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One thing that people often don't realize is that drama is a literary form very different from prose fiction --obviously, you can just sit down and read it and more people did in the 18th and 19th centuries, when they often didn't have as much access to fiction , but that's not the way it's meant to be experienced. It's intended to be performed; it's a very visual and oral kind of medium, in which seeing and hearing the actors is very much a part of the story, and often essential to interpreting it.

Since then, I've had the chance to watch several Shakespeare plays, live or taped, and I got more out of that than from reading the texts. And when we home-schooled our own girls, I didn't assign the text of Macbeth as reading --but I did assign a quality production of it on VHS as something to watch. Nov 19, AM. Beth I think you'd get more out of Animal Farm if you read it now.

I think if I'd read it as a child I would have got a more emotional, personal kind of response, but the politics etc. Jim, Werner, I agree, although even watching a movie version you can need help. We did Macbeth in grade 10 and didn't get it, and we watched a movie version and our teacher had to constantly stop it to explain what was happening.

We didn't have good resources - but there are some great editions out, not to mention the "Hamlet for Kids" series put together by a Stratford elementary school teacher - she wrote the plays into lovely prose with fairly minimal Shakespearian language, and her kids did the illustrations and letters between the characters - they're so wonderful!

And really, these are 8 and 9 year olds: if they get it why couldn't I? It really does come down to how you're taught, your resources, that kind of thing. It was an updated version, as I recall. It's been a number of years 20? While they kept a lot of the dialog, they updated many of the terms that were hard to understand. Jim, I never saw that version of Hamlet , but I think we have it at the library where I work.

Of course, if the original is written in a foreign language, you can't get out of translation unless you learn the original; but Elizabethan English isn't quite to that point, though Old English is. Shannon, I've never seen A Comedy of Errors performed; but I went to a live college production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in my senior year, and that play's a scream when it's performed! That was a looooong four hours!! And I'm pretty sure he kept strictly to the original script and language, because it was unintelligble most of the time.

Makes me feel like a real idiot, that I can't always understand it. Werner, I always really like Baz's version of Romeo and Juliet - he kept the language, which made it really interesting. I know there are some that have been modernised for teens, like 10 Things I Hate About You , and they're not bad.

I find the language of the plays often too obtuse for me, that it detracts from the enjoyment of the story. The comedies are easier I think.

The Saga Of Stanley — The Malibu Giraffe Caught In An Actual And Online Inferno

Every year they do "Shakespear in the Gardens" at the Royal Hobart Botanical Gardens, which is where I saw A Midsummer Night's Dream - it was wonderful, sitting on the lawn with a picnic and watching this really funny play being performed amongst the trees. Perfect setting for it! Nov 20, PM. Shannon, 10 Things I Hate About You is a great movie, and I can think of some other good ones that take ideas from Shakespeare and other classical writers and work them out in a modern setting.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say! I don't have a problem with that --only with changing the setting, language, etc. When people do that to Shakespeare, I think if he wasn't dead, he'd sue! Who knows --our oldest daughter and her husband live in Australia, so maybe sometime when we're visiting Down Under, I'll get to attend it. Still, I personally think Brannagh's 4 hour Hamlet is pure genius. I think it was Billy Crystal who said, seriously, that they all had the feeling that Brannagh has a direct line to the Heavens--to good old Shakespeare himself--when making a film adaption of a Shakespere play Nov 21, AM.

Henrik, you could be right, I'm no judge - I enjoyed it but I didn't always understand it, and it was extremely dramatic! I like Rufus Sewell though ; there, I've just reduced a masterpiece to a bit of eye-candy! Shame on me! Werner, you definitly should if you can! I think some other cities have similar events but the one in Hobart is great.

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Mar 31, PM. Damn I wish my history teacher was like you! This book should have been covered but we didn't even cover the russian revolution! Or anything remotely related. Eighth grade and we are still being treated like dolts! Anyway, old major could be linked to Lenin? I knew old major was Marx that much is almost painfully obvious. Liked your thoughts on the book!

Apr 01, AM. You're the first person I've heard link Old Major to Marx. Since Marx, as you know, wasn't part of the Russian Revolution, it's not really accurate. Marx certainly would have inspired Lenin etc. There's actually a very good Wikipedia entry, if you search for "animal farm", that shows what each character represents.

