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Rommath 3. Mordent All together: a small kingdom 1. Blood Elves one large city 2. Nightborne an almost unbelievably distant third as a small portion of the tattered remnants of those in Eldre'thelas 3.


Shen'drelar Individual power-wise, I think that it might possibly be a tie between Nightborne and blood elves due to their magisters having access to the Sunwell, while it seems the Nightborne don't have as much to the Nightwell, with only the higher-ups having unrestricted use of it. So more blood elf magi having more access to the Sunwell would balance out the Nightborne's advantage of their living and being able to continue their individual studies and research for 10, years up to this point. And Shen'drelar again come in dead last, since they didn't expand, and in fact steadily decreased in numbers, and they likely didn't make many advancements as they focused on keeping Immol'thar locked up, and Tor'theldrin was mana-tapping his fellows.

You see that in Azshara too, with a blood elf mage laughing at the night elven magi who were using primitive arcane constructs not the golems, more like elementals that had been outlawed in Quel'thalas for thousands of years due to their obsolescence and being dangerous as it was child's play for someone to take control of them from you. Even if those night elven magi were apprentices, their teachers still taught them those methods, so they obviously hadn't advanced beyond them yet as Quel'thalas had.

I'm sure Mordent is an okay mage, but he and his magi are using the pony express while the Nightborne and Blood Elves are on iPhones. Last edited by TheLoadbearer; at AM.

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Check out my DeviantArt if you like my avi, where I'll be posting all my other art as I make it. From what I remember, the highborne were not able to practice magic in secret. This sealed their fate. Also I think people are grossly underestimating the Shen'dralar highborne because DIre Maul is not all fancy and thy don't see it like they see Suramar.

Furthermore, i think its because of the Azshara quests in Cataclysm which people wrongly assume you were fighting the shend'ralar highborne and out foxing them so easily. Blizzard did confirm it was novices only a few weeks into training that were beaten, the event shows the remarkably fast progress the night elf casters made in such a short time, a testament to the training of the highborne.

I think these factors coupled with very little of the actual highborne shown in action make people assume the blood elves are far more competent than the highborne. I also think that people grossly underestimate the kaldorei empire becuase they view it like they view our world, because its ancient they must have been pretty outdated by modern stuff, because in our world, we're at the cutting edge of human knowledge. And far more advanced than ancient empires, so they assume the kaldorei empire is outdated.

This is not what the lore says, the lore puts the kaldorei empire as the golden age of magic, reaching heights no one has since reached, and Suramar shows you what this looked like at its height, it is well beyond anything today, and the Highborne comment on it when you poke them in Darnassus. For the night elf arcane users that lived before the sundering, the world is in a fallen state, with so much lost - it's a post apocalyptic world for them.

And if you think about it, you had a powerful well source, and you had millions of people, united adding all sorts of depth and progress in all sorts of fields.. THe level and extent is insane, a broken world like what happened doesn't compare, especailly with the night elves suppressing magic like they did.

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The high elves that got away, vowed to build something greater, but they haven't yet, what they built is the closest thing to the former empire, but as you can see in Suramar, it isn't there yet, and its much smaller, occupying a tiny portion of land with far fewer people in it, no way it's going to rival a globe spanning empire - that was at peace and very much in control. They had wars to fight with trolls, humans occupying a lot of land, and they like all the other night elven groups stuck to themselves pretty much although unlike the night elven groups, were not officially in isolation.

It is not a clear winner for nightborne, because the extent of mastery and expertise of the highborne isn't known. They haven't got the expose that the nightborne of Suramar have had. ANd they've been largely ignored again in the expansion they should have been at the forefront and the ones greeting the nightborne who afterall are the Kaldorei empire culture , which is the highborne culture, not the current Kaldorei culture.

But we witness a level of magic, never seen before, outclassing every magical society so far shown in warcraft when we enter Suramar. This is intentional, the whole point of Suramar was to show you night elf arcane civilization in a pristine state. The devs said this themselves in Gamescom , and the nightborne are basically kaldorei empire night elves who continued improving and developing magic for 10k years without falling to ruin.

And this is the only difference between then and the highborne, sometime in the future, Eldre'thalas falls to ruin, but we do know the shen'dralar had kept on researching and studying because when we meet them in Dire Maul they are still studying and researching and have catalogued everything that has been going on in Azeroth. Last edited by Mace; at AM. The WotA trilogy debunks the whole bit with the highborne back then being way more powerful than anything today. Rhonin goes back in time and has no problem managing without access to the Well of Eternity, while nobody else could do anything without it.

And when Rhonin did have access, it was like he was thrown into super saiyan mode or something. He was revered by the night elves for his power, and I imagine if it were a straight fight with no Well of Eternity, the only Night Elf at the time who could beat him 1 on 1 in a fair fight of magic would probably be Azshara.

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At the time, yes, the highborne were unrivaled in terms of arcane. But by today's standards, they were far too accustomed to having access to a major power source to do anything without it, because they were drawing from it to use their magic at all times. And no, Dath'remar's highborne didn't have to start again, there's no evidence of that. Maybe they had to write stuff down again after some libraries were likely destroyed by the Legion, but they already had the expertise.

And with magic, it can't have been too difficult to write new spellbooks.

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And they didn't lose their immortality until around when they landed in Tirisfal, so they lived hundreds or thousands of years after that point and had plenty of time to do so comfortably in Quel'thalas while the Amani were scared away by their runestones set to keep their magic from setting off any red flags to the Legion who might be tuning into Azeroth's magic. I think you're overestimating the Shen'drelar, and pulling expertise and power out of thin air where it didn't exist, at least when saying the Shen'drelar are far beyond the blood elves. If they were advanced by today's standards, they wouldn't have taught their pupils such an obsolete practice with those arcane constructs.

