High-Energy Dogs

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Your dog requires a higher-than-average level of exercise and mental stimulation. If your dog is driving you crazy, look on the bright side: you have a very smart and motivated critter who is just begging to do something awesome with you. This little red beehive is one of the best things that has ever happened to the Dog.

Small Size Doesn’t Mean Low Energy

You know how some people are like, Apple fanboys? One of the easiest ways to give Sparky a job is to have her work for her dinner. Not every dog will get it right away. Start with something real easy: some loose hot dog bits in a Kong.

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Increase the difficulty as Sparky gets more proficient. As always, set your dog up for success.

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You already know that high energy dogs need a lot of exercise. Being set loose in the backyard does not count — walks or runs at least a few days a week are a must. You can also play tug-of-war, fetch, or dog-toy-on-a-string. After a workout, high drive dogs are often jazzed up and ready for more.

They need a calm, focused task to settle down, or else they can get destructive. This is a good time for obedience training, grooming, or puzzle toys. A good morning routine goes like this: brisk thirty minute walk, five minute trick training session, pets and praise, and finally, when you leave for work, breakfast served in smart toys.

With the right morning routine, most dogs will be happy to snooze the afternoon away.

15 Most Active Dog Breeds

Mental exercise. Enroll in a training class or teach your dog some tricks at home. Any time you teach your dog something new, and work with her on a regular basis, you are fulfilling her need to work. The dog who terrorizes your cats can be put to work with something predatory, like lure coursing or Frisbee. The world of dog sports and hobbies is always expanding.

There are certainly some specific training exercises you can use to calm a hyper crazy psycho dog, but the most important part of the process is always to provide the right employment. Yeah, it definitely takes a committed owner to do this stuff. By bringing a dog into your life, you are agreeing to provide everything they need to be happy and healthy. Not just food and water and walks and vet visits, but something to DO.

Give Your Dog a Job

Or turn your beloved fetch sessions up to 11 with this badass Kannon Ball Launcher for even more retrieving reverie. As your dog plays and problem-solves, tasty treat tidbits fall out and encourage further exploration. Equally aesthetically pleasing and doggie mind teasing, this mentally grueling gift will keep your dog busy all day. This starter mat comes with three brain-teasing activities and, once your dog masters those, you can incorporate additional puzzles to keep their brain sharp.

Like a Masters class for your dog, the Dog Tornado may seem too tough at first but, with a little practice, your dog will be cracking this cipher faster than that dude from The Da Vinci Code. Give your arm a rest with this bouncing squirrel tail that vibrates and jumps, keeping your pup entertained while you kick back and relax.

12 Solutions For Curbing The Craziness Of Your High Energy Dog - BarkPost

Like any athlete, dogs with lots of energy need to remember to stay hydrated! Make sure your dog always has plenty of cool, clean water available with this colorful water dispenser! Available in various colors and models. After a long day of playing and puzzling, your dog is probably hopefully! I also find that belly rubs are an excellent solution to getting your dog to sit still and relax — for a little while, anyway. Want more poop like this?