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The scene is based on a news photograph depicting American president John F. Kennedy's burial in November On another, it invokes the moralising tale of the Emperor's New Clothes, emphasising the artists' claim that they were exposing the artistic pretensions and delusions of Emperor and spectators alike. In casting themselves as gangsters, Arroyo, Aillaud and Recalcati appear to act out a scenario of macho display that is nonetheless tinged with sexual pudeur.

The suite's scene-by-scene narrative development initially acted out by the artists in a photo-collage study for the work imitated French popular culture imagery such as the photo-roman. Public reactions to Live and Let Die ranged from injured outrage to vandalism.

As Gassiot-Talabot noted: When the work was exposed, … it provoked an absolute explosion of fury; people had tantrums upon seeing it; the canvases were lacerated; people insulted us, unbelievable things were written in the visitors' book. In Paris, at that time, there were roughly ten different spiritual, political, or formal families that agreed to protest, release tracts, and sign petitions.

Within the tract, the work is also dismissed as an oedipal assassination of the Father, a puerile smear campaign and a victory for socialist realism. Persuaded, probably, that they lack enough talent to each do their own painting, they paint together! The figure of the individual genius, however, was precisely what Aillaud, Arroyo and Recalcati set out to attack. To clarify their intentions, they released a written manifesto in , and another in Both texts criticise bourgeois culture's fetishisation of art and artists, and condemn Duchamp as a misleading symbol of individualistic freedom of choice.

Despite self-contradictions in the tracts, three key criticisms of Duchamp emerge. Firstly, the manifestos assert that Duchamp's readymades are non-confrontational and in league with the values of capitalist modernity. The manifestos defend Live and Let Die's figurative realism as a didactic tool in the service of collective interests and social critique.

In simultaneously evoking and undermining this tradition, Live and Let Die succeeded in offending avant-gardists and traditionalists whether Gaullists or leftists alike. Duchamp's own comments on the piece, as recorded by Pierre Cabanne, are a case in point: Cabanne: Did you see those canvases?

Duchamp: It was very pretty … I admit it was very amusing to see. It was awful as painting, but that's unimportant; it needed to be like that for what they wanted to prove; it was horribly painted, but it was very clear. Duchamp's tone during the interview appears to alternate between debonair tolerance and refutation. As he notes, for example, somewhat more scathingly: There's nothing to say about it; these people want some publicity, that's all … The only refutation is indifference.

In reducing Live and Let Die to an advertising stunt by publicity-hungry opportunists, however, Duchamp in my opinion elided the key political issues at stake in his own reception in s France. Duchamp functioned not only as a symbol of the historical avant-garde — the founder, in French eyes, of modern art alongside Picasso — but as a symbol of new trends in the French and American neo-avantgarde. His critical reception in France had shifted from alleged oblivion, following his residence in the United States from onwards, to re-recognition, following the publication in France of his biography by Robert Lebel in , and texts in Michel Sanouillet's Marchand du sel the same year.

In alone, for example, numerous interviews with the artist were published in France and another broadcast on RTF; also saw the release of copies of his readymades. On the other, he was hailed as a model of contestatory thought and harbinger of political radicality. The introduction of American Pop artists into the scene, furthermore, functioned to signal a certain failure of French radicality, with French Duchampian Neo-Dada presented as implicitly in line with American cultural imperialism.

Live and Let Die's funeral image stands as a provocative emblem of s French anti-Americanism. In wishing Duchamp dead, its artists rejected not only Duchamp who had become an American citizen in , but American cultural, economic and ideological power. Duchamp's alleged apoliticism provided a further target for French intellectuals. But in proposing to us this magic image of liberty … we are in reality asked to believe that we are already free.

In this sense Duchamp is a particularly successful defender of bourgeois culture. He endorses all the falsehoods through which culture anesthetizes vital energies and makes us live in illusion, thus condoning in this way confidence in the future. Duchamp's image as a reactionary or radical is illustrated in the s writings of two important figures in the French art world: conceptual artist Daniel Buren, and art critic Alain Jouffroy.

Buren's association with Live and Let Die artists can be traced to his involvement between and in the Paris annual exhibition known as the Salon de la Jeune Peinture. By the Salon had undergone a radical transformation with the arrival on its governing committee of none other than Gilles Aillaud President , Eduardo Arroyo Secretary , and Antonio Recalcati Jury member. During this third BMPT demonstration, the unknowing audience waited for a lecture that was never delivered in an auditorium hung with four BMPT canvasses. He belongs to art.

