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Her father was a shopkeeper and her home was hard-working, secure and increasingly prosperous. It was a devout Hindu home where pujas, kathas and other observances were regularly held. She records in Butterfly in the Wind the mental conflicts that attending a Catholic school caused for a Hindu girl. Registered company number VAT registration number GB Contact us here.

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Skip to main content. Shopping cart Login. Books Authors Menu. Butterfly In The Wind This fictionalised autobiography gives a richly woven portrait of Kamla's life from early childhood to the point where she leaves her family, Pasea village and Trinidad to attend university in the UK. Author s Lakshmi Persaud. ISBN Jul 04, , AM. See more options Embed Code.

A child is like a butterfly in the wind.

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What qualities do you think she will turn out to have? Whenever it rained I would stand and stare at the moving, dancing energy outside, and wish I was part of it.

The Opening of "Butterfly in the Wind"

My time came. Our big yard was surrounded by tall brickwalls.

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  • Butterfly in the Wind by Lakshmi Persaud.

On this day, it became darker and cooler and lightning flashed. And then it came upon the rooftops, falling like a harvest of rice grains, and the wind like a sea serpent swished and curved and changed direction. Again the thunder rolled and the pounding began.