches the duel, and manages to stand up and kill himself by falling on a piece of rubble. Togg's howl is heard throughout the city. Tool is bested by the Seguleh Third, but Kilava saves him by magically subduing Mok. She stays killing him after Tool asks her not to.

Lanas Tog meets them and they go to meet Silverfox. Baaljagg arrives and Kilava sends her into the Warren of Tellann to meet her mate. While on the roof of the keep, Quick Ben senses Kurald Galain and flies himself and Paran onto a balcony facing the bay. They see the Seer with his Finnest and the Matron. The storm breaks up, revealing clear skies, but the ice on the bay explodes and Moon's Spawn erupts from the water.

Paran realizes Anomander Rake had hidden the floating mountain in Ortnal's Cut, and it descends onto Coral with a full unveiling of Kurald Galain. Moon's Spawn crashes into the keep, killing the Matron. Kilava enters, and tries to attack the Seer, but Quick Ben stops her, then tackles the Seer. He takes Paran and the Seer with him through a warren and Kilava follows. The keep is utterly destroyed by Moon's Spawn, which covers Coral in a gloom that will linger. Interpretation of the siege of Coral by Tsabo6.

In his spiritual embrace, Ikovian realizes that the T'lan Imass remember their past lives. The Ritual of Tellann has forced them to walk as unfeeling revenants for , years with those memories still intact. The heartbreak and loss threaten to overwhelm him, but Pran Chole tells him of a place where he can take the memories. Itkovian finds himself in a dreamworld, and Pran Chole tells him the memories will return life to the realm. The memories fall to the land like a hailstorm, and Itkovian asks to take away the grief, sorrow, and pain of the T'lan Imass.

They ask him why, but he doesn't have an answer, only talking of compassion freely given. When their pain settles on him, he dies. Inside the dreamworld, the Mhybe moves towards the cage of bones where she hears a beast's agonized howling. The memories of the T'lan Imass fall to the ground as a storm of ice, and Kruppe helps her to the cage and begs her to touch it.

As she touches it, Toc dies and Togg bursts into life. His triumphant howl is met by that of the T'lan Ay. The Mhybe passes out. Togg is joined by Fanderay and they run toward their thrones. Silverfox walks in the Tellann dreamworld and meets the Rhivi spirits. Her plans to use the dreamworld to return her mother to youth are all in ruins after Itkovian embraced the T'lan Imass. She is so bitter with the sense of failure that when the Rhivi spirits tell her she can still save her mother, she turns away in shame instead of talking to her.

So Enchanting , by Connie Brockway. RITA Award—winning Brockway excels in a Victorian-era tale of a scandal-plagued widow, a young woman with strange powers, and a suspect lord in this sexy and bewitching battle of wits and wiles. Soul Song , by Marjorie M. Steamed , by Katie MacAlister.

Captain Octavia Pye is surprised to find Dr. Jack Fletcher aboard her airship, and he is astonished to find himself in a parallel universe as the always-inventive MacAlister fashions a highly entertaining steampunk fantasy romance.

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Straight from the Hip , by Susan Mallery. Tempting , by Susan Mallery. Mallery continues her popular Buchanan family series with the story of feisty Dani, whose search for her father leads her to presidential candidate Mark Canfield, much to the glee of a rapacious media thrilled with the discovery of a secret love child.

This Heart of Mine , by Brenda Novak. In this second-chance contemporary romance, Novak sensitively explores redemption, forgiveness, and the healing power of love. Carlyle is at her luscious best in this dark, sensual, and richly emotional Regency romance about two complex individuals who are given another chance at love.

Clair, who thinks Thorn could use some serious sprucing up, too. Through Waters Deep , by Sarah Sundin. Adams and Cathy Clamp. This popular duo launches a new paranormal series with an imaginative, sexy, and suspenseful tale featuring tough Kate, a world-traveling courier in danger of being forced into becoming a vampire queen, and Tom, a heroic werewolf firefighter. Trouble in High Heels , by Christina Dodd. The Ugly Duchess , by Eloisa James. James expertly infuses her latest fairy-tale love story with humor and sensuality as wealthy Theodora Saxby, certain that with her looks only a fortune hunter will marry her, is forced to reconsider her best friend, the Earl of Islay.

An Unlikely Suitor , by Nancy Moser. Virgin River , by Robyn Carr. Carr launches a new, edgy contemporary series set in rural California, focusing here on Melinda, a nurse and midwife seeking peace and quiet and finding that while there is much to embrace in Virgin River, life is as precarious as anywhere else.

