Guide des longs séjours (French Edition)

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The visa allows you to enter the country and stay on a short-term basis as a tourist or whatnot while the titre de sejour or resident permit allows you to stay as a resident on a longer-term usually considered as one year or more. Based on the new law, you cannot get the internship visa then convert it to the job hunting titre de sejour because you would need to have a valid student resident permit to do that. Since you would have a French diploma, you would have to go back to your home country afer the internship and apply for hte job hunting VISA from the French consulate there.

How long i can stay out of france on APS? Like, i know i am not allowed to live more than three consecutive months out of france. My question is that is there any total limit of time define for staying out of france? I have APS I have already been to my home country, for time being i have plan to visit for more two months so will it be fine? If you live more than 6 months outside of France, you could lose the APS as you technically lose residency in the country this is technically for tax purposes.

Hello, I have completed my masters in France but I could not pass it. But still, I have a masters degree from my country and I would like to stay and work in France.


Is it possible? Now I got a better offer from a reputed company in France. But they are not likely to sponsor for visa. If I have aps, they can hire me. So, my question is can I apply for APS from UK as the new rules states that one can get aps within 4 years from their graduation date? Hello I was issued a student visa last year, I am an athelete in fencing sport, so I took the visa for training. Now my visa is going to get expired in September. Can you please guide me how can I get my visa extended here in France and the documents required. As you said, if you wish to renew your student visa, you would need to enroll in a university.

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I do not know what you plan to study aside from fencing so only you can look into that. I am an exchange student who studied first semester in France Sep to Dec and second semester from Jan in Italy. I still live in Italy but I am about to graduate in October from the French business school.

Thanks for your understanding. In order to apply for the new titre de sejour after graduation, you would need to have a student titre de sejour.

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Hello Andre! Thank you for the information.

Carte de Séjour Guide for American Spouses - Am I French Yet?

It is really helpful. Can I accept this CDD without changing my status? If the job is less than 1. My question is this: is it possible to stay in France for 90 days as a tourist after the APS expires? This is one of those things that is a bit complicated.

I have heard of stories and some of my friends have done this where this has been done and since you are implying that you can enter France — and the Schengen area — visa free for 90 days so technically it is doable. However, since you would be going from an APS to a visa-free tourist stay, there would be no proof of that. Thus, there is a possibility that you might get questioned upon exiting the country and it could have implications on future visits or stays in the Schengen area , but it seems that the French border police tend to be more lenient towards visa-free nationals such as Americans, Canadidans, etc.

Visa nationals Africans, most Asians, etc. I heard that nowadays, in four years after graduation we can still apply for APS, is it true?

Good news!

Thank you in advance for your reply! Please be advised that this page is already a bit outdated as the APS is already defunct.

Long-stay visa (for degree students)

I have really struggled to find a job in my field mostly due to my French abilities or lack there of and have been teaching English part-time on a CDII Indeterminee contract. I do not meet the minimum salary requirements to get a working visa. Once my APS expires, can I apply for an extension? If not, are there other options? What can I do? I really want to stay in France and ideally work with the hopes of getting a full time job.

Please help. Aside from a few countries which have bilateral agreements to extend the APS for its citizens e. Indians , the APS cannot be extended and I do not think that the new job hunting titre de sejour is either. You would have to meet the minimum salary and other requirements to change status from APS to a work permit. Also, since the APS that I am on is no longer in place, could I transfer onto the new titre de sejour job hunting program?

I am a master student in Lille. Hence, my student visa will be expired in August That way suits my siuation to complete internship, June — November. And yes, it will be the same documents. Hello, thanks for the information provided here. I am preparing my documentation to make my submission and I will like to know if it is required as nobody seems to mention it as a required document. Thanks for your anticipated feedback. It is written in the post that I can work full time when I find a job related to my diploma, and it pays 1.

Where can I find this information officially? Does this has to do something with my APS? I sent all the documents to the prefecture since they only take it by mail. However, I want to know if it is okay to keep on waiting. Do you know if there is a way to track the process? Can I make a call? The thing about the job related to your diploma and 1. The APS is no longer issued, and you can apply for the job hunting resident permit.

Based on the text, it is per calendar year but I have not found any additional text on this. I will have to double check. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Check with your school to make sure that your diploma is recognized. So double check. Note that your circumstances could be different from mine.

Keep yourself updated with all the rules as these could change faster than the time you finish your bottle of wine. I might be lucky because we all know that this process could take forever. Depending on the workload of the OFII in your area, this could take as long as one year. You just have to print this and keep it with you at all times. Thereafter, all the remaining steps shall remain the same. I lived in Avignon until I was 25 years young.

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  5. But like every sincere love story, there is a moment when you have to separate. I went to live in Barcelona for 10 years and 3 years in India. During this long period, I learned more about my job and got to know my passion.

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    I started to get training in tourism by passing a license of sustainable tourism. After graduation, I started looking for a job. I was recruited by a tour agency in Barcelona which made me become a professional tour guide. This job fascinated me. The first is the story.


    How not to be interested in history when you grew up at the roots of the largest Gothic palace in the world. I have always loved the history. This subject was that I had the best grade in the baccalaureate. The second reason is the contact with the customer. When we are a guide, we have direct contact with the client and we must do our utmost to convey our passion for the city that we show. I was a tour guide in Barcelona for 2 years.