The art of celebration of consumer society. The trickery consists, through the artifice of art, in having them accepted by others. In a language seemingly indebted to the Live and Let Die artists he had just left behind in the Salon de la Jeune Peinture , Buren attacked Duchamp's role as both a symbol of illusory freedom and agent of social integration. A very different vision of Duchamp's legacy was expressed by the ex-Surrealist poet and art critic Alain Jouffroy. Where Buren saw Duchamp's artistic gestures as a tool of social repression, Jouffroy hailed these same acts as a model for social transformation.

Duchamp's spirit of creativity, transgression and ironic subversion, Jouffroy argued, pointed the way to social change. The article is illustrated with two photographs of Duchamp, one a portrait from the last year of his life, the other of Duchamp and a naked Eve Babitz playing chess at Duchamp's retrospective at the California Pasadena Art Museum.

Live and Let Die's attempt to overthrow the solo author can also, however, be contextualised within a wave of international collective art that extended from Europe to the Americas. On the other hand, they foreground its relatively low legibility as political or social commentary — its intended Althusserian critique of bourgeois humanism notwithstanding. Courtesy of Jean-Jacques Lebel, Paris. Construction of the Havana Mural, Photo: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The work also includes collaged images of the Pope and the Virgin and Child.

The piece condemned French torture in Algeria and supported Algeria's fight for independence, as expressed in the famous Manifeste tract incorporated into its imagery. The work was subsequently confiscated by the Milan police on charges of insulting State religion, and held in their basement until During their stay in Havana, they created a giant painting measuring 11 by 5 metres. The Havana Mural, organised by Cuban surrealist artist Wilfredo Lam, was created outdoors over approximately three days during a carnival-like celebration. Arroyo, Aillaud and Recalcati all participated in this venture.

The spatial organisation of the work, consisting of a large circular spiral divided into subsections, was organised by Arroyo. Arroyo's responsibility for orchestrating the individual partitioning of the Havana Mural raises the question of an apparent shift in stance away from Live and Let Die's critique of avant-garde individual signature styles. Practical matters such as the number of artists involved, the power hierarchies between them, and the works' intended audiences clearly shaped these different collective ventures in different ways.

Duchamp's spectre appears to have continued to haunt Aillaud, Arroyo and Recalcati during their stay in Cuba, as evidenced in three anti-American cartoons published by the artists in a Cuban newspaper.

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Alongside a cartoon of a crossed-out American flag drawn by Recalcati, and a naked bottom defecating onto Uncle Sam's top hat by Arroyo, Aillaud's cartoon depicts a Duchampian inverted urinal decorated with stars and stripes. On pourrait le dire de votre travail aussi, non? Elle dirige un workshop de deux jours. Chacun produira un petit livre qui sera inclus dans son exposition qui ouvrira quelques jours plus tard au Jeu de Paume. Pas tout le temps, bien entendu, je ne peux pas toujours le faire.

Pourquoi ce choix formel? Est-ce ainsi que vous travaillez? Je migre entre des formes qui sont en relation. Est-ce que le message est plus important que le messager? Je ne vais pas quelque part pour prouver quoi que ce soit. Et que se passerait-il si nous restions simples spectateurs?

Mais parfois aussi il faut savoir crier. Et vous savez quoi? Ce ne sont pas des artistes. Ils racontent leur rencontre avec la France. Il ne trouvait pas le bon riz! Quel est votre propre sentiment? Avaient-ils besoin de ces torches? Nous pouvons fouiller les archives, comme si nous avions besoin de preuves. Alors que faire maintenant? Comment sortir de notre petite maison de verre? Je ne sais jamais bien ce qui fonctionne, mais je veux toujours que le travail soit parlant. Je vais donc improviser. Je ne suis pas vraiment une portraitiste ce qui implique de donner des directives.

Chacune vit dans sa chambre. Le site de Susan Meiselas. Like every year since , this is not a best books list. Instead, here is a selection of books which, I believe, deserve attention.