That's the great thing about books and documentaries - they can really help fill in the gaps in our education can't they! Though I've often found that many books benefit from having guided discussion and some enlightenment :. Jan 07, PM. That is quite the review Nice choise of words though.

I will probably have to read this book for an assignment. Mar 19, PM. I personally feel this book shouldnt be read in schools. For heavens sake this isnt a fairy tale! How do you expect a young kid to understand the implications hidden throughout?

The Giraffes of the Desert – a children’s story

Well, Fahrenheit is a pretty simple read, so by that logic should it be taught in schools? This is a masterpiece. Its not his literature talent which Orwell wanted to put forward but his thought. You might agree or disagree with his thinking but that shouldnt take away from the fact that this is an putstanding novel which to a large extent is perfectly relevant even to this very day!

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George Orwell was a visionary and to downgrade this piece of art as something as trivial as a fairy tale not that fairy tale isnt art is perhaps not doing justice towards Orwell. The controversy surrounding the book documented in some of the editions speak volumes about oppressive attitudes of people in high places not just in the USSR but in the West as well. This is quite an eye opener of a book which everyone deserves to read.

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To present it as fairy tale to children in schools is a complete waste of an amazing visionary's heartfelt work. Apr 07, AM. I enjoy your review. I think that while the literal interpretation you offer is sound, I also think that the wider context the unfortunate true story of how most people desire power so they can oppress others is also important. Jun 11, AM. We thought the same sort of thing about the book, but your review is much, much better than mine.

I enjoyed reading the extra information you gave. Jan 09, PM. I m not a very intellectual guy, but after read the book and the reviews and wikipedia,i can tell this apply to the mexican people, someone with a deep knowledge in history from the mx revolution could even match the characters with some historical mx characters.

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Jan 14, PM. Is the book anything like the movie? Isabella wrote: "Is the book anything like the movie? Feb 04, AM. Thanks Shannon for sharing. I actually have to reaf it for my assignment in grade So you helps me a lot to undrestand the book much more. Anyway I like Boxer!!! Hard working : I hope I get A for my political speach at school!!! Apr 25, PM.

Thank you for this review. I've been reading this for the last few days, finished it today, and I was thinking about it because today in my country is the day when we celebrate our own revolution, our right to freedom and so on. And I was thinking about that, and I'm not at all into politics, but then it came to me this book was all about the communism ideology.

So I'm really glad to see I was right and to actually know it was about the Russian Revolution. Apr 26, AM. Knowing nothing about China's political system,how dare you make any shallow comments on it! Too aggressive! Jul 10, PM. Also the dogs. When they were born Napoleon took them. They were raised and told things that weren't right. At that time they realized that to control the country you need to have the children grow up thinking you are right. Nov 06, PM. I loved Animal farm, but I couldn't stand The Wave.

Jan 05, PM. Jan 14, AM. Nice review. Jan 15, PM.

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Very nice, clear and explanatory review :. Mar 09, AM. Jul 23, AM. It's human stupidity I can say what else.. Aug 21, AM. Boxer was an allegory for the proletariat. Calling them peasants doesn't really capture the theme. Sep 28, PM. Animal farm is a great book that describes each character in rich detail, and is a book that keeps you thinking after you have read it. I highly recommend this book if you want a humorous that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat. Dec 17, AM. Made with air-dry clay and painted with nail polish. Add a Comment:.

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Load All Images. Thank you sooo much! Thank you so much!! Dzulkifli27 Featured By Owner Sep 5, Thank you so so much! Ouuu, you can work with clay too!! Your clay stuff is seriously better than mine though!! I don't even paint mine I didn't know that you can sculpture! I like how you make them! Thank you so much my fabulous friend! Which one is your favorite? AWW yah I really love the pig too! It's chubby and cute! Thank you soooo much my friend! You are awesome! Wow these animals are adorable your so talented. Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

Yup, I made them! They are cute, even if I say so myself! Lol, I wish I could send them to you for your birthday! And sorry for the late reply, I got caught up into busy stuff not to mention you being buried under lots of notifications. Lol, definitely cute!! Sorry I'm just now checking this account today. Ha ha.. You made these??