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You can decide whether registration is compulsory for your blog. Movable Type supports a number of registration systems. The native registration allows users to log in directly to the Web site, while external systems such as OpenID, LiveJournal, Vox, and TypeKey redirect users to external Web sites before they log in. Six Apart's own TypeKey registration method helps administrators keep track of registered users and at the same time, ensures commenting users against identity theft.

After you enable this option, users will be redirected to the TypeKey Web site every time they register or log in to your site. Registration itself doesn't prevent spam, but it helps you find the source of spam and decide a course of action.

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The text editor is the centerpiece of the publishing software, because it's the feature you'll use daily to publish your work. Movable Type comes with a default text editor that does a pretty good job of publishing your material, but if you would like to use something more elaborate, install the FCKeditor plugin. You can use it to format your text any way you want, insert images or Flash files, insert links, and edit the source of your page. To install FCKeditor, download the tar.

After the upload completes, edit your mt-config. Using the Movable Type back end, you can change your blog's configuration to fit your needs. For example, you can allow people to post anonymous comments, or you can make them submit their email address instead. MTOS 4. You can also set up your options for TrackBack, which is useful for communicating with other blogs and attracting more visitors to your site.


You can use this stored information later to send mass notifications to your Address Book contacts via the Share link in the editing window, to help them find out what's new on your site. The visual environment of Movable Type is structured on three pillars: templates, styles themes , and widget sets. Movable Type's template system is a complex entity designed to serve many tasks.


Templates, with the help of template tags, control what happens to the published pages and archives, and how and where widgets go. Users can edit and change templates, and they can install new ones easily with the new Template Installer plugin. To use the plugin, download and extract the. Movable Type uses the preinstalled StyleCatcher plugin to change styles.

A style is simply Movable Type's name for themes. Styles change the overall appearance of your site, such as the position of your site's columns, header images, and background color. In the blog's Style menu you can add a repository link and the StyleCatcher plugin will automatically download styles that you can install with a single click.

Widgets are sidebar modules you can use to add functionality to your site. There are widget that display the blog's activity, recent comments, or sets of links. Other widgets can be used by visitors for tasks such as searching, logging in, or voting in polls. Choosing what widgets to use is easy. In your blog's back end, choose the Design tab and select the Widget Sets option. You will be presented with preset widget sets that are editable, but you can also create your own.

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Two columns show up when you're editing or creating a template set. The widgets in use on your site appear on the left, and the widgets installed on your system are on the right. You can drag and drop widgets from one column to another to add or remove them. You need to publish your site after you complete this task to see the effects. Movable Type uses template tags like the one in the example above to assign certain characteristics to your templates and make your blog behave in a certain way. For one thing I am all for a competitive landscape, especially when it comes from two open source platforms.

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Everybody benefits from it, and the users above all. I just think that the article that you posted went a bit over the edge.

If you had just highlighted the features of MT along with its qualities, I would probably have read the whole thing. As soon as you started by suggesting that WP users should switch to MT instead of upgrading, though, you made me a bit upset and lost my interest altogether. Oh, and wordpress. Perhaps it would have worked better as a video rather than a blog post? Before I started this blog, I evaluated the pros and cons of both products they were the leaders in the current market as far as I knew.

For me, WordPress won hands down but MovableType was not without its merits. The way MT targeted the WordPress upgrades to gain market share, though, is just totally uncalled for… I have a feeling they are scared because they are fighting a losing battle. I am using WP on my blog as it is an open source software and I have the full freedom to do anything it.

While doing or apply any new changes I will not worry if I am going to exploit any licensing issue. Beside that, I also think WP provides me the number of plugins and themes, which no other software does. It is because of the strong community.

Movable Type: How to Create Categories in Movable Type

That someone from MT has to resort to a low blow tells tales about what is happening to that platform. After evangelizing the noble cause of the freedom of communication by the masses and the seminal social change inherent in blogging, Six Apart seems stuck in the middle of nowhere. Having being a devout fan of MT in in the 3.

Whatever you say, the availability of plugins is the single most attractive feature of WP. Expression Engine and Django are fantastically coded tools, and both also have a neat community, but the sheer plethora of extensions to WP is fabulous. By contrast, some of the most basic functionality in the MT camp is now offered by plugins such as those from MT-Hacks. No, thank you. If switching form 2. If you really want to make money, forget the pennies and trying different things.

No lie. I think you are doing great and would you teach me a thing or two about blogging? Iaaoemails gmail. Love your site! Always reading your content.

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  • Our development team is hard at work on even more unique features for MT, like the Design Assistant and Action Streams and other new features. Yes, people will recognize by themselves a good product. That is the point to be focused on. But by the way, I am blogging on blogspot.

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    I enjoy the community behind WordPress. No description, website, or topics provided. Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. Please make sure that your server allows to: use. Installing Smartphone Theme Download the latest version from this repository.