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They are some of my favorites published this year. This selection was first published on Photobookstore thanks to Martin Amis. On Abortion is the first chapter in the project. Through a series of stark images and texts the book documents this issue to powerful effect. From description of abortion techniques used from the antiquity to nowadays to testimonies and first person stories of women living in countries where abortion is forbidden, On Abortion refuses to simplify the issues and demonstrates real intellectual rigor.

With a sophisticated and suitably sober design by Laia Abril and Ramon Pez this heartbreaking book is a must have. I think the public and critical success of the book lies in simple reasons but not so easy to shape. From the beginning, Mathieu knew what story he wanted to tell and how to.

He exemplified it through the Monsanto company whose arrogance and commercial practices became a symbol of a chemical industry now largely rejected. Also Blaufuks demonstrate how much the medium is a lie when attempting to freeze time. Getting retired from the world, like a modern Thoreau, is also somehow a political act when outside everything was already photographed. Il ne peut pas te parler pour le moment.


Il ne peut pas vous parler pour le moment. Il fait chaud aujourd'hui. Il pleut. Lesson I'm as stiff as a board today! Lesson I gave blood today! Le concert ne va pas avoir lieu demain.

Si je pouvais la voir, je le ferais. Lesson Do you know anyone who can help me with electrical work? Lesson Do you know anyone who can help me create a website? Lesson What've you been up to this last month?! Lesson How is your course going? Lesson So, who do you think will make it to the Oval Office? Lesson Have you been following the political situation in the U. Tu crois qu'elle a ses chances de gagner? Elle ne partage pas l'opinion de son patron.

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Lesson What are your thoughts on the situation in Iraq? Lesson I think my dog may have eaten poison hier elle allait bien. Elle n'a plus mal.

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Ne buvez rien! Cela devrait durer trois semaines. Lesson I'd like to reserve a table for four, please… que puis-je faire pour eux? Lesson I'd like to book a room for this evening, please Ils aimeraient payer en liquide. Dois-je signer ici? Lesson The elections are approaching! Il serait bon que tu te mettes au travail. Lesson What did you do for your winter vacation? Qu'a-t-il fait pendant les vacances?

Elle n'est pas fan de sports d'hiver. Ma soeur? Jacques s'est inscrit au cours de maths. Lesson Hello, and welcome to La Maternelle des Marguerites! Je vais vous montrer la photo. Je m'occupe de lui. Elle va faire en sorte qu'il puisse aller au concert. Lesson I had a narrow escape this morning! Un gars a failli nous rentrer dedans. Ils m'ont mis hors de moi. Il a failli les tuer tous les deux. Quel genre de voiture conduisaient-ils?

Elle s'est dit qu'elle allait juste ne plus y penser. Lesson Damn! I've broken it Il va falloir qu'il les paie. On n'a pas le choix. Lesson I'm starving! When can we sit at the table?! Ils arrivent d'ici une demi-heure.

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Lesson I didn't know Paul was religious, did you? Pourquoi il me pose cette question? Je ne la vois jamais. Ils ne nous voient jamais. Je me souviens d'elle. Elle se souvient de son long voyage. Lesson How am I going to explain it to him? Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas? Il suffit d'appeler jean. Je ne sais pas du tout. Il va me l'expliquer. Elle ne va pas le leur expliquer. Je ne peux pas trouver les mots justes. Il trouve toujours les mots justes. Lesson I can't find my keys! Je ne trouve pas mon portefeuille. Jean et Philippe vont y jeter un coup d'oeil.

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Lesson Talking about the weather il fait froid aujourd'hui.

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Elle retrouve ses amis en ville. Jack et Jill sortent ensemble. Les filles sont mignonnes! Nous criions, sautions, chantions. Lesson 6: Discussing your interests Nous aimons lire. Jack et jim se passionnent pour l'informatique. Ils font de l'escalade le samedi. Lesson 5: A look at the alphabet! Lesson 4: Problem at the airport! Lesson 3: Talking about work Elle travaille en tant que dentiste. Elle aime travailler avec eux. Nous ne lisons pas. Il travaille vingt heures par semaine. On peut lire.

Ils sont gentils. Lesson 2: Discussing family Ils ont une soeur. Karl a une petite amie.

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Diane a un petit ami. Nous habitons dans le nord de la france. Il s'entend bien avec eux. Nous aimons le chocolat. Ils aiment le sport.