Originally Posted by TheLoadbearer. From the Insurrection arc in Suramar my general take-away was that the while the Nightborne were powerful magic-users probably on average more powerful that the Highborne, given their regular consumption of a Well of Eternity analog they weren't as technically skilled as the Highborne or the Blood Elves.

The Highborne and Blood Elves were more versatile than the Nightborne, their knowledge more expansive as well as a product of having a greater scope of experiences and knowledge. The Nightborne have stagnated due to their isolation and seclusion under the Suramar shield - so while they might wield excessive power, their fundamental grasp of magical principles and sciences is outmoded and archaic in comparison.

Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They're all blood, you see. Originally Posted by Aucald.

Forgive me for my english, it's not my language.

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The elven races known as kaldorei, shal'dorei and sin'dorei have some similarities in their civilizations, but there still some differences. The magical development of these races since the fall of the ancient elven empire: 1. The unbroken line of magical knowledge and development: When it comes to this knowledge and development as a civilization, we can't forget that none of these elven races has a truly "unbroken line" of arcane knowledge and development because of some facts that affected them: The kaldorei that belongs to the quel'dorei caste commonly known as Shen'dralar possess an unbroken line of magical knowledge, since they were able to maintain their society alive, they were able to maintain their knowledge, but the greatest problem that affected their development was that their society was unstable, not only because of the problem to maintain Immol'thar imprisoned, but also that as their immortality was kept only within the walls of Eldre'Thalas, none of them desired to abandon their immortal lives, resulting in an society isolated from the rest of the world.

An important point here is that although they were isolated, this wasn't a true isolation, they still had knowledge that the world was thriving and were even able to maintain some information about what was happening in the world, but this doesn't allowed them to develop their arcane magic in the same capability as the other elven races. The shal'dorei possess unbroken line of magical knowledge since they were able to maintain their city untouched by the catastrophes brought by the destruction of the Well of Eternity, and even with the stability of their society, they were isolated. This isolation kept them separated from the rest of the world.

As they maintained their knowledge, they were able to develop it, and although trainings would grant them advancements, they didn't face a worthy enemy during thousand years. The sin'dorei in other hands can be complicated to explain, but it's not difficult to understand that they are, as much as the shal'dorei, a race that thrived.

When it comes to unbroken line of magical knowledge, people see the founders of Quel'Thalas as a group that suffered amnesia and lost the knowledge that they possessed inside of their minds, but if this was the case, then, they would never built an entire kingdom so rapidly. The founders of Quel'Thalas were a group of members of the quel'dorei caste that lived at the palace in Zin-Azshari that abandoned their homes and lived for a time with the new society founded by the leaders of the resistance. The book "Chronicles, Vol. Here is when people think that they suffered from amnesia and lost the knowledge at their minds.

Not even a single generation passed during these 2, without practicing arcane magic, they were blessed by the immortality of Nordrassil. They were the same people that abandoned Zin-Azshari.

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When they were exiled, they traveled the world and searched for a place to call home. This place came to be the northern lands of the continent named as Eastern Kingdoms in the actual era, but there is a great point here, these lands were under the control of the Amani Empire that regained their powers after the fall of the ancient elven empire. That is why the runestones are at the borders of Eversong, this is the original borders of Quel'Thalas before the fall of the Amani Empire at the event known as Troll Wars, since when the trolls were defeated, Quel'Thalas took the lands that are now known as Ghostlands.

They were only a group of elves and conquered a small portion of lands from the Amani Empire Chronicles, Vol. The founders of Quel'Thalas have an unbroken line of arcane knowledge and development as well, but the difference is that they lost their city and with that, their vast libraries. If the founders of Quel'Thalas would lack of a considerable knowledge at arcane magic, then, the elven kingdom would never been built to be a reflection of the glorious elven empire that was lost after the destruction of the Well of Eternity.

Quel'Thalas, unlike any other elven civilization, is the most similar to the ancient elven empire. Not only because that they possessed a Well of Eternity named as the Sunwell, but also because they possessed the same diversity that the ancient elven empire possessed. Their founts of arcane power: When it comes to this, we have only two civilization of elves that has a fount of considerable arcane power, but people are putting too much confidence at superficial analyzes and accepting everything without questioning.

For example, in the Legion's expansion we discovered another fount of arcane power known as the Nightwell and many people assumed that it even rivaled the Well of Eternity. But the truth is, the Nightwell can't rival the Well of Eternity and it's not even powerful as the Sunwell. Why people say that the Nightwell can rival the Well of Eternity?

An elixir to rival even the Well of Eternity. Why it can "rival" the Well of Eternity?

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The Well of Eternity slowly increased the longevity of the kaldorei, but the Arcwine was able to transform the shal'dorei in true immortals. It rivals at only one aspect, but nothing in raw arcane power. See another example that we can use: the Well of Eternity increased the longevity of the kaldorei, but Nozdormu was able to bless the kaldorei with immortality.

Can someone claim that Nozdormu possess the power to rival the Well of Eternity? But here is when the things fits, the Nightwell is made by a pillar that possesses a fraction of the power of Aman'Thul. Aman'Thul is the one that gifted to Nozdormu mastery over time. But there is something more that can be used to analyze the Nightwell in comparison to the Well of Eternity and the Sunwell. Instead, they are borrowing power from the ley lines. And after this, she gives her citation that the Nightwell is overloaded. Elisande must truly be desperate to overload the Nightwell like this!

If the Nightwell is overloaded, then it has limits, and such limits the Well of Eternity and not even the Sunwell had never showed. Now, let us cite a crucial point that some people forgot about the original Well of Eternity: During the entire ancient elven empire, the elves hadn't ever used the true powers of the Well of Eternity. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! I get my most wanted eBook. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook.

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