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At the end of May, a leak of a previously unreleased Mac Miller track, wrongly titled "Benji The Dog," produced by Keys, hit the internet. So, what year was the session? We did two songs in that session, but we ended up doing four or five songs across the history of our relationship. There was no mention of that title in the song, but it just inspired the title of the album.

He was really hyped about the song. He loved the song so much.

I vaguely recall him saying that this was one of the best songs he had ever made. The song was inspired by a minute conversation he and I had about… From what I recall, he was going through some relationship issues with his then-long-term girlfriend. I felt bad, but I was surprised he was confiding in me. I started to tell him about my relationship because I was married at the time.

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I was married for 12 years. I was trying to enlighten him on relationships in general, and more specifically, giving him bits and pieces of my own relationship. Yada, yada, yada. That conversation then spread into a conversation about Kanye. So he was fanning out. He asked if I had any beats I wanted to pull up, and so I thought, Which beats do I have that would sound like [something] Kanye would have chosen?

The very first beat I pulled up was a beat that I had called "Benji The Dog," and I played it for him, and he just kinda lost it.

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He just went crazy. He started writing. Once he started recording, it was "Oh, he definitely felt the conversation that we just had. I do quick ideas. That beat was really just a quick idea that I did at home.

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That was just the first beat I played for the session. He gravitated towards it. I was thinking about which drums I wanted to chop up, and how I could turn it into a song instead of just a cool idea. We revisited that song about three times. I brought in my musicians.

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So I brought some of them through, and we just started putting it together. We all built a friendship, so whenever I needed a horn section, I would call them and only them. When I got them in, [Mac] was floored by what they were able to do.

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  5. He wound up using them on a couple of other productions he had outside of me. He was also pretty amazed by my keyboardist [Winston Nelson], who wound up playing the intro on the song. That was the last session we did. He added organ, acoustic piano. It was a crazy thing. Or you can murder Helen Hunt.

    Or you can murder Carl Reiner. In this day and age, you can even murder the entire cast of the Broadway revival of Glengarry Glen Ross.

    Except Hugh Grant. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

    Listen to Mac Miller and Sia on 88-Keys’s “That’s Life”

    Your great-grandfather-in-law, despite having done some really remarkable things, really dropped the ball on that life quote. Is he here? People ask me all the time: Who are you? Who are you talking to? Why are you talking so loud? Do you have any form of identification? Sir, whose blood is that? But a lot of the answers to your particular questions can be chalked up to the fact that I am a mentally ill person.

    Look, there are winners and there are losers in this life. Some people can hack the work down at the docks winners , and some people think dock work is too tough losers. Some people are winners winners , and some people are losers losers.