A Wedding in Springtime , by Amanda Forester. What a Duke Dares , by Anna Campbell. Campbell continues her Sons of Sin series in this lusciously sensual, scintillatingly witty Regency romance about a fraught encounter between highly desirable Camden Rothermere, Marquess of Pembridge, and Penelope Thorne, the woman who turned him down years ago. When the Duke Returns , by Eloisa James. Eleven years after their wedding by proxy, Lady Isidore finally meets her husband as James puts a clever spin on a classic romantic plot in the latest scintillating installment in her superb Georgian-era Desperate Duchesses series.

The Wicked Wyckerly , by Patricia Rice. Wild Jinx , by Sandra Hill. This list is incomplete. I just wanted to say thank you so much for including Everything But a Groom on the list!! And did I compeletly miss Nora Roberts. And did I compeletly miss Nora Roberts? Some new authors to check out… but a list like this seems incomplete without Kristan Higgins! No Nora Roberts or Debbie Macomber? Who picked these books? This List is bogus. No credibility.

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There must be a lot of books she has never read so understandably she has missed the best. Usually when I read a list like this I buy a book or two but she gets no bucks from her recommendations. Nalini Singh? Kresley Cole? Kristan Higgins?

Molly Harper? Julia Quinn? Jeaniene Frost? Rachel Gibson? Karen Rose? Sonali Dev? All who have published many books including many of my favorites in the last decade not to mention last year! Great list, several of my favorites are there and some Ive not yet read, thanks for putting this together! I am looking for the title and author of a certain book. I only remember the summary about a sculptor who is the male character who fell in love with an american teacher. Please assist anyone.

Hi Great Listing of Books. I have personally read accidental bride, which is cult classic.

Planning to read more. Name required. Email required; will not be published. WordPress Theme by Solostream. An Affair Downstairs , by Sherri Browning In the exceptional second novel in her Edwardian Thornbrook Park series, Browning focuses on Lady Alice Emerson, who is determined to turn away all proper suitors and pursue a potentially scandalous dalliance.

Agnes and the Hitman , by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Food writer Agnes Crandall could use some help after bashing a would-be dognapper over the head with a frying pan, and Shane just may be her man in this southern-flavored, Mob-oriented romantic comedy. The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty , by Donna Kauffman A member of the rescue operation Unholy Trinity in Virginia, Rafe is drawn to enigmatic Elena, the new horse trainer in this terrifically suspenseful tale about the secrets of horseracing and romance. Cloudy with a Chance of Marriage , by Kieran Kramer How can Jilly run a respectable bookshop if her neighbor, a Royal Navy captain, keeps throwing wild parties?

Cowboy Take Me Away , by Jane Graves Graves launches a new series with this charming, emotionally rich novel about the return to Rainbow Valley, Texas, of champion bull rider Luke Dawson and Shannon North, who left her big-city career to run a no-kill animal shelter. Dearest Rogue , by Elizabeth Hoyt Lady Phoebe Batten understands why her brother hired Captain James Trevillion to be her bodyguard, but his monitoring of her every move is infuriating.

Dogs and Goddesses , by Jennifer Crusie and others Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, and Lani Diane Rich collaborate in a splendidly original and sublimely funny tale of three friends and dog lovers who acquire unusual powers and confront a very cranky, 4,year-old Mesopotamian goddess. Forever and a Day , by Delilah Marvelle In the first title in her new Rumor series, an incisive tale of social divides set in lower-class New York City, circa , Marvelle brings together down-to-earth Georgia and a Good Samaritan afflicted with amnesia who turns out to be a duke. Hell for Leather , by Julie Ann Walker Walker supercharges her Black Knights series about a Chicago special-ops group working undercover as bikers with this high-action, hilarious, sexy military romance about imperiled bar owner Delilah and Black Knight Mac.

Heroes Are My Weakness , by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Romance superstar Phillips creates a tartly humorous and very sexy variation on the gothic novel, in which quirky Annie Hewitt returns to Peregrin Island to search for her desperately needed inheritance, only to run into Theo Harp, who once tried to kill her.

How to Marry a Duke , by Vicky Dreiling An enchanting Regency romance debut involving a rake and a matchmaker, a tricky dilemma, and witty repartee. The Lord of Illusion , by Kathryne Kennedy In her superb third fantasy-steeped romantic-suspense novel in the Elven Lords series, Kennedy follows outcast Drystan as he searches for the rainbow-eyed girl of his visions and finds enslaved Camille. Never Romance a Rake , by Liz Carlyle Carlyle brings her Neville family trilogy to a splendid conclusion with the captivating story of a tormented rake and a delightfully unconventional heroine in this luscious and funny historical romance.

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